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  1. A Harvard professor who had worked with Bill Gates called him shortly after he had left to start Microsoft. The professor recalled, "He had moved to Albuquerque... to run a small company writing code for microprocessors, of all things. I remember thinking: 'Such a brilliant kid. What a waste.'"

  2. When the creation of the 'Cheers' spinoff, 'Frasier' was announced, Cheers cast-member Kirstie Alley called producer David Lee to tell him she wouldn't make any appearances on the show, because she was a Scientologist and didn't believe in psychiatry. He replied, "I don't recall asking."

  3. When Ed Sheeran was just starting out and had no place to stay, Jamie Foxx let him live at his house for 6 weeks and then invited Sheeran to perform for an all-black crowd of 800. "He went up there on that ukulele and got a standing ovation in 12 minutes, and the rest is history," Foxx recalled.

  4. Hitler claimed to have been spared by British soldier Henry Tandey. Tandey recalled that a weary German soldier wandered into his line of fire. He was wounded and did not even attempt to raise his own rifle. Tandey chose not to shoot.

  5. A man lived with a bullet in his head for five years after forgetting he was shot at party. When presented with the bullet, the man recalled he had received a blow to the head around midnight at a New Year's party 5 years prior but had forgotten about it because he had been "very drunk"

  6. Speed reader Kim Peek who could read a book in an hour by scanning the left page with his left eye then the right page with his right eye. He also had an exceptional memory, able to accurately recall the contents of 12,000 books.

  7. Two Canadian universities recalled condoms provided to students to promote safe sex after stapling a note about consent on them, thus putting staple holes in the condoms

  8. The scene in Fight Club where Tyler is explaining the cost of a recall when "A car built by my company crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside" is based on ACTUAL leaked memos from GM and Ford.

  9. Disney recalled 3.4 million copies of the children's movie "The Rescuers" because one of the animators inserted a picture of a nude woman into two frames of the movie.

  10. Mazda had to recall 52k cars due to a species of spider loving the smell of gasoline so much it chose to build its web in the cars emission systems.

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recalling fact data chart about Sporcle "Countries of the World" Quiz Recall vs Population (
Sporcle "Countries of the World" Quiz Recall vs Population (Other versions in comments)

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I recalled two decades of display configurations

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Nike pulled a t-shirt that said "Boston Massacre" with a blood spatter pattern off the shelves after the Boston Marathon bombings. Another product they've had to recall was an ad featuring Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius with the caption "I am the bullet in the chamber."

In 2008, a Mad Cow Disease beef recall was impelled by a whistleblower who took illegal, undercover footage of the sick cows.

3.4 million copies of the animated Disney movie, The Rescuers, was recalled in 1999 because it contained two frames where there was a naked woman in the background.

Nicolas Cage had magic mushrooms with his cat, Lewis. Seeing Lewis eating the shrooms, Cage responded, "What the heck, I better do it with him." Cage recalls laying in bed for hours and staring at Lewis, as Lewis stared back. Cage concluded sagely, "and I had no doubt that he was my brother."

Lorenzo Music, the voice of Garfield, volunteered with a suicide hotline. He recalled that sometimes a caller would change their tone upon hearing his voice: "I am bankrupt, my wife ran off with another man... Hey you sound just like that cat on TV!"

A Canadian university gave out free condoms with notes attached promoting safe sex. These were later recalled because the staples used to fasten the note had punctured the condoms

On Jose Fernandez's 4th attempt to defect from Cuba to the US, a person fell overboard. Jose jumped into the waters and saved the person. He recalled, "I don't remember much, just diving in the water and swimming towards this woman. As I was getting close, I could see it was my mother"

In 1998, Sony inadvertently released a camcorder that could see through clothes. When aimed at people wearing dark clothing, the night-vision feature created an x-ray effect, meaning what ever was beneath became visible. Sony had to recall over 700,000 units after they discovered the issue.

Hitler was well aware of what his reputation would be after the war. Albert Speer recalls: "We were alone, silently watching twilight darken into night...Hitler says: 'If I fail, I shall be the most despised man in history.'"

A live album from the band Dream Theater was released on 9/11/2001, which had the skyline of NYC (with the World Trade Center) in flames on its album art. The album was recalled and re-released a short time later, but the incident remains one of the most bizarre coincidences in music.

Every time you recall a memory, you're remembering the last time you remembered it. The memory gets distorted even more each time. - fact check

In 1971 the Ford Pinto had a defect where in rear-end collisions, the fuel filler neck could separate and puncture the fuel tank, spraying fuel into the passenger compartment and igniting. Ford knew about this and stayed silent because it cost less to let people die then to recall the car.

In 1999 EA had to recall 100,000 copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 99 as an EA employee hid an uncensored copy of South Park's Jesus vs Santa episode on the PlayStation disc

David Bowie was so messed up on hard drugs especially cocaine that he could not recall making the album "Station to Station." When asked about the studio he recorded in bowie stated "I know it was in LA because I've read it was".

In 1631, almost all the copies of King James Bible were recalled and burnt due to a minor typo. The Seventh Commandent stated, "Thou shalt commit adultery". It was called the 'Wicked Bible' or the 'Sinners' Bible'.

Comedian and actor Mel Brooks served as a combat engineer in WWII and was trained to defuse explosives. His unit was sent to Europe in the first week of the invasion, and he fought through the battle of the Bulge. He recalled how all the refugees were starving and called it "horrible"

In 1998, Sony launched 700,000 camcorders which unknowingly had the ability to see through people's clothes. They were immediately recalled.

A recalled obesity drug, fenfluramine, had a remarkable effect on a boy with autism. Before taking fenfluramine, Joshua's I.Q. was so low it could not be measured. After, he was able to read and do maths at a 4th grade level.

In 2007, the Israeli Ambassador to El Salvador was recalled after being found outside the Israeli Embassy drunk, hands tied, and wearing only bondage gear. The police only discovered his identity after removing the ball gag from his mouth.

Talking to yourself improves concentration and mental recall - fact check

Confirmation bias" is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities. - fact check

One survivor from the Hindenburg disaster of 1937 is still alive. he recalls that "'suddenly the air was on fire".

Disney almost made a Toy Story 3 without Pixar's involvement. The story involved Buzz Lightyear toys being recalled for manufacturing defects and being shipped off to Taiwan. The film was almost in production stages before being scrapped by Pixar.

In 2007, Costco had to recall some punching bags because they were filled with dirty underwear instead of sand.

Sniper schools use brain games such as ‘Kim's Game’ where items on a tray are memorized for one minute, covered and recalled to train their situational awareness skills.

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USDA Recalls from 2005 - 2018 by pounds, species, & class

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Word cloud of 2017 FDA recalls for undeclared ingredients scaled by mentions of the ingredient