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  1. In an attempt to enforce Prohibition, the Prohibition Bureau began adding poison to industrial alcohol to prevent its consumption, killing between 10,000 and 50,000 people. This was supported by people like Wayne Wheeler, who argued that the victims had committed suicide by breaking the law

  2. After 13 Reasons Why's first season aired, searches for "suicide prevention" rose by 23%, but searches for "how to commit suicide" increased by 26%.

  3. Lil Wayne worked as a suicide prevention aid for 50 cents an hour, 10pm - 6am everyday, during his stay at Rikers.

  4. The day after Robin Williams’s suicide, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline fielded the greatest number of calls in its history.

  5. A study titled "Where Are They Now?" in 1978 followed up on 515 people who were prevented from attempting suicide using the Golden Gate Bridge from 1937 to 1971. About 90% were either alive or had died of natural causes, concluding "suicidal behavior is crisis-oriented" rather than inexorable.

  6. Aitzaz Hasan, a 15 year old Pakistani school boy, who sacrificed his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school of 2,000 students.

  7. Chen Si, a Chinese man who has spent every weekend since 2003 voluntarily patrolling the world's most popular suicide site. As a result, he has prevented over 300 people from jumping over the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

  8. Steve Crohn was one of the first studied cases of HIV immunity. His Immunity was due to a mutation in the CCR5 delta-5 receptor of CD4-t*cells, this prevented the virus from "entering" the immune cell. He committed suicide at the age of 66 after most of his friends died from the disease.

  9. An Australian man living by a cliff prevented over 160 suicides in 50 years of living there. He would strike up a conversation with people contemplating suicide and invite them to his house for tea.

  10. The holiday suicide myth supports misinformation about suicide that might ultimately hamper prevention efforts. The idea that suicide rates increase during the holiday season is a myth perpetuated by the media. In fact, suicide rates are the lowest in December.

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The Trevor Project (a suicide hotline for lgbtq youth) vs the Natl Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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David Sarnoff, founder of RCA, fought so hard to prevent FM Radio from succeeding that the inventor of FM Radio, Edwin Howard Armstrong, commit suicide because of emotional and financial distress...brought on by RCA lawsuits.

Before becoming a best-selling true crime author, Ann Rule worked side-by-side and alone with psychopathic serial killer Ted Bundy during the night shift at a suicide prevention hotline. While still working together, she began writing about the unsolved murders in the area.

A sunburn isn't skin cells being damaged and dying, it's the skin cell DNA being damaged and then committing suicide to prevent cancers from growing, in a process called UVB-induced Apoptosis.

The sunburn and subsequent peeling is a process called apoptosis, where the skin cells are programmed to commit suicide in a precautionary measure to prevent any skin cells from becoming melanoma.

The suicide count at the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco was officially stopped at 997 "to prevent record breakers"

Australian Don Ritchie prevented at least 160 suicides near his home which overlooked a cliff

A local Chinese man has prevented over 300 suicides from the Yangtze River Bridge. Chen Si visits the bridge every day and offers help to anyone in distress, including followup phone calls and even occasionally offering his spare bedroom.

A Pakistani school boy Aitzaz Hasan sacrificed his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school of 2,000 students

A man spent several years patrolling the white cliffs of Beachy Head to prevent 29 suicides, but gave up in 2007 due to jealousy of a competing anti-suicide group

Ted Bundy was known to be a very helpful person. In addition to working at a suicide prevention hotline, he saved a three year old boy from drowning in 1970 - around the same time he began his killing spree.

Film critic Richard Roeper has called Ferris Bueller's Day Off "something of a suicide prevention film", in that Ferris wants "to show Cameron that the whole world in front of him is passing him by, and that life can be pretty sweet if you wake up and embrace it."

King Mithridates of Pontus, who ingested increasing amounts of various poisons in order to prevent his assasination by poisoning. When surrounded by enemy soldiers, he tried to commit suicide by poisoning himself with all of the poisons he had on hand but failed because he was immune.

If you text 741741 you'll text a suicide prevention line 24/7. I hope this will save some lives!

A call to a suicide prevention hotline is not confidential and the operator can call the police on you.

People in Japan are chronically lonely and about 70 people a day commit suicide mainly due to this but they seem to do little to prevent being lonely. Currently in Osaka if someone wants a free hug.

Blister packaging pills is a suicide prevention method

If you tell Siri about anything unfortunate like a cheating spouse, losing your job or suicidal thoughts; she's automatically programmed to provide you the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The official suicide count at the Golden Gate Bridge was officially stopped at 997 to prevent record breakers.

An Australian man living by a cliff has prevented around 160 suicides in his 50 years of living there, by striking up a conversation with people contemplating suicide and inviting them to his house for tea.

There are guidelines to reporting a death by suicide to prevent copycat suicides.

Three men, nicknamed the "Suicide Squad," prevented a steam explosion after the initial Chernobyl accident. That explosion would have destroyed the entire Chernobyl plant and rendered all of Europe uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

In 1962 Winston's Churchill's daughter, Diana, began working at a suicide prevention center. She committed suicide in 1963.

Serial killer Ted Bundy worked at a suicide prevention hotline where he befriended a coworker/former police officer who remained in contact with him until his execution

During World War II, the UK preemptively invaded Iceland to prevent a subsequent German invasion. The only casualty was a single suicide.

Immune cells commit suicide to prevent allergy

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