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What is Rick Astley?
  1. Millions of rickrolls has only earned Rick Astley $12

  2. A web developer went viral after he Rickrolled Vine by breaking their 6 second limit by hacking their code and uploading an entire 3 minute version of Rick Astley's immortal classic - "Never Gonna Give You Up".

  3. Rick Astley has only earned 12 bucks from YouTube in royalties.

  4. Despite the popularity of Rick Rolling, Rick Astley has only earned 12 dollars in royalties from YouTube for his performance share.

  5. In 2008, as part of a float, Rick Astley "Rick Roll'd" the entire Macy's Day Parade.

  6. Rick Astley has only earned $12 in royalties from the 'RickRoll' meme

  7. Two years after 'Never Gonna Give You Up' Rick Astley released a song called 'Giving Up on Love'

  8. Rick Astley wrote an article about moot (Founder of 4chan) for TIME magazine

  9. Rick Astley was totally cool with Rick Rolling

  10. That, despite having sold 40 million records worldwide, Rick Astley abruptly retired from music in 1993, at the age of 27, in order to spend more time with his newborn daughter. He wouldn't produce any new material for the next 10 years, and it was another 14 before he went back on tour.

What are some fun facts about rick astley?

The director of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" is the same director of movies like "Con Air", "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" and "The Expendables 2".

Rick Astley participated in a live rickroll during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2008 while the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends characters sang "Best Friend." Midway through the song, Astley emerged and lip synced his signature hit.

On April 1, 2008 YouTube rickrolled the world by linking every video on the front page of YouTube to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Rick Astley has his own brand of beer. "Astley's Northern Hop" was a collaboration between the singer and Danish microbrewery Mikkeller; it's a red lager with "a hint of ginger."

Rick Astley had only directly received $12 in performance royalties from YouTube despite our Rickrolling efforts

Rick Astley sang some of the backing vocals for Elton John's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

Rick Astley sang backup vocals to Elton John's/The Lion King's Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Rick Astley was knighted by the Queen of England earlier this year and should now be referred to as "Sir Rick Astley"

The director of Rick Astley's infamous music video Simon West, went on to direct popular movies such as Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and The Expendables 2.

Rick Astley did, in fact, give us up. Two years after his biggest hit, he released a song called "Giving Up on Love".

In 1988, Rick Astley, Brian May and Phil Collins performed together the classic Astley's classic song, "Never Gonna Give You Up". - fact check

Rick Astley was only 20 when he released "Never Gonna Give You Up" - fact check

Rick Astley has only received $12 USD in royalties from Youtube for Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley has received only $12 in royalties from YouTube despite the video having over 150 million views

As of 2010, Rick Astley had only received a total of $12 for millions of YouTube views of "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Rick Astley earned only 12$ from Youtube for all the rickrolls combined. - fact check

In the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Rick Astley performed a live rickroll - fact check

Rick Astley sang backup vocals on "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" by Elton John - fact check

The Smiths and Rick Astley were both doing TOP of the Pops. Morrisey asked Rick to have a photo of them together. 25 years later Morrisey used it as the cover for the re-release of "Last of the famous international playboys"

Rick Astley has made almost no money from rickrolling

Rick Astley's song "Together Forever" has become one of the 2nd most watched video on Youtube due to the commercial success of the "Rick Roll"

Michael Jackson's "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" was taken off of first place on the 1987 British singles chart by Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"

In 2008 all youtube links on the main page were redirected to Rick Astley's music video "Never Gonna Give You Up"

During the US invasion of Panama the US army played very loud music outside the Vatican Embassy in an attempt to force the Panamanian Dictator out of the embassy. Songs played were mainly rock and metal but also some pop, including Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

Despite millions of views from "Rickrolls," Rick Astley has only earned $12 in royalties from YouTube.