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  1. The Greek God Priapus, who was cursed with a permanent erection except when he wanted to have sex, at which point he would become flaccid.

  2. The Roman Emperor Caligula was killed by his own guard after continuously bullying him by "holding out his hand to kiss, forming and moving it in an obscene fashion" and assigning him watch-words like Venus (slang for a male eunuch) and and "Priapus" (erection)

  3. The Ancient Greeks had the god of gardens and fertility, Priapus, who was known for his gigantic penis. As the protector of gardens, he would sodomize any thief and transgressor, with what has been called his "column", "twelve-inch pole", "cypress", "spear" and "pyramid".

  4. St. Priapus Church, named after the Roman god of fertility, which was founded in Quebec in 1980 and focuses on worship of the penis. Adherents consider fellatio a mitzvah, engage in group masturbation sessions, and their central text is called The Scripture of the Holy Seed.

  5. The Romans worshiped Priapus, the god of penis, and depicted him with one half the size of a leg.

  6. Aphrodite's children included Eros (cupid), Aeneas, Phobos, Priapus, Deimos, Eunomia, Harmonia, Eryx, Pothos, Rhode, Anteros, Hermaphroditos, and Himeros.

  7. Priapus was a Greek god who was most well known for his giant, constantly erect penis.

  8. There's a condition called Priapism (comes from the greek god of fertility Priapus) in which the penis remains erect for hours in the absence of stimulation

  9. the history of the garden gnome possibly traces back to the classical practice of placing statues of the fertility god Priapus, who was often depicted with an oversized phallus, in gardens.

  10. About the greek god of livestock amd fruits, Priapus. He is also a fertility god with a massive permanent erection. The medical condition priapism is named for him.

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Statues of Priapus were placed in gardens to promote fertility and safety from thieves/trespassers, as they would be sodomized to death by the statue.

The Romans worshiped Priapus, a cock god who sodomized mischievous children.

The Greek god of dong, Priapus. He sported a perpetual erection and was not allowed to live on Mount Olympus.

About Priapus, a Roman cock god who sodomized mischievous children.

Priapus was a Greek god who was most well known for his massive, constantly erect penis.

Greek farmers in 2,500 B.C. carved wooden scarecrows to look like Priapus, who supposedly was ugly enough to scare birds away

In Greek mythology, the god Priapus attempted to rape the goddess Hestia but lost his erection to the sound of a braying donkey.

It is was believed that statues of the Roman diety Priapus, when placed in gardens, would sodomize thieves or death

About Priapus, a Greek fertility god who protected gardens and livestock. Priapus was cursed by Hera to be very ugly and have a massive, permanent boner. He once attempted to rape the goddess Hestia, but she was awakened by a braying donkey, which Priapus then bludgeoned to death with his penis.

Priapus was the Greek God of Fertility and as such had a very large penis.

Priapus, a Greek fertility god, attempted to rape the goddess Hestia but was thwarted by an ass, whose braying caused him to lose his erection at the critical moment and woke Hestia. To punish the ass for spoiling his opportunity, Priapus bludgeoned it to death with his gargantuan phallus

The Greek god Priapus was very well endowed.

The Roman god Priapus. He is a figure of masculinity, due to his permanently erect giant dick he was cursed with when trying to rape another god.

There is a Greek of male genitalia named Priapus. He is marked by his oversized and permanent erection.