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  1. Law in India mandates that doctors write prescriptions in CAPITAL LETTERS in a 'Legible' writing as a measure to prevent deaths caused by the misinterpretation of their sloppy handwriting.

  2. Salt is iodized because it is the simplest and most cost-effective measure available to battle iodine deficiency, whicih is the leading preventable cause of intellectual and developmental disabilities

  3. The sunburn and subsequent peeling is a process called apoptosis, where the skin cells are programmed to commit suicide in a precautionary measure to prevent any skin cells from becoming melanoma.

  4. The world's tallest living tree - Hyperion - is found along the California coastline. Measured at 380 feet, it's estimated to be at least 600 years' old. Woodpecker damage at the top may have prevented it from growing taller.

  5. Transmission of Lassa virus can also occur from human to human contact when infection prevention is not adequate or control measures are not followed properly.

  6. Those at risk for type 2 diabetes should take preventative measures such as losing weight, and adding exercise to their daily regimen.

  7. Thanks to the prevention measures and control of outbreaks, the number of people that have died from malaria since 2000 has been reduced by 60%.

  8. From 1939 to 1945 the clock dials were not lit up. This was done as a preventative measure to help protect it from attack during World War II.

  9. Grounded (3 prong) outlets are suggested to be installed upside down as a safety measure, so that if something (like a knife) were to fall between the cord and outlet the ground terminal would be in contact and prevent a fire.

  10. Preventative measures are often taken in areas where human life is threatened by avalanches. Repeatedly traveling on a snowpack can help to stabilize it. Explosives can be used to trigger small avalanches.

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Physical activity is considered to be a major preventative measure to reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

A 2004 review of the research on the link between nutrition and cancer concluded that 30 to 40% of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary measures alone

Building Peregrine Falcon nesting boxes is a valid and sustainable corrosion prevention measure, as it prevents the "deposition" of acidic pigeon guano on structural steel.

When IBM developed its 286-based AT computer, it was so fast it threatened their own minicomputer market - so they deliberately crippled it, and went to considerable measures to prevent the users from fixing it.

There are Pre Exposure drugs (called "PrEP") that can be prescribed as an effective measure to prevent contracting HIV (like 'the pill' for pregnancy, but 'PrEP' for HIV prevention).

About the Bortle Scale, a nine-point scale that measures the night sky's brightness in a given location based on celestial bodies being visible and/or light pollution preventing it.

Male Circumcision is used as a preventive measure against HIV's spread in Africa.

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