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  1. There was a girl nicknamed Sober Sue, who was offered worked at a theatre that would offer $1,000 to anyone that could make her laugh. All summer people tried to make her laugh, even professional comedians came onto the show, none of which prevailed. Sober Sue had facial paralysis.

  2. Nixon sent champagne and a note saying "Justice ultimately prevails" to Mark Felt after he was pardoned by Reagan. 30 years later, it was revealed Mark Felt was "Deep Throat" who helped bring the Watergate cover-up to light.

  3. About Italian scientist Francesco Redi who, in 1668, proved that maggots come from the eggs of flies. At the time, prevailing wisdom was that maggots arose spontaneously from rotting meat.

  4. When the words and the numbers on a check don’t match, the words prevail. This is because the Uniform Commercial Code dictates: “If an instrument contains contradictory terms, typewritten terms prevail over printed terms, handwritten terms prevail over both, and words prevail over numbers.”

  5. There is a tribe in Zimbabwe whom have two toes on each foot. possibly an aid in tree climbing the condition prevails because of a small genetic pool among the Vadoma and is propagated by the tribal law that forbids members to marry outside the group.

  6. Fredrick Douglas said The American people have this lesson to learn: That where...where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

  7. that U.S. higher education produces far more science and engineering graduates annually than there are job openings... high unemployment rates prevail for recent graduates even in fields with alleged serious “shortages” such as information systems (11.7 percent).

  8. The concept of today's "dollar stores" originated in 1880 when the Woolworth brothers opened the first "5¢ & 10¢" variety store in Scranton, Pennslvania. Before Woolworth's, the prevailing thought was an entire store could not maintain itself with all low-priced goods.

  9. During the German invasion of the Low Countries and France in May 1940, the Allies had over 4,000 tanks, many of which were better than the German panzers. Military historians believe that the Germans prevailed in most of those battles because they used the tanks in groups instead of as infantry support as the Allies did.

  10. Contrary to the prevailing medical misconception of the time that President Harrison's death was caused by the weather at his inauguration, an analysis made in 2014, based on notes and records of the White House water supply, concluded that he likely died of septic shock due to enteric fever.

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The prevailing attitude of the day was that philosophy was the basis for all science and that scientific truth could be deduced from a few basic ideas.

One of the prevailing theories for the cause of the Ordovician–Silurian mass extinction is a gamma ray burst which struck the planet and killed almost all life on Earth.

When CBS announced in 2007 that it was considering Dexter for reruns, the Parents Television Council protested the decision saying "the series compels viewers to empathize with a serial killer, to root for him to prevail, to hope he doesn't get discovered."

Laura Dekker, a 13 years old Dutch girl wanted to sail around the world, after a court fight she prevailed and sailed out. At age 16 she became the youngest person to sail around the globe

In the comic book series 'The Joker' each issue ends with the Joker prevailing on the other villains but still being apprehended. The Comic Code in 1971 allowed for sympathetic depiction of criminal behaviour but only if portrayed as exceptional and if the culprit is punished.

Four prominent American Democratic politicians live[d?] together when Congress is in session. The group, which includes the Senate Minority Leader and Minority Whip, has a 'prevailing attire' of boxer shorts and argues over unmade beds and chores.

New London, CT successfully used eminent domain to benefit the Pfizer Corp. The city went to the Supreme Court and prevailed. The land is now a vacant lot.

The America’s Cup catamaran sailboats can travel almost three times the speed of the prevailing wind.

In the middle ages, an hour was considered to be made up of 40 minutes, with each minute divided into 40 moments. Disregarding the elastic notions of time then prevailing, and allowing 3,600 modern seconds to the hour, that gives us 90 seconds to each minute. So "just a moment" is 90 seconds.