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  1. Gold miners in Peru are clear-cutting forests, washing down the soil with high pressure hoses and putting mercury on the slurry to mine gold, ruining everything they touch.

  2. For Rome's 2,769th birthday in 2016 an artist pressure-washed 80 figures into a grime-covered wall along 550m of the Tiber river

  3. The amount of time washing machines takes to clean depends on water pressure, amount of soilage, laundry weight and amount of detergent used. Most washing machine calculate the time that an optimum load will take. This is why your washing machines timers are always "wrong"

  4. When Grand Central Station in NYC was pressure washed in 1996, they left a small patch on the ceiling unwashed. This 9" X 18" patch allows you to see how dirty the station was before cleaning.

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  10. Beauty Parlour Stroke syndrome - where women leaning back over sinks to have their hair washed are at risk of strokes due to pressure on their cerebral arteries.

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