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  1. In old Eastern Europe folklore vampires are obsessed with counting. Millet or poppy seeds were placed on the ground at the grave site of a presumed vampire, in order to keep the vampire occupied all night counting. Hence Count von Count on Sesame Street.

  2. Lisa McPherson, a woman who died after undergoing an "Introspection Rundown" at the Church of Scientology's headquarters in Florida. Her body was found to be dehydrated, underweight and covered in hundreds of insect bites, presumably from cockroaches

  3. Amelia Earhart likely survived and sent distress signals for weeks after disappearing, but the authorities immediately presumed all signals to be hoaxes with no further investigation

  4. US Army master sergeant Roy Benavidez. During the Vietnam War, he fought 1000 NVA soldiers for 6 hours with only a knife while saving the lives of his comrades. He was so badly injured he was presumed dead and when a doctor was about to zip his body bag, he spat in the doctor's face.

  5. A Master-Level NY Baker claims he was fired after reporting to his employer the that flour used for making bread was infested with insects. His boss told him to just go ahead and use the infested flour for multi-grain bread, presumably because customers would not be concerned about the crunch.

  6. A man from China bought a first class ticket which came with access to a VIP lounge and flyers could get a free meal. He rescheduled over 300 times over a year to enjoy (presumably) over 300 meals. When investigated, he canceled the ticket and got a full refund.

  7. A Chinese woman missing for 10 yrs and presumed dead was found living at an internet cafe. A runaway at age 14, she was good at the game "Cross Fire,"so other gamers paid to watch her play it; she slept at internet cafes and public bathhouses until being found at age 24

  8. A mother finding her kidnapped daughter at a birthday party five years after the baby had been presumed dead.

  9. A woman was commissioned to write a book about a presumed serial killer in Washington while the killer's identity was unknown. That killer turned out to be Ted Bundy, a close friend and former coworker of the writer

  10. A 57yo Japanese man has been learning to SCUBA dive specifically so he can look for his wife's remains after she was presumably swept away during the 2011 tsunami. He says her last email to him was "... I want to go home", and he is determined to make that happen.

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presuming fact data chart about data show that streams for The National's music drop data show that streams for The National's music drop by a similar amount every weekend, when people are presumably having more fun

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After Ameila Earhart's plane was presumed lost, all subsequent distress calls were treated as hoaxes. Recent research concluded however that half of the calls, many of which were received by amateur radio operators, were credible, indicating that she may have survived for weeks after the crash.

In 1984 Michael Larson was a contestant on Press Your Luck. Using the stop-motion on his VCR, he noticed that the presumed random patterns of the game board weren't actually random, and memorized the sequences. He won 45 consecutive spins and earned a total of $110,237 in cash and prizes

In 1942, a US Navy Captain successfully sank a German U-Boat off the Louisiana coast. The Navy disbelieved his report because he "hadn't received anti-submarine training" and reprimanded him and his crew for what they presumed must have been a "sloppy" attack. He was removed from command.

One of the Books of Mormon was translated by its founder from an Egyptian scroll, purportedly written by Abraham himself, that was presumed lost in a museum fire. The scroll was rediscovered in 1966 and was shown to be a common funerary text.

Some of the male background characters in in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' can be seen wearing skirts. This was explained as "a logical development, given the total equality of the sexes presumed to exist in the 24th century."

There exist a fallacy called "The Fallacy Fallacy" where you presume that because a claim has been poorly argued, or a fallacy has been made, that the claim itself must be wrong.

The phrase 'Knock on Wood' derives from the pagan belief that malevolent spirits inhabited wood, and that if you expressed a hope for the future you should touch, or knock on, wood to prevent the spirits from hearing and presumably preventing your hopes from coming true.

A man worked at the restaurant at the top of WTC. After 9/11, they never saw him again and presumed he died in the towers. In 2003, the government removed his name from the 9/11 memorial — he might have used the tragedy to start a new life without telling his family.

Mona Lisa is far from unique. There were several contemporary versions made by Da Vinci's presumed male lover Salai, including a nude version.

Lesbianism is technically allowed under Judaism since, unlike male homosexuality, no punishment for it or acknowledgment of it is made in holy scriptures presumably because it was thought that women could not possibly form sexual attractions

A German U Boat U-215, sunk in 1942, is presumed to still be airtight with the remains of 49 German sailors entombed within

John Wayne Gacy claimed his 1st murder happened when he awoke to see a male acquaintance in his room holding a knife. After killing him, Gacy noticed the breakfast the man had prepared them, presumably using the knife. Gacy said his involuntary orgasm from the murder was the "ultimate thrill"

British politician John Stonehouse faked his death in November 1974, leaving a pile of clothes on a beach in Miami. It was presumed he had gone swimming and drowned. But Stonehouse was actually en route to Australia to set up a new life with his mistress and secretary, Sheila Buckley.

Meat Loaf attempted to avoid being drafted into the army by gaining 68 pounds, presuming he would fail his medical. He didn't fail, but he did ignore the draft call.

Day light saving has no effect on the state's energy consumption. And a study in Indiana showed that DST actually increased energy demand, presumably because of an increased need for air conditioning.

Passengers on the Mayflower were allotted a gallon of beer each per day. Given that beer at the time was 5-6% alcohol, one could presume the Pilgrims were inebriated more often than not.

In 1846, Eremina desertorum, a snail, was collected and glued to a museum index card, presumed dead. 4 years later, the specimen was being looked at with warm water, when it suddenly awoke and looked around to see what was going on.

Legendary musician and New Orleans resident Fats Domino refused to leave his home when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, leading him to be presumed dead until rescued by the coastguard. At 88 years old, he is still performing live music!

In 2015 a Chinese woman who was missing for a decade and presumed dead was found living in an internet cafe playing games for 10 years.

The last time a black man was lynched by the KKK was in 1981, and the police officers first on scene first presumed it was a drug deal gone wrong.

A family's home was burned to the ground on Christmas Eve 1945. The parents and four children escaped unharmed. Five other children of theirs were trapped in upstairs bedrooms and presumably perished, but no remains were ever found and the search for the missing children continued for decades.

In 1964 while federal authorities were searching for 3 civil rights workers presumed murdered by the KKK in Mississippi their search yielded the remains of another 8 blacks that had been murdered by the KKK including a 14 year old boy.

About Everest climber Lincoln Hall, who was presumed dead and abandoned at 8700m. The next morning a group of climbers found him changing his clothes, alive, awake, and almost naked.

A British Airways flight experienced a blown windshield at 17,000 feet, the pilot was thrown out of the cockpit and was left half in the cockpit and half out. The pilot suffered only minor injuries, even after he was presumed dead.

There is a statistically significant increase in fatal car accidents in the days after daylight savings time, presumably due to disruption in sleep patterns.