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  1. The main function of the little hole in the pen cap is to prevent deaths by suffocation in case someone swallows the pen cap by mistake; saving hundreds of lives a year.

  2. Refrigerator doors became magnetic in 1956 because kids playing would climb into an abandoned fridge, pull the door shut and realize too late they were trapped. The door seal prevented air from getting in and the kids' screams from getting out, and in a short time they'd suffocate.

  3. Pen caps have holes in them to prevent suffocation if swallowed

  4. Old World climbing fern suffocates plants upon which it grows and creates shadow which prevents normal growth of understory plants.

  5. A failed 1970s natural gas operation in Turkmenistan was set alight to prevent the buildup of suffocating gasses in the area and it's still burning 40 years later

  6. Black tip sharks need to swim constantly to prevent suffocation (water enters the gills only when shark swims). They also need to swim to prevent sinking, because they do not have swimming bladder.

  7. The small hole on the top of the BIC pen cap was made in order to prevent suffocation if the cap is inhaled.

  8. The cone in the center of a jet engine design prevents stall due to low air flow and was inspired by the nostril shape of the peregrin falcon which keeps it from suffocating during 200mph dives.

  9. One of the proposed origins for the song "London Bridge Is Falling Down" involves walling children into the bridge's foundation and leaving them to suffocate so that their souls would watch over the structure and prevent collapse.

  10. The hole in the lid of the Ball Cristal Pen is designed to prevent suffocation! (Acts as a small air passage)

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The main function of the little hole in the BIC pen cap is to prevent deaths by suffocation in case someone swallows the pen cap by mistake; saving hundreds of deaths a year.

Pen caps have holes in them to prevent suffocation if a child swallows them, so the airways remain open.

Chinese government, censors words like "government" /"communism" from public domain. The aim is not just to suffocate ideas, but to prevent any discussion at all. This censorship tool is based on hypocognition- a lack of linguistic representation making it difficult to interpret experiences

Smadar Haran, a woman who had to suffocate her 2-year-old daughter in order to prevent her from crying and alerting invading terrorists to their hiding spot

Modern cars are designed to be essentially air-tight. This has been causing a lot of preventable deaths (on the side of the car makers) in the past decade where children have suffocated after being in cars for hours.

The pen caps have holes in them to prevent suffocation, in case they were swallowed. One of the oldest and more popular ballpoints were the Bic Cristal who originally made it part of their design to include a small hole at the end of the cap.

Pen caps have holes to prevent suffocating

The reason why there is a hole in pen caps is to prevent suffocation in case it is swallowed

The holes at the end of pen caps are there to prevent suffocation. If the cap is swallowed, the hole allows air to pass into the lungs thus keeping the person alive.

Suck it up" refers to re-ingesting your vomit to prevent suffocation

Pen caps have holes to prevent suffocation when swallowed!

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