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  1. Two metal detectorists who thought they'd found a stash of Roman gold coins they estimated to be worth £250,000 discovered the coins were actually a worthless prop for TV show The Detectorists.

  2. In the movie 'Lord of War' starring Nicolas Cage, the production team bought 3,000 real SA Vz. 58 rifles to stand in for AK-47s because they were cheaper than prop movie guns.

  3. While filming “X-Men:Origins Wolverine,” Hugh Jackman had to run down a hallway naked with prop claws attached to his fists. As he turned the corner he faced every women on the production staff waving dollar bills. He instinctively shielded his groin and cut himself with Wolverine’s claws.

  4. I learned that an art historian watching the movie Stuart Little in 2009 recognized a prop in the background as a lost painting by the Hungarian artist Róbert Berény. The film's set designer had found the work at a California antiques store for $500; it eventually sold at auction for €229,500.

  5. Harry Houdini stipulated in his will that all his props should be "destroyed and burned" after the death of his brother. His brother sold them instead. In 1995, a fire destroyed the museum where the props were kept.

  6. An actor accidentally slit his own throat on stage while performing a suicide scene in a play based on Mary, Queen of Scots. The prop knife he was supposed to have used had been switched with a real one. If he’d cut a little deeper, he would have died.

  7. An exotic dancer named Chesty Love claimed her breast augmentation surgury as a business expense since bigger breasts would lead to bigger tips. The IRS agreed and declared that her enlarged breasts were a stage prop essential to her act.

  8. After the filming of Rush Hour 2, the prop money was so accurate that movie extras tried to pass it off as real on the Strip. The Secret Service then had to confiscate $100 Million worth of prop money and accused the prop money manufacturer - Independent Studio Services - of counterfeiting.

  9. While filming The Hateful Eight Kurt Russel mistakenly smashed a priceless 1870s Martin Guitar on loan from the museum when the prop department forgot he was holding the original. The Martin Museum says "the company will no longer loan guitars to movies under any circumstances."

  10. Leslie Coffelt, who was killed defending Harry Truman from an assassination attempt. Shot by an assassin 4 times, Coffelt propped himself up against a guard booth and fired one shot, hitting the assassin in the head and killing him. Coffelt collapsed immediately and died four hours later.

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In the movie Lord of War, The production team rented 3000 REAL SA Vz. 58 rifles to stand in for AK 47s because they were cheaper than prop guns.

A dead pope once got put on trial in the year 897. They dug up Pope Formosus, propped his corpse up on a throne and they actually asked the fucker questions and a Deacon answered on behalf of him. And they found him guilty of perjury.

The filmmakers of "Lord of War" used a real stockpile of over 3,000 AK-47s because it was cheaper than getting prop guns.

Alfred Hitchcock once bet a prop man a week's salary to spend the night chained up in a movie studio, giving him a beaker of brandy to get him through the night. It was laced with strong laxatives. The following morning, the film crew found the poor man crying in a puddle of his own feces.

The fake prop money used in Rush Hour 2 was too accurate. After extras tried to spend what was left lying around after the climax was filmed, the Secret Service raided and seized $100 million in fake bills from the prop maker and accused them of counterfeiting.

Comedian Daniel Tosh auctioned props from his show, Tosh.O, to raise funds for a fellow comedian Andy Ritchie with a brain tumor, raising $25,000.Tosh then placed a double-or-nothing bet on a Patriots football game and won, ultimately doubling the money he raised for Andy.

Bladerunner is so visually stunning partly because of the 1980 Hollywood Actors Strike, which gave the film's Art Department and Designers an extra 3 months to improve and refine significantly their futuristic sets and props.

When Harry Houdini died, he willed all of his effects and props to his brother but stipulated that they be burned when his brother died. They never were and instead donated to a museum. In 1995, the museum caught fire and was destroyed but many props still survived.

In 2008, a stage actor slit his own throat onstage after his prop knife, for his suicide scene, was replaced with a real one.

While filming The Hateful Eight Kurt Russel mistakenly smashed a priceless 1870s Martin Guitar on loan from the museum when the prop department forgot he was holding the original. The Martin Museum says "the company will no longer loan guitars to movies under any circumstances."

To be legal, prop money for films in the U.S. must be one-sided and less than 75% or more than 150% of the size of a real banknote

Andrew Jackson carried a locket with a picture of his deceased wife, Rachel Jackson, and propped it up in front of his bed every night so that she would be the last thing he saw when falling asleep and the first thing when he woke up.

The horse head used in The Godfather was a real horse head, not a prop. John Marley was not informed beforehand, so his scream was authentic, not scripted.

Actor Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's eldest son who, while filming The Crow, was accidentaly shot and killed by a co-star with a prop gun that had a dummy round tip lodged inside the barrel. After a year of re-shoots the movie was released and met critical acclaim and is now considered a cult classic.

UK prop designer Andrew Ainsworth, who made the original Stormtrooper helmets, was sued by Lucasfilm for $20m for making and selling replicas, who argued he did not hold the intellectual property rights, a point upheld by a US court. After spending £700,000 defending himself, Ainsworth won.

Actor Brian Cox is diabetic and that in the film Super Troopers he was required to eat a prop that looked like a bar of soap but was in fact made of white chocolate. He spat it out and instead of waiting around for a sugar-free replacement, he ate a real bar of soap instead.

Polish composer André Tchaikowsky donated his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company in hopes that it would be used as a prop for the skull of Yorick. In 2008, the skull was used in a series of performances of Hamlet at the Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon.

The "Lord of War" films production team rented 3000 real SA Vz. 58 rifles to stand in for AK 47s because they were cheaper than prop guns.

a 13 year old spotted an incorrect prop in the Al Capone museum exhibit because he casually knows the production timeline of antique radios.

On the set of the 'The Six Million Dollar Man' TV show, while the crew was moving a neon-orange mannequin prop, one of the mannequin’s arms broke off revealing it was a human body. The body was identified as Elmer McCurdy, a criminal who had robbed a train and died in a shoot-out with police.

The 1982 movie Poltergeist used real skeletons as props because they were cheaper than plastic

During the Winter War, the Finns would prop up frozen Soviet soldiers to intimdate the troops

In 1993 when a US Military food scientist was asked what should be used in the pictograph instructions to prop up the heater of their new "Meal, Ready-to-Eat" rations, he replied "I don't know. Let's make it a rock or something." The rock illustration and the iconic phrase remain on MREs today.

A military computer built in 1950s were reused as TV show and movie props as recently as 1996 Independence Day movie and 2010 The Event.

The 'Warp Core' shown in "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is not a set piece or prop, but actually the experimental nuclear fusion reactor at The National Ignition Facility.