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  1. Fake oil paintings can be detected because of nuclear bombs detonated in 1945 because of the fact that isotopes such as strontium-90 and cesium-137 that can be found in oil did not exist in nature previously. If a picture contains these isotopes, it is certainly painted after year 1945

  2. Despite millennials often being seen as a ‘promiscuous’ generation, they have less sexual partners than previous generations and having less overall sex than their own parents.

  3. When an Israeli day care began fining parents for picking up children late, the number of late pickups went up. Economists believe that parents had previously been motivated to be on time by a sense of guilt, and the guilt went away when it was replaced by a fine that most of them could afford.

  4. Due to the Taliban dynamiting two famous 4th century giant statues of Buddha for their status as idols, excavators of the site discovered a cave network filled with 5th-9th century artwork and another, previously unknown giant statue of Buddha within

  5. Lincoln’s bodyguard, a drunk previously reprimanded for drinking on the job, was not at his post to protect POTUS the night Lincoln died. Instead, he was at the Star Saloon next door drinking; the same saloon where John Wilkes Booth was seeking the liquid courage to assassinate the President.

  6. Harvard's first black faculty member was a dentist. Dr. George Franklin Grant joined the Dept of mechanical dentistry in 1871. Also an inventor, he patented the wooden golf tee. Previously, golfers carried around buckets of sand, placing their balls on little piles as they went.

  7. Measles can cause immune amnesia. When infected with Measles the virus replaces your memory cells with new ones and essentially resets your immune system. You are then not only infected with Measles but are susceptible to infections that you previously had built immunity to.

  8. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, famous meme and 'Ancient Aliens' expert, has no academic background in any field relevant to the show. Instead, he holds a bachelor's degree in sports information and was previously a bodybuilder promoter.

  9. The English subtitles for Pan's Labyrinth were translated and written by Guillermo del Toro himself. He no longer trusts translators after having encountered problems with his previous subtitled movies.

  10. The recipe for Tootsie Rolls calls for the previous day's batch to be mixed in with the new batch each day. Theoretically, this means there's a bit of the very first Tootsie Rolls in every new roll made today. They were created in 1907.

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Probability of being your partner's biggest Penis Over Number of Their Previous Partners

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In 2010, the Forest Service made Betty White an honorary forest ranger. White said in previous interviews that she wanted to be a forest ranger as a little girl but that women were not allowed to do that then. When White received the honor, more than 1/3 of Forest Service employees were women.

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack album reached number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, becoming the first soundtrack album in history consisting entirely of previously released songs to top the chart.

After the Taliban blew up two giant 4th-century Buddha statues, a network of caves were discovered which held ancient Buddhist paintings and another giant Buddha statue. This previously undiscovered statue was 62 ft tall, bigger than the two that were destroyed.

5 teenagers died after a fire in escape rooms in Poland. Poland’s interior minister then ordered fire safety inspections at more than 1,000 escape room locations across the country. Previously, there was no official requirement for fire safety certificates at such locations.

A 13-year-old Canadian girl once ran the fastest marathon by a female, knocking more than four minutes off the previous world record. While running she was beaming and saying, “gee, this is great!" Two minutes after the race, a doctor declared that her heart rate had already returned to normal.

Millennials Are Having Way Less Sex Than Their Parents and are twice as likely as the previous generation to be virgins

From 1902-1907, a group of 12 scientists regularly ate dangerous, common food additives that had previously been untested, such as formaldehyde, and documented how they reacted to said additives. They were known as "The Poison Squad," and helped spur the creation of the FDA.

LA libraries started "The Great Read Away" program that allows kids to read books to clear their late fees. In the first six months of the program over 3,500 previously "locked accounts" had been cleared, and now 80% of parents are more likely to let their kids go to the library.

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, spotted a cloud of strange glowing "fireflies" on his second orbit. Later NASA confirmed that the fireflies were simply droplets of his own urine that had been expelled from his craft during his previous orbit.

According to Taika Waititi, 80% of the dialogue in Thor: Ragnarok was improvised, in order to create a "very loose and collaborate mood" among the cast an attempt to replicate the tone and sensibility from his previous films.

In 1961, Fidel Castro closed Cuban schools for a whole year and formed teachers into a "literacy army" with the goal to eradicate illiteracy. By the end of the year, 707,212 previously illiterate people had learned how to read.

At 19 years old, Chris Pratt was waiting tables at a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant in Maui when he was scouted by a director. At the time he was living in his van and had previously studied acting at a community college for only a few weeks.

A Japanese Village was spared being destroyed during the 2011 tsunami by its huge seawall - a wall that its previous mayor had been harshly criticized for building

Americans are now tipping more money, and for more services, than ever before. It’s a phenomenon called “Tip Creep” where social pressure encourages tipping for counter-service interactions where a tip was previously never given.

In 1914 the wife of the French PM assassinated a newspaper editor to prevent him from leaking that she and her husband had been dating while still married to their previous spouses. She was acquitted for 'uncontrollable female emotions'

The 90s sketch comedy show “In Living Color” drew away 22% of Super Bowl XXVI’s viewers during its halftime show by doing a special live episode of their own, which is why subsequent Super Bowls got A-List performers and dropped the previous themed marching band format.

According to psychologist Arthur Aron, there are 36 questions that could lead to love. Each question is more probing than the previous one and leads to a mutual vulnerability that fosters closeness. The final exercise is to stare into each other's eyes for 4 minutes.

The Wait Calculation suggest that we should not do interstellar travel if we can't get to our destination within 50 years because if the current civilization still can advance in propulsion system velocity, a future mission will pass the previous one and get there faster.

Before they approached George Foreman as a spokesman, the makers of the "George Foreman Grill" had previously considered Hulk Hogan. He however decided to pitch the "Hulkamania Meatball Maker" instead.

The worst maritime disaster in US history was Steamboat Sultana, where 1192 souls perished after its boilers exploded just outside Memphis. Not very many people heard about it since news coverage focused on the killing of John Wilkes Booth the previous day.

Paul Rudd and Jeffery Dean Morgan own Samuel's Sweet Shop, a candy store in Rhinebeck NY, which they saved from closing after the passing of its previous owner, a friend of theirs

Having standard showtimes for films was not common until 1960. Previously most films would just play on a loop, and people could enter at any time. Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho required that people watch from the beginning to the end and made showtimes more standard.

Someone sued Pepsi for not letting him trade in 7 million Pepsi Points for a Harrier Jet, which had been previously advertised.

The petrified look on Alan Rickmans’s face in 1988’s Die Hard is completely genuine as his stunt team dropped him on the count of 1 instead of the previously promised 3.

Scientists found a tomato plant on a volcanic island and were perplexed as to how it got there. Turns out it grew up fertilized in the poop left by a previous researcher.

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