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  1. Killing Fields, a movie about the Cambodian Genocide, starred Haing Ngor, an actual genocide survivor. Co-star John Malkovich defended Ngor's lack of prior acting experience, saying he had to be a pretty good actor to survive the Khmer Rouge. Ngor went on to win an Oscar for his performance.

  2. Pretty people activate the reward centers of our brains. Shared brain regions judge both attractiveness and goodness. The insular cortex, associated with disgust, pain and punishment, is activated by both viewing unattractive people and by judging people to be of bad moral character. Ugly hurts.

  3. John Steinbeck’s dog, Toby, ate his manuscript of Of Mice and Men. There was no other draft. Steinbeck said of the incident, “I was pretty mad but the poor little fellow may have been acting critically. I didn’t want to ruin a good dog for a ms (manuscript), I’m not sure is good at all.”

  4. Although the Axis forces were able to evacuate a good portion of their army, the attempted of Sicily proved to be quite costly. Nearly 5,000 Italian soldiers were killed and just over 4,000 German soldiers perished. The invasion also pretty much decimated Axis airpower in Italy.

  5. Hugh Laurie (the actor who played House) has a blues album he sings and plays guitar on, and it's actually pretty good!

  6. Hot Dr. Pepper with lemon was a popular holiday drink in the 50's and 60's. Made some with the SO and it was pretty good!

  7. Jackie Chan has his own racing team and they're pretty good at the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans and actually managed to win a couple of titles.

  8. Muhammad Ali called Cam Newtown to wish him a happy birthday and ended the call with “You might be a good football player, but you will never be as pretty as me!”

  9. Bruce Willis was an R&B Blues artist in the 80's (and was pretty good).

  10. Mountain climbing uses a safety system modeled after American cinema, with g meaning good protection, pg meaning Pretty good protection, and R meaning Runout, "A lengthy distance between two points of protection which in some, but not all, cases might be perceived as frightening or dangerous".

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MLB fans hate Fox announcer Joe Buck so much, some ask him to pose with them so they can get photos of themselves flipping him off. Also, he's pretty good natured about it.

The globe in the Firefox logo is not Earth, rather it is "Planet Mozilla" (for pretty good reasons)

Pretty much anyone can sing, singing can be taught to children and adults like every thing else and a bad voice can become good over time.

The mask that horse people put on horse faces is not to blind them but to protect them from flies, and also the vision is actually pretty good.

you can learn to speak Scottish Gaelic online for free and the lessons are actually pretty good.

Mehmet II wrote exotic homosexual poetry for the Greek princes he bed after conquering Constantinople, including verses such as "No matter how my mind inclines, toward piety and doing what's good, When I see that picture-pretty face, it's out of my hands, all choice is gone"

In order to cope with the soaring prices of avocados, L.A. taco shops are serving a fake guacamole that is made from Mexican green squash (like zucchini) and not only is it actually fooling people, it's pretty good and likely more environmentally friendly

There was a Death Note Musical...... Which was actually pretty good. At least the Korean Version was.

You can turn a carrot into a clarinet, and it sounds pretty dang good. Also, there are vegetable orchestras out there that are awesome.

Senator Henry Ashurst of Arizona. Ashurst was intentionally inconsistent, and was both for and against prohibition, women's suffrage, veteran's bonuses, and court packing. On his record he said, "What of it? At least I was fifty per cent right, which is a pretty good record for a politician."

Hitler was a pretty good painter. When he lived on the streets he sold his painting for money and meals.

Garrison Keillor(My Prairie Home Companion, NPR) indirectly influenced the naming of PGP, Pretty Good Privacy. An encryption program that is now used throughout the world.

Ariana Richards, the child actress from Jurassic Park, is a professional painter... and she's pretty damn good.

Walt Disney and Raymond Kroc, known for purchasing, popularising and "founding" McDonalds met each other in the Red Cross after forging their birth certificates to join the US army and were pretty good friends.

On the Greek island of Lesbos, they eat "placenta cake" - and it sounds pretty good.

Phil Zimmermann, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy - software for encrypting emails - found himself under criminal investigation by the US Government for violating the Arms Export Control Act of 1976. The investigation was dropped after three years with no charges being filed.

The origin of the thumbs up gesture is obscure, but there are some pretty good theories

I just found out that I can actually write pretty good children's music about the countries of the world. Here's a sample.

Adolf Hitler was a pretty good water color artist

Jackie Chan released a pop song, and it’s actually pretty good.

The book God Hates Us All from the show Californication actually exists. It was released alongside season 3s premiere and heres the surprising part: ots not shit. Its actually pretty good and exactly what youd expect from Hank Moody's writing.

Michael Cera (from Arrested Development and Superbad) makes music. And its actually pretty good

Eddie Murphy recorded a reggae track & it's actually pretty good.

Actor Michael Cera is a musician as well, just listened to his cover of Clay Pigeons and thought it was pretty damn good.

You can make a clarinet out of a carrot, and it sounds pretty dang good.