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  1. ITunes has a music visualizer that is activated by pressing "CTRL-T".

  2. To insert today's date in excel, press ctrl+;

  3. Pressing CTRL + Backspace deletes an entire word instead of a single character.

  4. Pressing ⌘-return or ctrl-return in a word processor moves down to a new page

  5. If you press Ctrl+down arrow from cell A1 in Excel that takes you to the bottom cell (1048576) in about 1 second which translates to the cursor moving at over 9,900 miles per hour.

  6. Bill Gates is sorry for making you press CTRL+ALT+DEL to log into your computer for years

  7. To manage easily so much openned tab on Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + E to show and drag visual tab to make Tab Group then press Ctrl + ` to switch between tab group.

  8. Pressing Ctrl + Backspace deletes sentences one word at a time

  9. You can erase complete words instead of single characters when writing text by holding CTRL and pressing Backspace.

  10. Pressing Ctrl and the period together in Visual Studio Code...

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You can see the content of your CTRL+C in clipboard history by pressing Windows Key+V.

if you use Firefox/Chrome and press Ctrl + (1-9) you will jump to the tab number (1-9)!

You can change tabs in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab for next and previous tab respectively

You can press ctrl+alt+shift+refresh (F3) on a Chromebook to do a barrel roll!

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Tab on Microsoft Powerpoint converts the slides images at left into text

Ctrl+Shift+Esc opens the task manager directly without going through the menu from Ctrl+Alt+Del. Also that Windows+D hides everything from the screen and pressing it again brings the stuff back.

By switching to earth view, pressing ctrl, and moving your mouse around in google maps makes a 3D view of any area

If you Press CTRL+SHIFT+⬅| you copy faster than SHIFT+⬅|

You can delete any element from a webpage if its hindering your usage. 1) Press CTRL+SHIFT+C 2) Click on the header 3) Press DELETE thanks to /u/OscariusGaming

You can select multiple tabs in google chrome by pressing shift or ctrl

Pressing CTRL, ALT, and 5 makes an app go fullscreen, 2 halfscreen, and 1 quarter screen on Ubuntu (LEARNED BY TRIAL)

You can increase/decrease font size by pressing CTRL+]/[

Pressing ctrl and left clicking on a link opens it in a new tab. (This also works in Chrome)

There's a giant QWERTY Keyboard Monument in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Rumour has it that if you "type" your wish on the keyboard and then jump on Enter, your wish will come true. If you want to reboot your life, press Ctrl, Alt, Del.

There's a giant keyboard monument in Russia that is rumored to grant wishes you "type" on it. If you want to reboot your life, press Ctrl, Alt, Del.

If you press Ctrl+Shift+Q while browsing Reddit it will automatically show you any gilded posts on the page

Pressing Ctrl+ENTER after typing the website name on web browser auto-fills the 'www' and '.com' portion of it

After 20 years of backspace bashing, that pressing CTRL and backspace results in an entire word being deleted

You can type the name of a site into the search bar and then press ctrl+enter to automatically input the "www" and the ".com"

You can edit the interwebs by pressing ctrl+shift+c

Press Ctrl+Alt+a in SQL Server 2016 Management Studio to open the Activity Monitor.

You can hold 'shift' to horizontally scroll, hold 'ctrl' to zoom or even better, press the middle mouse button to move freely. My life was a Lie.

You can directly access Task manager, by pressing CTRL ALT ESC, instead of CTRL ALT DELETE.

Pressing CTRL on my keyboard creates a circle that can be used to find the cursor.

A pilot can reset a plane (flight computer) that turns the whole plane off and all lights and air go off for few minutes by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.