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  1. Archeologists are using LiDAR to survey the South American rainforests. The results have helped reveal over 60000 previously undiscovered ruins, part of a much greater civilization than previously thought.

  2. Forensic Lip Readers have analyzed silent footage from World War 1 and were able to reconstruct conversations that were previously thought to be lost in time.

  3. The frontal lobes atrophy as we age. This doesn’t hurt intelligence, but it is responsible for inhibiting inappropriate thoughts. This is why adults have greater difficulty in thinking and start voicing ideas they would have previously suppressed.

  4. A Rutgers study found out that drug addicts became trapped into addiction trying to seek relief from emotional lows rather than euphoric highs as previously thought.

  5. Yoga more dangerous than previously thought, and causes as many injuries as other sports; it can also exacerbate existing pain, with 21 per cent of existing injuries worsened.

  6. Silver has been found to kill bacteria previously thought immune to antibacterial agents.

  7. In order to stay hydrated, sea snakes drink a thin layer of fresh water that collects on the surface of the ocean, called a "lense", after rain storms and do not drink sea water as previously thought.

  8. Jackie Chan dislocated his pelvis, which was previously thought to be impossible, while filming 'Police Story' in 1985.

  9. The Rosetta spacecraft, while studying comet 67P, discovered electrons cause the rapid breakup of water and carbon dioxide molecules erupting from the surface, not photons (light) as previously thought.

  10. Sleep problems have been shown to make suicidal thoughts worse for young adults who have either previously attempted suicide or considered doing so. These findings highlight the potential utility of sleep as a proposed biomarker of suicide risk and a therapeutic target.

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Political Forecast Map for 2020 Senate Elections by Yours Truly... Thoughts?... Based on Previous election data alongside viability of potential General Election Challengers...

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Apart from what people previously thought where all psychopathic individuals have an almost complete lack of fear and anxiety, a new study shows that some psychopathic individuals have higher levels of stress and anxiety than others.

One positive outcome for the Americans was that they learned that Soviet SAMs were more effective than they previously thought and they were able to make changes accordingly.

In 1994 a mule gave birth to a foal, which was previously thought genetically impossible due to the odd number of chromosomes

Some scientists believe that Mercury's core is made up of molten iron as opposed to solid iron as was previously thought.

Gobekli Tepe: a sanctuary that was discovered in the southeastern region of Turkey that puts the beginnings of complex human civilization 7,000 years earlier than previously thought. "Gobekli Tepe Changes everything".

A Twinkie's shelf life is only 45 days. Not "survive a nuclear apocalypse" like previously thought.

Researchers at the School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist.

The Forest Owlet was thought extinct when none were found after repeated searches at the locality of the last known specimen. The researchers later found why; an infamous thief had previously stolen the specimen from the museum and resubmitted it as his own, complete with false locality info.

Hitler only had one testicle. According to medical records, he suffered from cryptorchidism, meaning the testicle failed to desend properly during puberty (he did NOT lose it in WWI as previously thought).

Adults with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism are 10 times more likely than the general population to be suicidal, with 66% reporting suicidal thoughts and 35% reporting plans or previous suicide attempts.

The 'death pose' of dinosaurs (neck extremely bent backwards) is a result of submersion of the carcass in water and connective tissue along the vertebrae called the Ligamentum elasticum which is pre-stressed in life and death. It was previously thought this pose indicated death spasms.

India will have more people than China by 2022, much sooner than previously thought

Our nose can detect one trillion odours far more than we previously thought.

The release of the Pentagon Papers was the final nail in the coffin for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. The Pentagon Papers revealed that American involvement in Vietnam/Indochina was much more extensive before 1964 than previously thought and that the second Gulf of Tonkin Incident was really a false flag meant to garner American support for the war.

An "Elvis taxon" refers to organisms on the fossil record that appear identical to organisms previously thought extinct due to convergent evolution. A paleobiologist suggested the term "in recognition of the many Elvis impersonators who have appeared since the death of The King."

The Washington Monument is about ten inches shorter than previously thought.

A study has suggested that, contrary to long-accepted views, Jews continued to use a Greek version of the Bible in synagogues for centuries longer than previously thought.

Fujiwara-kyō was the Imperial capital of Japan for sixteen years, between 694 and 710. Recent investigation has revealed that the city covered an area of roughly 5 km, much larger than previously thought. The city burnt down in 711, one year after the move to Nara, and was not rebuilt

Up until the discovery of the Utahraptor right before Jurassic Park's release, the raptors in the film were twice the size of any previously-known raptor. Raptors at that time were thought to only be about 6 feet long and less than 2 feet high.

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