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  1. When a mental health facility in New Jersey caught fire, a newspaper ran the headline "Roasted Nuts"

  2. A 1968 college football game between Harvard and Yale ended in a 29-29 tie, but the next day the Harvard Crimson ran the headline "Harvard Beats Yale 29-29," as Yale had been so heavily favored that the tie was viewed as a de facto victory. The actor Tommy Lee Jones played on the Harvard team.

  3. In 1992, Fox ran a special episode of "In Living Color" during Superbowl halftime that featured Gloria Estefan. The show stole 22 million viewers from the official show of marching bands. The next year, Michael Jackson headlined the official show.

  4. In 1911 the New York Times ran with the headline "Martians Build Two Immense Canals in Two Years", which later turned out to be random dark spots that an astronomer's mind had seen a pattern in

  5. When San Diego police raided the downtown red-light district in 1912, the local paper ran this headline: "138 Are Arrested in Stingaree Raid/136 Promise to Leave City; Two Agree to Reform.” "I would like to be good again," said one woman, "but the world won’t let me. It must keep me as I am."

  6. British doctor Harold Shipman is the most prolific serial killer in recorded history, killing a confirmed 218 patients (mostly elderly), via heroin overdose. About 80% of his victims were women. When he hanged himself in his cell in 2004, The Sun ran the headline, "Ship Ship hooray!"

  7. In 1895 after workers digging Boston's subway discovered the unmarked remains of over 900 bodies, the Boston Post ran an article headlined ''Hideous Germs Lurk in the Underground Air," illustrated with the enlarged image of a fanged and tentacled ''subway microbe."

  8. The NY Post ran a cover which showed a man struggling to get out of the way of an oncoming subway car. The headline ran, "Pushed onto the subway track, this man is about to die" and "DOOMED" as the subheading.

  9. In 2010, The Sun newspaper ran a front-page headline claiming that a recent live episode of Coronation Street (the UK’s longest-running soap) was under threat of an Al-Qaeda attack. This was completely unfounded.

  10. A Berlin newspaper ran a story in 1930, in response to WW1 Erich Ludendorff (then-ally of Hitler) criticising President Hindenburg, with a headline that read - "Ludendorff's hate tirades against Hindenburg - Poisonous gas from Hitler's camp"

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In 1989, the UK's the Sun newspaper ran with the headline "STRAIGHT SEX CANNOT GIVE YOU AIDS-OFFICIAL"

In the 80’s an average guy made headlines and had a few minutes of fame after launching in flight on a lawn chair with weather balloons reaching an altitude of over 15k! His fame ran out quick and in the 90’s he committed suicide.

In 1940 the Washington Post ran the headline "FDR in Bed with Coed" instead of "Cold". FDR tried ordering 100 copies.

When Inverness Caledonian Thistle beat Glasgow Celtic in a football match in the year 2000 the headline ran by The Sun (terrible trashy newspaper, but great headline) read: "Super Caley Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious".

When legendary and influential musician Ike Turner died, the New York Post ran the headline "Ike Turner Beats Tina To Death"

During the 2008 Election (When Bush was President) the Associated Press Ran the Headline, "Everything Seemingly Is Spinning Out of Control" citing gas prices, home values, polar bears, Wars in the ME, Airfares, College Tuition, and healthcare costs.

After successful weekend negotiations over a transit strike, the New York Daily News ran the headline: "Sick Transit's Glorious Monday".

Conservative Glenn Beck's Texas-based media platform, TheBlaze (formerly The Glenn Beck Program), ran on CNN Headline News from 2006-2008 before switching to Fox News

When British Politician Michael Foot was put in charge of a nuclear disarmament committee, The Times newspaper ran the headline, "Foot Heads Arms Body." It was a joke meant for the sub-editor of the paper, and wasn't actually supposed to be published

Nokia had one billion customers in Nov. 2017 and and Forbes Magazine ran a headline story 'Can anyone catch the cell phone king?'

Former president Jimmy Carter was once attacked by a “killer rabbit”. He went on a fishing trip, when he saw a rabbit swimming in the water. That was it. But the press ran with the “killer rabbit” story; headlines praised the president for his bravery in facing it down.