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  1. In 1994, the KKK applied to sponsor a section of the Interstate 55 highway near St. Louis, Missouri. The Supreme Court ruled the state could not refuse the KKK's sponsorship. But the state of Missouri took revenge by renaming the entire stretch of highway the "Rosa Parks Freeway."

  2. Because American textbooks are sold at a lower price in Thailand, somebody was reselling them in the US and making enough of a profit to get sued by the publishers, the Supreme Court ultimately ruled against the publishers because the "first sale" doctrine applies everywhere, not just the US

  3. In 1967 a man appeared on Jeopardy! intending to win just enough money to buy an engagement ring. He won that amount halfway through and kept his mouth shut from there on. To prevent a recurrence, the rules were changed shortly thereafter, allowing only the winner to keep all his/her winnings.

  4. In South Korea, only visually impaired people can be licensed masseurs, dating back over 100 years to a Japanese colonial rule set up to guarantee the blind a livelihood.

  5. When Eminem was sued in 2003 by the bully, DeAngelo Bailey for slandering him in the song "Brain Damage", the judge threw out the case and provided the ruling by rapping it.

  6. German animal protection law prohibits killing of vertebrates without proper reason. Because of this ruling, all German animal shelters are no-kill shelters.

  7. Italian courts ruled that restaurants have to tell customers if they serve frozen food or it’s considered fraud.

  8. Gary Webb, the reporter from the San Jose Mercury News who first broke the story of CIA involvement in the cocaine trade, was found dead with "two gunshot wounds to the head." His death, in 2004, was ruled a suicide.

  9. 50 Cent once bought 200 front row seats to a Ja Rule concert just to leave them empty

  10. In 1972 George Carlin was arrested in Milwaukee for a stand-up comedy bit about seven obscene words: Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits. The judge ruled in his favor, setting a precedent that ushered in the era of hardcore 1970s comedy.

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rules fact data chart about Passenger class and "Women and children first" rule explaini
Passenger class and "Women and children first" rule explaining the survival rate in Titanic's sinking

rules fact data chart about Vote breakdown of failed 2011 Congress resolution to nullify
Vote breakdown of failed 2011 Congress resolution to nullify FCC Net Neutrality rules

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Alone among Nazi-occupied nations, Albania's Jewish population actually increased during the Holocaust. The mostly Muslim population sheltered Jews from around Europe, and only five Jews were killed in Albania during the two years of Nazi rule

North Korea plays basketball with different rules. Slam Dunks are 3 pts, Three-point “nothing but net” shots are worth 4 pts, and teams lose points when they miss free throws.

J.R.R. Tolkien. once received a goblet from a fan inscribed with "One Ring to Rule Them All..." inscribed on the rim in black speech. Tolkien never drank out of it, since it was written in an accursed language, and instead used it as an ashtray.

The people who falsely claimed the copyright to “Happy Birthday to You” made $2M a year for decades until the song was ruled public domain.

The NFL has no written rule against female players; women would in fact be allowed if they met the league's eligibility requirements.

John the Posthumous; a French king who ruled for the 5 days he lived in 1316. He was the youngest person to become King of France, the only one to be king from birth, and the only one to hold the title for his entire life. He has the shortest reign of any French king.

Dylan McDermott was 5 years old when his mom died of a gunshot in 1967. Her death was ruled an accident at the time but Dylan was able to get the cold case reopened 40 years later. Through the new investigation they discovered a coverup and that her boyfriend (a known gangster) had murdered her.

When Danes living under Prussian rule were prohibited from raising the Danish flag, the bred a pig to look like the flag instead, called the Danish Protest Pig.

A Scottish woman named Maggie dickson, was sentenced to execution by hanging on 2nd sept. 1724, she survived the hanging and climbed out of her coffin as it was being transported. The courts ruled she was a free woman as the punishment had been carried out. Known after as 'half-hangit maggie'.

In 1981, a German landlord evicted a tenant after they spread surströmming brine, the world's smelliest food, in the building's stairwell. When the landlord was taken to court, the court ruled in favor of the landlord after they demonstrated their case by opening a can inside the courtroom.

Scientology leader David Miscavige's mother-in-law was found dead with three gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the head. Her death was ruled a suicide. - fact check

That, in the NHL, if a team's starting and backup goalie are injured during a game, rule 5.3 allows almost anybody to suit up in net as a replacement (including from the crowd). Examples have included a team video producer and an embroidery shop owner (who dressed but did not play).

In 1908 William "Bigfoot" Anakin, a local champion, was taken along by a publican to court to help demonstrate that darts was not gambling, it was a game of skill. He threw three darts in the center, no other court official could do the same. The judge ruled that darts was a game of skill.

A Roman prostitute named Marozia not only was the mistress of one pope, but her bastard son, two grandsons, two great grandsons, and one great great grandson all eventually became popes. The era in which they ruled is known by scholars as the "pornocracy".

After Hurricane Katrina, a group of Benedictine monks in Louisiana began selling low-cost, handmade cypress caskets. The state’s Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors issued a cease-and-desist order, claiming that only funeral homes could sell caskets. A judge ruled in favor of the monks.

There is an FAA regulation called the 'Sterile Cockpit Rule', requiring flight crews to only discuss topics pertinent to the safety and operation of the flight below 10,000 feet.

About John Scott, a pro hockey player who got voted by the people (as a joke) to be the captain of the All Star team. The NHL didn't want him to play, so he got sent to the Minor Leagues. There wasn't a rule against a minor leaguer playing in it though, so he played, scored twice and won MVP.

The "3.5% Rule" - Every civil disobedience campaign, in which 3.5% of the population participated, has succeeded

An Australian court ruled that "cunt" is not an offensive word - fact check

The death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams. Who was found dead, locked inside a bag in the bath. Police ruled the cause of death was suicide despite no fingerprints or DNA being found. A former KGB agent has since said he was killed by Russian hitmen after refusing to become a double agent.

Whataburger in Texas and What-A-Burger in Virginia opened about the same time in 1950 but didn't know of each other's existence until 1970. They both sued the other, but the court ruled that customers were not likely to be confused about whether the burgers served came from Texas or Virginia. - fact check

The Hatian Revolution was "the only slave uprising that led to the founding of a state which was both free from slavery, and ruled by non-whites and former captives."

An Assistant US Attorney investigating sexual predators & drug rings was found stabbed 36 times, hundreds of miles from his home. Some wounds were on his back, his hands shredded, his scrotum & neck sliced & there was an unidentified fingerprint in his car. His death was ruled suicide.

Personal hygiene by Yugioh players got so bad, they had to make an official rule in the rule book banning wearing dirty clothes as a strategy to distract the opponent (in tournament play).

There is a court in England that convenes so rarely, the last time it convened it had to rule on whether it still existed

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rules fact infographic about The United States Senate and its partisan composition, if it
The United States Senate and its partisan composition, if it were structured according to rules like those of the Canadian Senate

rules fact infographic about Telecom Donations to House of Representatives by State - FCC
Telecom Donations to House of Representatives by State - FCC privacy rule vote