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  1. You can press the windows key plus the left or right arrows to snap a window halfway, for dual monitor users who can't drag into the middle.

  2. You Can Play The "Snake" Game On Youtube While Waiting For A Video To Load By Pressing The Up or Down Arrow Keys

  3. In Chrome, The T-Rex That Shows Up On The "This Web Page Is Not Available" Screen, Can Play A Simple Platform Jump Game, And By Pressing The Down Arrow, Or Spacebar, You Start The Game!

  4. The T.Rex on google chrome *'Cannot connect to the internet'* screen is not just an icon, it is a game you can start by pressing UP arrow key.

  5. When you press the "windows + arrow keys" you can split your open screens.

  6. If you press the arrow keys while a youtube video is loading, you can play the Snake game!

  7. When you press the up arrow on Chrome's "Unable to connect to the Internet" page, you can play a runner game with the little dinosaur.

  8. On Google Chrome's "Unable to Connect to the Internet" page with the dinosaur, if you press the up arrow on your keyboard, it starts an endless runner game, where you jump over cacti.

  9. Chrome's offline mode features a running T-Rex game! "To access the game, switch off your wireless connection, try and load up a page, and wait for the 'unable to connect to the internet' page." Start the game by pressing the space-bar or up arrow key.

  10. If you press Ctrl+down arrow from cell A1 in Excel that takes you to the bottom cell (1048576) in about 1 second which translates to the cursor moving at over 9,900 miles per hour.

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In the no WiFi dinosaur game you can crouch by pressing arrow down

If you press the Arrow Keys in a Blank page on Google Chrome,you can play "JumpCacutusesAsADinosaurDude"

If you stand outside Earl’s Court Underground station in Google Street View and press the up arrow key you’ll be transported inside the Tardis.

If you stand outside Earl’s Court Underground station in Google Street View you’ll notice an old-fashioned police phone box that’s reminiscent of Dr. Who. Press the up arrow key or click on it and you’ll be transported inside the Tardis.

If you have no internet on google chrome you can press the up arrow key and play a quick game while you wait

If you press the up arrow on Chrome's "cannot connect to the internet" page, a dinosaur game begins

You can start a game on webpage not found by pressing the arrow keys.

You can long press (iOS) the double down arrow on the Reddit app and move it around. This is helpful when reading long comment chains.

If enough people press the up arrow next to a post the poster will get karma. (You should try it)

You can long press and drag the little "skip" arrow in the Reddit app

If you press the left or right arrow key on an Imgur album, it will move to the next picture

Pressing the left and right arrow keys slow down and speed up a GIF respectively on gfycat

If scroll lock is enabled on the keyboard, pressing any of the arrow keys results in the screen moving in that direction

During the No Internet Dinosaur Game from Google's no internet page, you can press the down arrow key to duck

You can duck in the chrome offline T-rex game by pressing down arrow

If you get this screen, don't get mad, press the up arrow key.

If you go to Google, type something into search, arrow down to one of the suggested results, then press the right arrow key, it brings you straight to a related website.

If you press the Arrow keys while on a Blank page on Google Chrome,you can play "JumpCactusesAndBirdsAsADinasourDude"

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