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  1. During the second Gulf War, the Iraqi Air Force buried a number of its MiG-25 and SU-25 planes in the desert next to an airfield. The aircraft had been stripped of their wings and covered with sand. Despite their time under the desert the planes were still in pretty decent shape when found.

  2. Hulk Hogan is a pretty decent bass player and tried several times to join the Rolling Stones or Metallica as their bassist. All of his efforts were sincere.

  3. Charles Dow was a pretty decent guy I think would've been a pleasure to know. He founded Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. Nov 6 is his bday, and a very interesting person he was (in my opinion)

  4. I'm crap at making heart shaped pancakes, but I'm pretty decent at making tacky cards.

  5. Vladimir Putin performed on the Voice and is actually a pretty decent singer

  6. My kids have pretty decent taste in music. The Presidents of the United States of America’s Chris Ballew is Caspar Babypants

  7. Simon Rex a.k.a Uncle George from scary movie 3 & 4 is a rapper and he's pretty decent.

  8. Charles Manson was a singer songwriter. He was actually pretty decent and The Beach Boys even recorded a song that he wrote.

  9. There is actually a pretty decent reason that rain barrels are against law in states like Colorado.

  10. The TV-series "The West Wing" had a pretty decent prediction 16 years ago regarding privacy and the internet.

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Hitler did nothing wrong, and was actually a pretty decent guy

..I'm a pretty decent speller, kind of a grammar nazi.. NEVER knew this. Learned it twice today - once on Grey's Anatomy w/subtitles and just now on a thread on Reddit. Figure the odds!