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  1. Golden coreopsis, early sunrise, moonbeam, sunfire, limerock ruby, baby sun, swamp tickseed and presto gold are some of the best known and most commonly cultivated varieties of coreopsis.

  2. The 1989 Super Bowl halftime show featured "the world's largest card trick" performed by Elvis Presto, an Elvis-impersonating magician

  3. The Superbowl Halftime show in 1989 was a magic show by a Elvis Presley impersonator named Elvis Presto, in 3D!

  4. Freeze a lemon, grate it into your food, and presto! It's 10000x stronger than chemotherapy,and tastes better too!

  5. The Super Bowl Halftime show only began featuring pop stars in the 1990's. In 1989, the halftime show featured "Elvis Presto", an Elvis impersonator slash magician, who simultaneously performed magic tricks and sang Elvis songs... for thirteen (long) minutes.

  6. The 1989 NFL halftime show featured magician/Elvis impersonator "Elvis Presto" performing "the world's largest card trick" broadcast in 3-D.

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presto fact data chart about An SSTV Audio encoding of Antonio Vivaldi- The Four Seasons-
An SSTV Audio encoding of Antonio Vivaldi- The Four Seasons- Summer- Presto.