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  1. Bedřich Smetana suffered from Tinnitus and used the tipical sound that people suffering this disease constantly hears in one of his compositions, with a really high pitched violin, and it's pretty damn accurate

  2. The Irish name "Darcy", both a given name and a surname, is an evolution of an old family name meaning "descendant of the dark one", and is therefore pretty damn cool.

  3. Ariana Richards, the child actress from Jurassic Park, is a professional painter... and she's pretty damn good.

  4. Hermann Rorschach, creator of the Rorschach test, was pretty damn handsome.

  5. Actor Michael Cera is a musician as well, just listened to his cover of Clay Pigeons and thought it was pretty damn good.

  6. You are moving pretty damn fast. 2.156 million km/hour

  7. The young girl from 'Jurassic Park' [1993] is now a pretty damn good painter

  8. Between 1610 and 1794, 184 years, France went through just THREE monarchs. That's pretty crazy if you think about it, although they started to make up for lost time pretty damn quickly

  9. Hermann Rorschach, creator of the Rorschach test, was pretty damn handsome.

  10. The company that made Zyklon B is still in business (and this makes their product page pretty damn creepy).

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The Killers have released a Christmas song every year for 13+ years, and they are all pretty damn good.

There was a 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street (And also, that it had a pretty damn good trailer)

There is a site that makes you guess if the place is a stake house or a gay bar. And it is pretty damn difficult to guess.

Obesity today is a pretty damn big problem, in kids, women, and men. It's increasingly common for kids to suffer from typically adult issues like high-blood pressure, and women weigh on average 168.5 pounds - a fairly sharp contrast to the 140.2 pound average back in 1960.

Elephants can paint... and they’re pretty damn good at it

A simple incognito search proves that Google's algorithm treats FOX NEWS pretty damn well.

Fuck for Forrest is the first eco-porn organisation in the world. They're doing the Lord's work (Pretty damn)

In 2012 Matthew Mcconaughey once again took on the role of Wooderson from Dazed and Confused to feature in a Music Video for Butch Walker And The Black Widows. It's pretty damn great.

John DiMaggio was in a comedy duo named Red Johnny & the Round Guy, and can beat box pretty damn well.

The young girl from 'Jurassic Park' [1995] is now a pretty damn good painter

Why efficient ways of conceptualizing are important...and that America's educational system is pretty damn pathetic

The star of the critically-acclaimed 1996 film "Kazaam" is apparently a pretty damn good basketball player...

Bruce Willis can sing...and pretty damn good.

The chance of us living in a simulation is pretty damn high

The worlds smallest bike is pretty damn small like the size of a girls basketball not even..