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  1. IKEA is serving food because they realized that customers don’t buy and don’t stay for long when being hungry. Their policy is to be the absolute lowest price on food within a 30-mile radius, even if it means selling at a loss. So, they take a hit on the food, but they make it up in furniture

  2. London black cab drivers must first pass The Knowledge, a multi-sequence oral exam requiring memorization of all 25,000 street names, landmarks, and points-of-interest in a 6 mile radius from London center.

  3. Medieval scholar Al-Biruni,after accurately measuring earth's radius and judging by the size of Asia and Africa,predicted the existence of a landmass in the ocean between Asia And Europe,similar in size to the known continents and with similar geological features,likely inhabited by humans

  4. The planet Venus is nearly identical in size to Earth, their radius' differ in size by only 201 miles, with Earth being the larger.

  5. 7 of the first 8 Olympic Gold Medals in The Hammer Throw, were won by Irishmen born within a 30 mile radius of each other

  6. All wild Venus Flytraps live within a 75-mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina.

  7. Venus Flytrap s only appear naturally on the coasts of NC, and SC; all within the 60 mile (100km) radius of Wilmington, NC

  8. The Schwarzschild Radius is the size an object is compressed in order to make it a black hole. Earth's Schwarzschild Radius would be compressing it to 8.7 mm, which is about the size of a peanut.

  9. In 1954, the US tested their first dry fuel nuclear bomb, "Castle Bravo". The explosion was 3x larger than expected. The fallout affected a 100 mile radius, and material traveled as far as India and Australia. It is the most significant radioactive contamination ever caused by the US.

  10. Deep Thunder, a weather prediction system created by IBM and processed by Watson. Deep Thunder can accurately predict weather down to a .2 mile (one city block) radius using data it collects from smartphone barometers.

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Unique fractions between 0 and 1 visualized. Angle = Numerator, Radius = Denominator.

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A star map of our 100 light-year radius neighborhood, highlighting where we might find habitable planets — made for the #30DayMapChallenge that just started over on Twitter (@gefyl

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Only two percent of the fissile material in Little Boy, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, actually detonated. In other words, seven-tenths of a gram of Uranium-235 leveled a two-mile radius of the city.

Only 1.38% of Little Boy, the bomb that fell on Hiroshima, fissioned. Yet is still had a blast radius of 4.4 sq. miles.

The US created a bomb containing hibernating bats with a timed incendiary device. Launched at dawn the bats would inhabit nearby attics up to a 40 mile radius setting fire to enemy territory. They named it the Bat Bomb.

Al-Beruni, a mathematical genius, calculated radius of earth 1 thousand years ago (alone). There's a mere difference of 16 km between his value and modern day value.

The invention of the bicycle was a factor in reducing rural inbreeding because it tripled the courting radius for rural workers.

The Schwarzschild Radius is the size an object is compressed in order to make it a black hole. Earth's Schwarzschild Radius would be compressing it to 8.7 mm, which is roughly the size of a peanut.

The NFL refuses to broadcast games within a 75 mile radius of the home team's stadium, unless the stadium sells out 72 hours before the game.

The 1986 Lake Nyos disaster which belched out trapped Carbon Dioxide from its bottom in effervescence suffocating every living animal within a 16 mile radius incl. 1700 villagers and 3500 livestock. The blue lake turned deep red from oxidization and water levels dropped by a meter.

The taste, color, and texture of natural honey is based on where bees get their pollen and nectar. Univarietal honey, such as blueberry honey, is created by placing a hive within about a 3 mile radius of where there is an abundance of one type of plant blooming.

The Sun does not have a definite boundary and the radius is only defined for measurement purposes.

Every single Official London Black Cab driver must pass a test called "The Knowledge" in which they have to learn 25.000 streets, 20.000+ landmarks and 320 basic routes that are located within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross. Some people take up to 5 years of studying to pass it.

In 2017, elevated radioactivity levels were detected across Europe. While the increase was not dangerous for Europeans, it was estimated that people in a radius of several km from whatever happened were at severe risk. Nobody has assumed responsibility yet.

If an American Football game isn't sold out 72 hours prior, viewers in a 75 mile radius can't watch it on TV.

The largest known star, UY Scuti, is so large that if it was placed at the center of our Solar System, its radius would engulf the orbit of Jupiter - and maybe even Saturn

Venus Flytraps are only native to a 60-mile radius around Wilmington, NC

The only tree in a 250 miles radius of the Saharian Desert was crashed into ...twice

The ratio of the speed of light multiplied by the age of the universe, to the classical electron radius, is the same order of magnitude as the ratio of the electrical to the gravitational forces between a proton and an electron

About Manhattan's Bermuda Triangle, a five block radius around the Empire State Building where cars mysteriously die

The world's first emergency phone number was launched in London in 1937. It initially only covered a radius of 12 miles. The 999 number was chosen due to the ease of dialing it on phones at that time.

There is a national park New Zealand that is an almost perfect circle, with a radius of 6 miles, surrounding a dormant stratovolcano.

Karl Schwarzchild, who theorised the Schwarzchild radius of an object (radius at which an object collapses into a black hole) and devised the equations to calculate this value, did so while fighting on the Eastern Front of World War 1. He died during the war.

At one time an asteroid is believed to have exploded over Siberia causing damage within hundreds of miles in radius. The asteroid is believed to have been .15kms in diameter.

The earth's moon has a radius of 1,079.6 miles, which makes it less than one-third of the width of the earth. It is located about 238,855 miles from earth. IT gets about an inch further each year.

GM developed a system called "Quadrasteer" that turned all 4 wheels on the vehicle, reducing turning radius by up to 21%. Because of the high cost and lack of public interest, they stopped offering it after a few years.

The largest star ever observed, UY Scuti, has a radius of 739,000,000 miles. Or, if it were in the middle of our Solar System, it would almost reach the orbit of Jupiter.

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Recorded Meteorite Impacts (1400-2013). The radius of the red circle is proportional to the radius of the meteorite.

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I set up a Raspberry Pi with a $20 SDR dongle and a little 5" long antenna to track nearby aircraft using a tool called "1090dump". After 12 hours, the resulting map shows where, a