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  1. The Hasidic Jewish population of East Ramapo NY elected Hasids to the public school board, which then started cutting the public school budget and closing public schools. Hasids don't attend the public schools.

  2. The East Ramapo School District where the Orthodox Jewish population took over the public school board to funnel money into Yeshivas

  3. About the Ramapo Fault Line which runs through Northern NJ into NY state and is "destined" to produce a magnitude 6 or 7 earthquake. Also, it's pretty close to the Indian Point Nuclear facility.

  4. Hasidic Jews in the East Ramapo school district have taken over the school board and siphon funds away from the public schools (e.g., through lowering property taxes) so that it is easier for struggling Hasidics to attend private yeshivas, at the expense of also struggling public school kids

  5. Authoritative cruelty is expanding into the East Ramapo Schools

  6. Students at Ramapo College were recently forced to change the theme of an “American BBQ” because the administration deemed it too “offensive.”