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  1. 85% of outlet clothing is made with lower-quality fabrics and cheaper construction than its retail counterpart. Companies like Levis, Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom have all been sued for having MSRP on their "Compare At" price tags even though the product never saw the inside of a flagship store.

  2. The founder of Macy's, Rowland Hussey, who was a Quaker, is credited with inventing the price tag. Quakers believed it was immoral to barter - charging people different prices for the same product. Also, price tags made it easier to expand and quickly hire new sales people.

  3. The F-35 fighter is the most expensive weapons program ever with a price tag of $1.5 trillion, and it's still three years away from launch

  4. The cost to own a Bugatti Veyron (aside from the $2.5 M USD price tag) is $300k a year.

  5. During World War I, John Wanamaker (inventor of the price tag) publicly proposed that the United States buy Belgium from Germany for the sum of one-hundred billion dollars, as an alternative to the continuing carnage of the war.

  6. Bugatti continues to release new models of luxury sports cars, reaching extremely high speed capabilities and price tags.

  7. Restaurants tend to make price tags in the menu as inconspicuous as possible as they remind people they’re spending money. Thus, you are more likely to buy a burger for $13.00 if its price is shown as just 13.

  8. Norm Cox,designer of the entire Xerox star system's interface, created the burger icon for contextual menu choices back in 1981. the system had a tag price of $75000 ($195,000 in today's dollars)

  9. The Indian made Tata Nano is the world's cheapest car, with a price tag of $1,500

  10. About the 'death star' of Costco, which is an asterisk in the top-right corner of the price tags. It means what you see of that item is what they have, and is probably marked down.

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The most expensive piece of pop culture memorabilia are the ruby slippers Dorothy wore in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ The slippers are up for sale with a price tag of $6 million!

The Rio PMP300 ("Diamond"), one of the very first MP3 digital audio players, was released in 1998 with a price tag of $200 and shipped with 32 MB or memory--large enough to store 30 minutes of music at 128 Kbps.

If two numbers on an advertisement happens to be factors of a third (usually the price tag), customers are more likely to buy the product.

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airplane ever produced with the capacity to carry 555 passengers, a cruising speed of 903 km/h & comes with a price tag of $445 million for each plane

Quakers invented the price tag because it was more fair than haggling

Despite the 1.5 million dollar price tag, Bugatti actually loses 6.24 million dollars for each Veyron they sell

A table at Disneyland’s 21 Royal commands an elite $15,000 price tag for what’s billed as the ultimate in Disney wizardry.

Top retailers have price tag codes like if at Target the price ends with .99, you're paying full retail price! .97 is discounted price.

Breakthrough drug that cost 262 million to develop has made over 40 billion in sales and yet the $95,000 price tag hasn't changed

Go For It! is an absolutely quintessential product of the ’80s. It unapologetically celebrates the acquisition of status symbols. The winner of the game is the first player to acquire the requisite number of expensive consumer items, each represented by a card with the item and a price tag.

The $245,000 price tag for raising an American child, in 5 charts - Vox

There is a movement started by Israeli teens (known as the Hilltop Youth) called the "Price Tag" movement and it exacts revenge on Palestinians every time their gov't appears to soften their stance on the West Bank

The founder of Macy's, who was a Quaker, is credited with the invention of the price tag.

In 2018 Venezuela's hyper inflation had reached 1,350,000%. Over the Christmas period, shops didn't use price tags as prices would rise so quickly.

India is the only country which uses m.r.p.(Maximum Retail Price) system of fixing price of commodities. Under this, each commodity is tagged a maximum price above which it can't be sold.

Freedom Comes With A Price Tag-Sugar to Spoiled Girlfriend

About The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (or TAM) which was Apple's way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Apple's first computer with the price tag "reduced" to a mere $7,499 finally discontinuing it in 1998, to a furthur reduced price of $1,995.

No one's buying Kurt Cobain's childhood home, so it's been re-listed at $400,000 — down from its original $500,000 price tag

The same man who introduced America to the price tag, also created the department store, money-back guarantee, paid vacations, and Christmas bonuses.

Hiring College Graduates for Price Tag or Ability?

The retailer doesn't have to honour the price detailed by the price tag. They can charge any amount for a product, and the price tag doesn't necessarily have an effect.

Elio. A 3 wheeled vehicle that gets 80mpg, a price tag of 6800, and is classified as a motorcycle under US regulations. Production is set to begin this year.

Scientists believe antimatter is the most expensive material to produce, with an estimated price tag of $62.5 trillion for one gram of antihydrogen

Acer's Absurd Curved Display Laptop Has a Predictably Humongous Price Tag

85% of outlet clothing is made with lower-quality fabrics and cheaper construction than its retail counterpart. Companies like Levis, Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom have all been sued for having MSRP on their "Compare At" price tags even though the product never saw the inside of a flagship store.