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  1. Prohibition agent Izzy Einstein bragged that he could find liquor in any city in under 30 minutes. In Chicago it took him 21 min. In Atlanta 17, and Pittsburgh just 11. But New Orleans set the record: 35 seconds. Einstein asked his taxi driver where to get a drink, and the driver handed him one.

  2. German animal protection law prohibits killing of vertebrates without proper reason. Because of this ruling, all German animal shelters are no-kill shelters.

  3. In an attempt to enforce Prohibition, the Prohibition Bureau began adding poison to industrial alcohol to prevent its consumption, killing between 10,000 and 50,000 people. This was supported by people like Wayne Wheeler, who argued that the victims had committed suicide by breaking the law

  4. During Prohibition in the US, it was illegal to buy or sell alcohol, but it was not illegal to drink it. Some wealthy people bought out entire liquor stores before it passed to ensure they still had alcohol to drink.

  5. After being prohibited from wearing shorts during the hot summer months, bus drivers in Sweden wore skirts to work, citing that since their women coworkers could wear skirts, it would be discriminatory to prohibit them from wearing skirts too.

  6. During prohibition, merchants would sell "bricks" of grape concentrate with a label that warned consumers not to mix the concentrate with yeast, water, and sugar and age the mixture for seven days, because "an illegal alcoholic beverage will result".

  7. An Ohio woman once got out of a parking ticket because of a missing comma in the state's laws. She successfully argued that her car wasn't a "motor vehicle camper" and therefore wasn't included in the list of prohibited vehicles.

  8. The FCC prohibits the phrase "Jesus Christ" from being said on network TV as an exclamation/expletive; you can say "Jesus", you can say "Christ", but you can't say "Jesus Christ" unless he's literally on screen as the man from the Bible. The term "goddamn it" is also banned from U.S. network TV.

  9. When Danes living under Prussian rule were prohibited from raising the Danish flag, the bred a pig to look like the flag instead, called the Danish Protest Pig.

  10. Winston Churchill, whilst visiting the USA during the height of prohibition, got a doctor's note prescribing him "unlimited alcohol" constituting a suggested minimum of 6 shots with dinner.

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Porn actress Asia Carrera is a member of Mensa with an IQ of 156. An atheist, Carerra wore a colander for her driver's license photograph. State law normally prohibits hats in such photos but she used an exception for religious headwear (the religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster).

Winston Churchill was prescribed alcohol to get around American Prohibition

The Antarctic Treaty of 1961 which recognizes no sovereign claim of Antarctica, prohibits mining, prohibits military activity & only allows scientific activity on the continent

The american flag "code" prohibits using the flag "for any advertising purpose" and also states that the flag "should not be embroidered, printed, or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use".

The slogan "Make your wet dreams come true" was used by 1928 presidential candidate Al Smith in reference to repealing prohibition.

During prohibition in the US an exemption was made for whiskey prescribed by a doctor and sold through a pharmacy. The Walgreens pharmacy chain grew from 20 retail stores to almost 500 during this period, from 1920 to 1933

Brian May, the lead guitarist for Queen and astrophysicist, dislikes smoking so much that he prohibited smoking indoors at concerts before smoking bans became the norm. The dislike for smoking was due to his father’s heavy cigarette use.

The use of bowls to house goldfish comes from a misunderstanding of Chinese display vessels--small, temporary containers to show guests goldfish that were otherwise housed in ponds. Fishbowls are so detrimental to goldfish health that they are prohibited by places like Rome for animal cruelty.

The Old Testament, New Testament, and the Qur'an all have passages that denounce and in many cases downright prohibit collecting interest on loans

Cocktails became popular during Prohibition as juices were added to bootleg liquor to disguise the taste of ingredients like dead rat and wood tar

Kansas City blatantly ignored The Prohibition. You could buy booze a few blocks down from the police station. They got away with it scot-free for all 13 years (1920 to 1933).

Unvaccinated children in Victoria, Australia are prohibited from enrolling in childcare.

To combat obesity, Chile passed a law that bans junk food ads aimed at children and prohibits the use of cartoon characters in their packaging

Winston Churchill believed that Prohibition in the United States was "an affront to the whole history of mankind"

The U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition in the 20s and 30s, killing over 10,000 people.

During Prohibition, Pabst Brewing Company stopped making beer and switched to cheese production, selling more than 8 million pounds of Pabst-ett Cheese. When Prohibition ended, the company went back to selling beer, and the cheese line was sold to Kraft.

Hawaii has a law that prohibits any person from erecting, maintaining, or using a billboard or displaying any outdoor advertising device.

In World War II, rationing laws prohibited the sale of freshly-baked bread because "the tastiness of just-baked bread is likely to encourage people to eat it immoderately". Bread had to be at least 24 hours old before it was sold.

During Prohibition, Grape bricks/juice came with warnings on how "not" to make wine so people could make their own wine.

During prohibition, grape farmers would make semi-solid grape concentrates called wine bricks, which were then sold with the warning "After dissolving the brick in a gallon of water, do not place the liquid in a jug away in the cupboard for twenty days, because then it would turn into wine"

The most successful pirate captain of the Golden Age of Piracy, "Black" Bart, had very strict rules on his ship, prohibiting all lights and drinking after 8 in the evening. There was also a complete ban on gambling. If a crew member got hurt, he received a pension proportionate to his injury

The US government poisoned industrial alcohol during Prohibition, leading to the deaths of around 10,000 people.

Winston Churchill received a prescription for alcohol when he visited the United States during prohibition, his Doctor writing, "The quantity [prescribed] is naturally indefinite".

During Prohibition, the government deliberately poisoned the industrial-use alcohol that bootleggers were stealing and turning into booze. 10,000 people died.

Jimmy Carter made the American microbew industry possible by legalizing the selling of malt, hops, and yeast to home brewers for the first time since Prohibition