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  1. Dutch inventor Philip Nitschke also known as “Dr. Death” has created the worlds first suicide pod known as the “Sarco”. A button is pressed and the capsule is filled with nitrogen. The person will feel a bit dizzy but will then rapidly lose consciousness and die.

  2. A Shabbat elevator. These elevators stop at every floor so that Jews won't have to press buttons on the Sabbath since pressing buttons is considered 'doing work'.

  3. At an art display, live goldfish were placed on display swimming in blenders, and visitors were told they could press the "on" button if they wanted. At least one visitor did, killing two goldfish.

  4. In 2013, a researcher at UW managed the first human to human brain interface through the Internet by wearing a cap and playing a video game. When he wanted to shoot a missile, he thought "fire" and another researcher across campus's finger moved involuntarily and pressed the fire button.

  5. A boy named Press Clay Southworth unknowingly shot Buttons with a BB gun. Buttons was the last wild passenger pigeon to have existed. The extinction of the passenger pigeon is now considered to be, "most senseless human-induced extinctions in history"

  6. Lyndon B Johnson's favorite drink was Fresca soft drinks-- he even had switches installed in the White House offices to summon valet to bring him a Fresca or coffee depending on which button he pressed.

  7. When the first chimp was launched into space, the button he was trained to press to receive a treat malfunctioned & he received electric shock after electric shock. “I never seen such terror on a chimp’s face,” said his trainer on his return.

  8. T-Rex that appears in an offline mode on chrome is actually a game! 1. Disconnect your Internet. 2. Try to open any site. 3. A T-Rex appears with a Reload button. 4. Press spacebar 5. Enjoy the game. Now waste your time even when you are offline.

  9. Parmesan is not pronounced how I once thought it was (Press the listen button)

  10. It is possible to see the enemy radar if the player presses the start button during a killcam.

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A user can access Siri by using a feature called raise to speak or by pressing and holding the home button.

Cameras work by collecting the light from the image in the viewer and turning it into a permanent photograph. When taking a picture the photographer presses a button which opens the camera shutter for a brief moment. It collects the light on the camera lens, film, or sensor, creating an image.

Many buttons we press everyday are fake and are there only to comfort us. They're placebo buttons.

Further experiments also showed that animal subjects would press the lever or button in order to stop negative consequences from occurring, such as electric shocks.

The Hammond tonewheel organ made it possible to have presets that could be initiated by pressing a button.

Skinner's most well-known experiments involve his Skinner Box, which produced a positive reinforcement when a lever or button was pressed.

Rodriguez Delgado, who, by connecting a radio antenna to electrodes implanted into a bull's brain, was able to stop a charging bull through the press of a button.

In new elevators you can actually cancel the choice you made of a specific floor, by pressing the floor button twice.

If you press the buttons on your remote entry too many times while out of range, the remote will stop working in the future.

If you thought you had a tough boss, think again. Calvin Coolidge would occasionally press all the buttons in the Oval Office, sending bells ringing throughout the White House — and then hide to watch his staff run in. He just wanted to see who was working.

It can be bad for your computer to shutdown by pressing and holding the physical power button. It IS a good failsafe if your computer ever seriously freezes.

In some areas with many observant Jews, there are "Sabbath elevators" which stop at every floor so one can step on and off without pressing buttons, thereby following the Sabbath prohibition of operating machinery.

GM's OnStar will tell you where Santa is if you press the blue button and ask them between Christmas Eve and Christmas!

When the US and Russia symbolically pressed a "reset" button, the US wrongly translated the word "reset" as "overload" in Russian. After making a few jokes, they decided to press the button anyway.

Some Jewish people can't press elevator buttons on the sabbath, so they run the elevators all day and night going up and down and stopping at each floor.

Pressing the buttons Control-Alt-Delete is referred to giving the "Three Fingered Salute"

To get past one of the levels in the X-Men Sega Genesis game, players had to physically press the reset button on the console. Pressing the button too long would actually reset the entire game.

GTA 5 has a dedicated "turn into a ragdoll" button. By pressing "reload" mid jump, your character will turn into a ragdoll.