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  1. Twice as many soldiers died from disease than battle injuries during the American Civil War. Dysentery and chronic diarrhea were so prevalent that there was an honor code among soldiers – you couldn’t shoot a man while he was pooping.

  2. So prevalent is the empty cardboard box's reputation as a plaything that in 2005 a cardboard box was added to the National Toy Hall of Fame.

  3. Lyme disease was not as common in the past as it is now, and its prevalence is actually due to an explosion in the white-footed mouse population at the turn of the 20th century. This in turn coincides with the extinction of the mouse's primary ecological competitor: the passenger pigeon.

  4. Amish men shave their mustaches as a protest against violence. The Amish were originally founded in Europe. At the time, mustaches were prevalent in the German military. The Amish began shaving their mustaches as a physical representation of their non-violent nature. It continues today.

  5. Sexual abuse by nuns is just as prevalent as priests. Sexual abuse by nuns has gone largely unaddressed and unreported in part because of cultural biases about gender roles and sex. It seems to receive less publicity and scrutiny than abuse committed by priests

  6. Suicide from overwork (Karojisatsu) and death from overwork (Karaoshi) are so prevalent in Japan that they have words for them.

  7. 12% of people dream only in Black and White. That number was roughly 25% when Black and White Television was more prevalent.

  8. There is a prevalent african myth that sex with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS. Because of this, one million women and children are raped each year.

  9. In the Golden Age of the Arabic Empire, a sect called Muʿtazila existed. This sect, which promoted reason and rational thought, was prevalent until the rise of the orthodox Ash’ari.

  10. The phrase 'duck', used in cricket to mean a score of zero, is short for 'duck's egg', referring to the shape of the number. 'Goose-egg' is prevalent in U.S English while the French equivalent 'l'oeuf' (egg) is the origin of 'love', meaning zero in tennis.

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prevalence fact data chart about The prevalence of movie genres between 1894 and 2025
The prevalence of movie genres between 1894 and 2025

prevalence fact data chart about HIV/AIDS Prevalence Rates in African Countries, 2016
HIV/AIDS Prevalence Rates in African Countries, 2016

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Humankind initially had fair skin, lost our body hair, evolved dark skin, and then re-evolved varying degrees of pigmentation due to UVB prevalence around the globe! (Penn State Guest Lecture)

Puppy mills are particularly prevalent among the Amish community.

Red hair occurs naturally in 1–2% of the human population. On the British Isles however it occurs more frequently. England has a red hair prevalence of around 4% and In Ireland, the percentage of population with red hair is estimated to be at around 10%!

1 to 5 percent of children are afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome — which makes it far more prevalent than Down syndrome, and equally or more common than autism.

The word "huh" used to express confusion is the most universal sound humans make. It is prevalent in virtually every area, language, culture, and nationality.

In Iceland, belief in elves is still prevalent enough to hinder building projects. In Dec of 2013, Elf Advocates urged the Icelandic Road and Coastal Commission to abandon a highway project for fear of disturbing an elf habitat that includes an elf church.

90% of people who spend 3 or more hours a day on the computer, will suffer Computer Vision Syndrome (Under the "Prevalence" section)

In the cloud forest vegetation region is the section where rhododendrons are most prevalent. 26 of the 50 species in Borneo grow in this region of Kinabalu National Park.

The population of the South Carolina Colony was largely dominated by African-Americans in the late 1700s due to the prevalence of slavery.

The ability to mentally calculate what day of the week any date falls on may be prevalent among Savants not because the calculations involved are particularly demanding or hard to learn, but because very few people are motivated to develop such skills among the general population.

In countries where HTLV-1 is prevalent, screening of blood is done to help prevent its spread.

The Spanish flu, which killed perhaps 5% of the world population, hit most of Europe and the US heavily, but Spain was the only country not to suppress the news. Hence it seeming more prevalent in Spain, and being called "The Spanish Flu"

Due to its limited sample size and non-naturally occurring prevalence, there are no known uses for seaborgium.

Romantic Chess" used to be the prevalent style of chess prior to the 20th century; it focused more on artistic expression rather than technical mastery or long-term planning.

The rate of suicide among aborigines was reported "catastrophic" in 2017. Healthcare is severely lacking and infectious diseases in rural areas are prevalent.

Schistosomiasis, which can cause bloody urine, was so prevalent in Ancient Egypt that they believed that boys also menstruated. A young boy's first "period" was considered a rite of passage.

Influenza is more prevalent in the winter months, so it is considered flu season in the Northern Hemisphere at a different time than in the Southern Hemisphere.

The country with the highest percentage of native English speakers is Ireland, followed by UK and New Zealand. Canada ranks as only 56% due to the prevalence of French and First Nations languages.

Sharecropping is still prevalent today in parts of Africa.

Smelly socks are so effective at attracting mosquitos, that its use has been explored for mosquito control in places where malaria is prevalent.

HTLV-1 is more prevalent in Central and South America, the Caribbean islands, Africa, and in Japan.

In 1816, "The Year Without a Summer", volcanic ash from Mt. Tambora darkened the sky such that candles were needed in the day, birds roosted at noon, crops failed sparking famine, riots and suicides broke out, religious fervour exploded and prophecies of a global apocalypse were prevalent.

It is the ninth most prevalent element in the Earth's crust.

Ford purchased no advertising from 1917 to 1923, considering the Model T's sheer prevalence to be sufficient

There is a significantly lower overall mortality rate for permanent residents at higher altitudes. Additionally, there is a relationship between increasing elevation and decreasing obesity prevalence in the United States.

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How Well Can We See? Prevalence of Vision Problems in the United States

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Smoking rate - more prevalent in Europe and the Western Pacific region