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  1. Japan's criminal justice system has a conviction rate of over 99%. To Japanese citizens and police, the arrest itself already creates the presumption of guilt which needs only to be verified via a confession.

  2. In Saudi Arabia justice system the arrested are often not informed the crime they are accused of or given access to a lawyer and are subject to torture if they don't confess. At trial, there's a presumption of guilt and the accused is often unable to present a legal defense.

  3. Presumption of innocence and "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" in common law was created because jurors were afraid their souls would be damned if they found an innocent person guilty

  4. The Pentagon's five-acre central plaza was nicknamed "Ground Zero" during the Cold War under the presumption that it would be targeted by the Soviet Union at the outbreak of nuclear war.

  5. Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes freedom from torture; the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven; the right to food, shelter, and medical care; and prohibits its ratifying members from breaching any of these rights.

  6. The Canadian military survived the first large-scale chlorine gas attack in WWI by using (handkerchiefs/fabric) soaked with urine instead of water, under the presumption that the urine crystallizes the gas.

  7. Bank of America first experimented credit cards in Fresno, California in 1958. The presumption was that no one was paying much attention to Fresno, so if the plan failed, it wouldn’t get a lot of media attention.

  8. Presumption of Innocence aka Innocent until proven Guilty only applies in a civil or ciminal court proceeding, not during an investgation.....

  9. In the 1970s Hillary Clinton challenged the legal presumption of Incompetency for children, arguing children were capable of making their own decisions; she proposed the elimination of minority status for children, and favored granting children the same procedural rights enjoyed by adults.

  10. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" is the burden of proof standard in criminal cases, but other standards may be used instead in non-criminal cases, such as civil cases (lawsuits).

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The heir presumptive to the Pahlavi dynasty, the royal family of Iran, is Patrick

in 1894 British government did a study of cannabis usage in India. Contrary to their presumptions, they didn't find any physical, mental or moral ill effects.

Presumption of history and "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" in common law was created because jurors were afraid their souls could be damned for sentencing an innocent

What is presumption if summons was sent by registered post?

Rick Perry, Donald Trump's presumptive pick for Energy Secretary, wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy but then forgot it existed.