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  1. Following the death of Nicole van den Hurk, her stepbrother falsely confessed to killing her to get her body exhumed for DNA testing, thus leading to the arrest and prosecution of her attacker.

  2. After Nicole van den Hurk's death, her stepbrother falsely confessed to the killing in order to get her body exhumed for DNA tests, leading to the arrest and prosecution of her real attacker

  3. Ulysses S. Grant not only created the Department of Justice, he also supported the Fifteenth Amendment and asked Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1871, allowing him to combat and prosecute the Ku Klux Klan.

  4. In 1988, a retired police officer found Cyril Smith, British MP with 144 accusations of child molestation and abuse, in a home with a sex offender and two drunk teenage boys. He was threatened to be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act. Nothing happened.

  5. The beard of Tutankhamun's golden mask fell off during the cleaning process in the Egyptian Museum in 2014. The workers used epoxy glue to reattach the beard, but since that was not the professional method and permanent damage was done to the mask they were prosecuted for this in 2016.

  6. After the Siege of Leningrad was broken, the Soviets wanted to prosecute those who had resorted to cannibalism. However, so many were accused (over two thousand) that the NKVD had to divide them into two groups; 'corpse-eating' and 'person-eating'. The former were jailed, that later were shot

  7. The beard of Tutankhamun’s golden mask fell off during a cleaning process in the Egyptian Museum in 2014. The workers used epoxy glue to reattach the beard, but since it wasn’t the professional method and permanent damage had been done, they were prosecuted in 2016

  8. Queen Elizabeth II is immune from prosecution, can drive without a license, and can fire the Prime Minister of Australia or Canada as she pleases

  9. Telford Taylor, chief prosecutor in many of the Nuremberg Trials, also wished to prosecute American pilots who had bombed North Vietnam, believing they were also guilty of war crimes.

  10. In 1988, a retired police officer found Cyril Smith, British MP with 144 accusations of child molestation and abuse, in a home with a sex offender and two drunk teenage boys. The officer was threatened to be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act by the UK government. Nothing happened.

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During the Trial of Joan of Arc, the prosecution, headed by Pierre Cauchon, sent an agent to France to collect dirt on her life in her home village. Cauchon was enraged when the agent "had found nothing concerning Joan that he would not have liked to find about his own sister".

Bart Sibrel lured Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, to a hotel to interview him for a documentary. Sibrel, poking Aldrin with a bible, called him a "thief, liar and coward", demanding he swear the moon landing wasn't staged. Instead, Aldrin punched Sibrel, and was not prosecuted.

A Korean film called Silenced, depicting events which took place at a deaf school, where students were systematically abused for years. The film sparked a public outcry and reinvestigation. Several teachers and the principal faced prosecution, eventually causing the school to be closed.

Wealthy Chinese hire body doubles to get prosecuted for their crimes; this process is called Ding zui

Pat Robertson diverted Rwandan Genocide aid to build a Diamond Mine in Liberia. The Virginia AG whose campaign received $35,000 from Robertson declined to prosecute.

A child was prosecuted as an adult for having naked images of himself on his own phone

Pablo Escobar offered to pay off Columbia's $10 billion foreign debt in order to avoid prosecution

Despite having DNA evidence of the suspect, German police could not prosecute a $6.8M jewel heist because the DNA belonged to identical twins, and there was no evidence to prove which one of them was the culprit.

In his later years, Sir Isaac Newton was appointed to a largely symbolic (but paid) position at the Royal Mint. He took the job seriously and successfully prosecuted many counterfeiters for high treason. Those convicted were hanged, drawn and quartered

A defense lawyer sat a random person at the defendant's table. When the prosecution's only witness, a police officer, was asked to point to the defendant in the room, the cop pointed to the man at the defense table. The real client was declared not guilty; the defense lawyer was held in contempt

There is a biker gang in Arizona that protects children from their child abusers in court, at home and on the streets while the abuser is being prosecuted.

Sir Isaac Newton, while Master of the Royal Mint, personally went undercover in bars and taverns to root out rampant counterfeiting, which was high treason (punishable by being hanged, drawn and quartered). He successfully prosecuted 28 counterfeiters in 18 months.

Illegal income, such as bribes, are considered taxable income. Authorities can use this to prosecute people with "legal immunity" (diplomats, UN workers, etc) as they are not immune to paying taxes.

Texas parents are allowed to serve their own underage children alcohol but are liable for prosecution if the child subsequently gets into a fight, falls and hurts him/herself, or is sexually assaulted

After being caught by casino owners and prosecuted in court for cheating, the Hyland card counting team was acquitted of all charges after the judge ruled that the players' conduct was not cheating, but merely the use of intelligent strategy.

A child porn sting found 5,200 Pentagon employees suspected of accessing kiddie porn. Only a handful were prosecuted.

In 2009 a Russian woman was prosecuted for raping ten men, out of which nine men pressed charges, while one man said he loved it.

There is a biker gang from Arizona who help keep child abuse victims safe while the child's abuser is prosecuted, including guarding their houses at night if person is not yet in jail and attending court with the child, shielding them so they don't have to look at their abuser

In 1978, a dangerous cult called Synanon tried to murder an opponent by placing an de-rattled rattlesnake in his mailbox. The snake did bite Attorney Paul Morantz, but he survived and went on to prosecute Synanon, as well as Church of Scientology, Hare Krishnas, and more.

The first recorded child abuse case in the U.S. was prosecuted using animal cruelty laws, since there were no laws against child abuse at the time.

Free Speech Does NOT Protect Cyberharassment... Online perpetrators can be criminally prosecuted for criminal threats, cyberstalking, cyberharassment, sexual invasions of privacy and bias intimidation. They can be sued for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Juries are significantly more likely to find a defendant guilty in death penalty cases than non-capital cases. This is largely because jurors who oppose the death penalty are struck, preloading the jury with jurors who have a prosecution bias.

The purpose of the grand jury is not to determine guilt or innocence, but to decide whether there is probable cause to prosecute someone for a felony crime.

Treason is the only crime defined in the US Constitution. It is almost never prosecuted, because (unlike espionage) it requires a confession or two witnesses to the act.

The DA that prosecuted Bruno Mars for cocaine possession was fired for possession of crack cocaine and an unregistered firearm.