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  1. The first time Reddit was mentioned in the New York Times, it was described as "foolish collectivism" that "grinds away the Web's edges and saps it of its humanity". (June 10, 2006)

  2. A man once secretly outsourced his job to China, played at work including surfing Reddit, and made hundreds of thousands before being caught and fired.

  3. Buddy Fletcher, husband of Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, is being described as being the operator of Ponzi scheme after his now bankrupt firm diverted money for their own use and, according to the Chapter 11 trustee, committed fraud against investors. Three Louisiana pension funds lost $144 million.

  4. A comment on Reddit about the US Army traveling back in time to ancient Rome with current military tech is being made into a movie by Warner Bros.

  5. When three men with machetes came into an African orphanage at night, a man named Omari took a hammer to fight all three at once. He survived after getting hit in the face with a machete, and saved all of the children. His story, first shared on Reddit, helped raise $83,000 for the orphanage.

  6. Snoop Dogg is invested financially in Reddit

  7. If you go to MIT, you can get college credit by studying Reddit – The course is called "Credit for Reddit"

  8. In 2013, a scientific experiment at Hebrew University of Jerusalem found the evidence for something called "Herding effect" - that on sites like Reddit, 1 early upvote would boost the final comment score by an average of 25 Percent by changing perception of how people look at it

  9. Reddit founder Alex Ohanian, wrote an open letter to Reddit about stopping their sexist ways. It was titled "dear fellow geeks: WTF"

  10. A study of Reddit found that half of the most popular submissions got no votes when they were originally made and only became popular after being reposted.

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reddit fact data chart about Let's hear it for the lurkers! The vast majority of Reddit u
Let's hear it for the lurkers! The vast majority of Reddit users don't post or comment.

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Heatmap of numbers found at the end of Reddit usernames

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MIT students can get a course credit for surfing Reddit - while doing research and analysis on the site and its community.

Reddit gives 17 weeks PAID maternity leave

Reddit received $50 million in funding the weekend after it banned r/TheFappening

Reddit has spent a grand total of $500 on advertising, and all of it was used to buy stickers.

A Verizon developer outsourced his work to china to browse Reddit and watch cat videos all day

The man Reddit falsely accused of being the Boston bomber was a dead missing person

That, despite having 70+ million viewers, Reddit is actually not profitable and in the RED. Massive server costs and lack of advertising are the main issues.

Sears used its influence over Reddit to get a post removed that showed how to manipulate the sites interface

Fox News has a whole segment dedicated to recycling Reddit material. It's called "Fox On Reddit."

XVideos alone averages 4.4 billion page views per month, double what Reddit pulls over the same time and triple what CNN can do

No one really knows how much Reddit is worth. Estimates range from $50 million to $700 million. Despite this, Reddit has never turned a profit.

Stephen Colbert uses Reddit to find inspiration for his show

XKCD cartoonist Randall Munroe is the reason why Reddit has sort by "Best" (and how it all works)

Fractals are patterns that occur at progressively smaller scale. Often in nature, and sometimes on Reddit.

Snoop Dogg and some friends invested $50 million in Reddit in September 2014.

Reddit is number 10 on the most visited sites in the US

In 2011 it was revealed that the US have a spy operation that manipulates social media (including sites like Reddit, incase you hadn't already noticed....)

A US software developer outsourced his Job to China, paying them just 1/5th of his 6 Figure wage, while he spent his work day browsing internet sites such as Reddit, and playing games.

A guy got $50,000 in credit from Uber by spamming Reddit. His credits were canceled and his account was flagged after he gave one driver a one-star review.

After "Saving Christmas" was heavily panned by critics, Kirk Cameron responded by telling fans to "storm the gates of Rotten Tomatoes" and rate the movie themselves. The attempt resulted in a severe backlash. Cameron later blamed "haters & atheists" campaigning against him on Reddit.

We write Reddit comments in a text-formatting language called "Markdown". The language was designed to be readable as-is, unlike HTML, and is widely used in programming documentation. The Internet Engineering Task Force is considering to make it a standard Internet media type in 2015.

Digg, a social news aggregator, was extremely popular and almost sold to Google for $200M. Instead, they began to censor their own community and make arbitrary management decisions that drove the community away to newer, less-oppressive sites like Reddit

Despite having 70+ million viewers, Reddit is actually not profitable and in the RED. Massive server costs and lack of advertising are the main issues.

There is a browser add-on, Hide Fedora, which block annoying Youtube comments from Reddit Armie

Reddit's CEO is suing her former employer for discrimination and sexual harassment, is married to man who left his long-term boyfriend for her and sued his condo, the Dakota in NYC, for racial discrimination after not selling him another unit following the collapse of the hedge fund he manages

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reddit fact infographic about The most-upvoted comments in Reddit threads aren't good. The
The most-upvoted comments in Reddit threads aren't good. They're just early

reddit fact infographic about Reddit is Changing its Mind about Elon Musk
Reddit is Changing its Mind about Elon Musk