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  1. Brad Pitt believes he has Prosopagnosia or "face blindness", a condition in which he has trouble recognizing and remembering faces, including his own

  2. Chuck Close is a painter who is suffering from prosopagnosia, which means he can't recognize or remember faces, has used this disability to make large ultra realistic paintings of faces.

  3. About 1 in 50 people do not actually recognize faces. They use other information like voices, scent, hair, etc. to recognize the person. They may suffer from severe to mild Prosopagnosia.

  4. There is a cognitive disorder of face perception called Prosopagnosia (or face blindness) where the ability to recognize familiar faces, including one's own face, is impaired. Notable examples of this condition include Stephen Fry, Jane Goodall, Brad Pitt, & Steve Wozniak.

  5. 2% of the population suffers from prosopagnosia aka "face blindness" which can range from difficulty reading facial expressions to complete lack of ability to differentiate one human face from another.

  6. Prosopagnosia (facial blindness) was found to occur significantly more frequently in males than in females

  7. About an impairment called Prosopagnosia. Its a disorder which affects the ability for people to recognise faces, and can be so severe that people with the disorder cannot recognise their own face.

  8. About Prosopagnosia AKA Face Blindness where you can't distinguish facial features.

  9. Brad Pitt suffers from Prosopagnosia aka facial blindness

  10. Up to 2.5% of the general population may suffer from developmental prosopagnosia. Also known as face blindness, this disorder impairs a sufferer's ability to recognise, remember, or recall someone they know, by examining their facial features.

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Prosopagnosia, also called face blindness, is a cognitive disorder of face perception where someone cannot recognize faces whatsoever (not even their own).

There is a condition called Prosopagnosia, sometimes know as "face blindness," have issues remembering faces.

Prosopagnosia or Face Blindness is a condition where people can't recognize faces of anyone. They can't even recognize their own family members or themselves. They can describe facial features but can't put them together to identify a person no matter how many times they look at the person.

I can't remember faces for a reason. Prosopagnosia, also called face blindness, is a cognitive disorder of face perception in which the ability to recognise familiar faces is impaired.

There is a medical condition called "prosopagnosia", where patients have difficulty recognizing the faces of people, including themselves.

Humpty Dumpty suffered from face blindness (prosopagnosia).

Prosopagnosia is the inability to recognize faces (Face Blindness)

About a condition called prosopagnosia, also know as face blindness. A cognitive disorder of face perception where the ability to recognize familiar faces, including your own, is impaired, while other aspects of visual & intellectual functioning remain intact.

A 60 year old British woman named “KH” was the first documented case of someone born with prosopagnosia, aka ‘face-blindness’, where a person cannot recognize any voice unless they are staring at them. After university research, KH was found to recognize only one voice-Sean Connery’s

Brad Pitt believes he has Prosopagnosia, or face blindness. Which is an inability to recognize faces. Sometimes even your own.

Brad Pitt has prosopagnosia (or face blindness) and can only recognize people by their voice or clothes.

About prosopagnosia, the rare inability of a person to recognize or remember faces.

About Prosopagnosia, or the inability to remember or recognize faces. Also known as face-blindness.

2% of the population suffers from a condition called Prosopagnosia. Also know as "face-blindness", sufferers are unable to recognize the faces of others.

Brad Pitt and Steve Wozniak both have Prosopagnosia: A cognitive disorder that causes the inability to recognize familiar faces.

Famous painter Chuck Close has a neurological disorder called prosopagnosia, more commonly known as Face Blindness. People who suffer from prosopagnosia are unable to recognize friends, family, or even themselves based on facial features alone. They rely on other cues, such as hair or voices.

About prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces.

One in 50 adults have symptoms of prosopagnosia — also known as "face blindness" — and may be unaware they are living with this condition

What prosopagnosia is and that I have it. I didn't realize there were 3 actors playing the detective until I read the comments and watched the credits.

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden (heir to the Swedish thrown) suffers from Prosopagnosia, or "Face Blindness". Meaning she is unable to recognize people's faces

There is a rare neurological disorder known as prosopagnosia or face blindness.

2020 Dem presidential nominee Governor Hickenlooper suffers from prosopagnosia, commonly known as "face blindness".

There's a Disorder Called Prosopagnosics. It is where you can no longer recognize people's faces. It is caused by head trauma. Developmental prosopagnosia is where you cannot recognize faces from birth.

Prosopagnosia, also called face blindness, is a cognitive disorder of face perception where someone cannot recognize faces whatsoever (not even their own).

This woman cannot recognize her own face. (Prosopagnosia)