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  1. A former Reagan administration official brought a young Bulgarian teenager over to the states in an effort to improve his education. That teenager, fluent in four languages, disappeared after high school, adopted the identity of a slain 3-year old, and became a government agent in Oregon.

  2. About White House Journalist Lester Kinsolving, Who Repeatedly Raised the Issue of The AIDs Epidemic During Reagan Administration Press Conferences, Only to be Ridiculed with Homosexual Slurs by Press Secretary Larry Speakes.

  3. Over 138 of Ronald Reagan's administration officials were either investigated, indicted, or convicted during his presidency.

  4. The United States almost converted completely to the Metric System with the Metric Conversion Act of 1975. Reluctance and the Reagan administration's effort to reduce federal spending prevented it.

  5. The government once forced AT&T, DuPont, and other tech giants to release all their patents. This forced them to compete with smaller companies and sparked technological progress. The policy ended in the Reagan administration.

  6. 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, indicted or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations during his term, making it the highest criminal conviction record for any President's staff or cabinet.

  7. The Reagan Administration laughed about the AIDS epidemic during three separate press conferences

  8. The CIA's own inspector general reported that the Reagan administration thwarted federal investigations into drug crimes.

  9. After one of the first doctors to diagnose and treat AIDS wrote to President Reagan, asking his administration to alert the CDC to begin efforts to find the cause and treatment of the disease, his response was “Nancy and I thank you for your support.”

  10. The Jimmy Carter Administration installed Solar Panels on the White House to heat water, then the Ronald Reagan Administration took them down and cut tax credits to renewable energy research.

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Nancy Reagan hired psychics and astrologers during President Reagan's administration to prevent curses from entering the White House

The ICJ ruled in 1986 that the US violated international law by supporting the Contras' rebellion against the Nicaraguan government. The Reagan administration vetoed 6 UN Security Council resolutions on the issue & refused to make reparations despite 2 UN resolutions calling for its compliance.

Despite being an icon of fiscal conservatism, Ronald Reagan actually tripled the Gross Federal Debt, from $900 billion to $2.7 trillion during his administration.

Many decisions made in the Reagan administration were influenced by an astrologer, Joan Quigley

During the Reagan administration, it was common for journalists and politicians present to laugh about AIDS when someone brough it up, calling it "the gay plague". Here's one audio recording

An activist Indiana Minister was the only person imprisoned as a result of the Reagan Administration's Iran-Contra Affair in the mid 1980s.

The Reagan Administration found AIDS to be pretty funny.

The post-1981 assassination Reagan administration had an astrologer, with a former chief of staff saying: "Virtually every major move and decision the Reagans made during my time as White House Chief of Staff was cleared in advance with a woman in San Francisco [Quigley].”

It wasn’t until the USSR shot down a Korean passenger jet - flight 007 - in 1983 that the Reagan Administration in the US had the incentive to open up GPS for civilian applications.

In 1982, the Reagan administration paid $2 billion for dairy products when the dairy industry was producing more than consumers could eat and would store it in limestone caves under Kansas City.

Reagan's administration partnered up with Saddam Hussein, provided weapons to fight Iran, and did nothing when Saddam used poison gas killing 5,000 Kurds

The Ronald Reagan administration had 138 officials that were either investigated for, indicted, or convicted of a crime, the most of any U.S. President

The Iran-Contra affair in which senior officials of the Reagan administration sold weapons to Iran(in spite of an embargo) in order to fund a rebellion movement in Nicaragua. All of the officials involved were pardoned by George Bush Sr. later on.

There has been a Clinton or Bush in every presidential administration since Reagan (1980) until now.

Neil Gorsuch's mother is Anne Gorsuch, President Reagan's EPA Administrator

In 1986, the Reagan Administration acknowledged that funds from cocaine smuggling helped fund the Contra rebels.

During the Reagan administration Social Security annuities became taxable. (SS income was not taxed before Ronald Reagan!)

Several first-generation Transformers were basically rebadged versions of other toy lines, and that 70s FCC policy and deregulation by the Reagan administration effectively created the 80s-90s toys-as-TV ecosystem many of us enjoyed as children

The presidency of Ronald Reagan still holds the record for scandals resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials.

President Jimmy Carter had 32 solar panels installed on the roof of the White House; Reagan's administration dismantled them (and gutted renewable energy funding).

The Reagan administration was caught selling missiles to Iran in the mid 1980s. The former President of Iran stated that they were also given weapons in return for holding American hostages longer to interfere with President Carter's reelection.

Neil Gorsuch's mother, Anne Gorsuch, was EPA Administrator under Reagan.

The Reagan administration was caught selling missiles to Iran in the mid 1980s. The former President of Iran stated that they were also given weapons shipped through Israel after Reagan's campaign workers asked them to hold their hostages longer.

Ben Stein graduated Valedictorian from Yale law school before becoming speech writer for the Nixon and Reagan administrations

The Reagan administration bought cocaine from the Contras and brought it back to the US while fighting the war on drugs.

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