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  1. About World War II-era Chernivtsi mayor Traian Popovici, who managed to save 20,000 Chernivtsi Jews (one-third of Chernivtsi's prewar Jewish population) from the Holocaust by convincing Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu not to deport them.

  2. One of the biggest cause celebres in prewar Nazi Germany, the Heisenberg Affair, when the SS attempted to censure Werner Heisenberg from the physics and academic community, was only resolved when Heisenberg's mother called Heinrich Himmler's mother.

  3. About the anti-barbecue reform: in prewar Alabama, some wanted politicians to stop rallying at barbecues because of how much people drank there. The notion was so unpopular that the one politician who endorsed it finished seventh out of nine candidates in a race for county tax collector.

  4. The largest German political party in prewar Czechoslovakia was the left-wing German Social Democratic Workers Party. One of its leaders, Ludwig Czech, was a Jew who later died at Thereseienstadt.

  5. During WWII, Joe DiMaggio's superiors gave him special privileges due to his prewar fame as a baseball player. He ate so well that he gained 10 pounds, and spent time tanning and drinking in Hawaii. Embarrassed, DiMaggio requested that he be given a combat assignment, but was turned down.

  6. There were illegal gangs of anti Hitler Youth teens back in prewar Germany called the Edelweiss Pirates.