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  1. Serial killer Richard Chase (“The Vampire of Sacramento”) only broke into unlocked houses. He saw locked doors as a sign that he wasn’t welcome at a house, but unlocked doors as an invitation to come inside.

  2. The Sacramento Public Library started a "Library of Things" earlier this year, allowing patrons to check out, among other things, sewing machines and other items that patrons may find useful, but don't need to own long-term.

  3. In order to stop being routinely flooded, the city of Sacramento CA created a 59,000 acre man made wetland that redirects flooding around the city. It provides a key breeding and feeding ground for hundreds of species.

  4. About the Great California flood of 1862 - which submerged Sacramento under 10 feet of water and turned California’s Central Valley into a vast inland sea spanning 300 miles long, 20 miles wide and 30 feet deep. It killed thousands, bankrupted the state and historically happens every 200 years.

  5. A 21-year old Sacramento college student boarded the wrong plane in Los Angeles and found himself en route to Aukland, New Zealand instead of Oakland, CA. The accents of the airline staff resulted in the word “Aukland” being pronounced as “Oakland” which confused the flyer.

  6. Starting in 1938, GM bought out the public transportation in many Californian cities, including Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego) and ran it to the ground so people would switch to private transportation.

  7. A little old lady (Dorothea Puente) ran a halfway house in Sacramento for the down and out. She murdered 7 of the residents and buried them in the front yard.

  8. There are signs in both Sacramento, CA and Ocean City, MD saying that they are 3073 miles away from each other.

  9. Due to too much flooding, the entire city of Sacramento, CA, built up by at least 10 feet. The original roads still exist underground.

  10. Every fall a teacher at Sacramento State University rakes the fallen leaves of the Gingko trees on campus into elaborate and beautiful "leaf art" to help the students relax.

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Former NBA player, Chris Webber, has an extensive collection of African American artifacts he began collecting his rookie year. It grew so large that it is housed in the Sacramento Public Library’s Archive Vault. It includes signed docs and letters from Malcolm X, MLK, and Frederick Douglass.

President Ford survived two assassination attempts in the same month. On Sept. 5, 1975, Lynette Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, fired a pistol at the president in a crowd in Sacramento, but Ford was unharmed. On Sept. 22, Sara Jane Moore pulled a revolver on Ford in San Francisco.

Gerald Ford survived two assassination attempts, both in California (Sacramento and San Francisco), both by women, 17 days apart.

Spectators in Sacramento's new solar powered NBA stadium can use an app to adjust the temperature at their own seat.

Sacramento Zoo was founded in 1927. School and other groups can have a sleep over in the zoo to experience nature and the zoo at night.

Sacramento has had several nicknames over the years including Sactown, the Big Tomato, River City, City of Trees, and Camellia Capital of the World.

Sacramento is located where the American River and Sacramento River converge.

There is a large tunnel network under the city of Sacramento, but it became evident that the city would have to be raised to deal with flooding, and the tunnels were abandoned.

Sacramento is home to the California State Railroad Museum, which houses 21 restored locomotives.

Sacramento's Discovery Park is submerged in the winter to help control flooding.

California's capital city is Sacramento.

Sacramento is home to California's largest "Certified Farmers Market". There are at least 50 farmers markets in the city thanks to the climate and ability to grow produce with high yields.

The Pony Express that stretched from Sacramento to Missouri originated in Sacramento in 1860.

The climate in Sacramento is Mediterranean, with mild temperatures and lots of sun.

There are many attractions in Sacramento that can be enjoyed without paying a fee including museums on Free Museum Day, Jelly Belly Factory, Second Saturday Art Walk, American River Bike Trail, and Folsom Lake, which is a recreational area with 75 miles of shoreline.

In 1862, massive storms put much of California underwater, destroying 1/4 of the state's economy. The Central Valley became a massive lake, Sacramento was underwater for months. Experts say such floods happen every 100 to 200 years, and could repeat at any time. More links in the thread.

Sacramento was not the first capital of California. There were five others, including Monterey, San Jose, Vellejo, Benicia, and San Francisco. Sacramento was the capital by 1862, but a fire destroyed the capital building and for a brief period the capital was temporarily San Francisco.

Forrest primarily fought in the western theater of the war, distinguishing himself at the Battle of Sacramento, the Battle of Fort Donaldson, the Battle of Shiloh, and the Battle of Chickamauga among others.

The Sacramento Public Library has a Library of Things where anyone can checkout board games, musical instruments, video equipment...even a sewing machine. They even have a 3D printer and scanner.

The biggest almond processing plant in the world is located in Sacramento. It is the Blue Diamond plant, which processes as many as 12 million pounds a day during harvest.

The only city in the world with more trees than Sacramento is Paris, France.

The Sacramento Public Library started a "Library of Things" earlier this year, allowing patrons to check out, among other things, sewing machines and other items that patrons may find useful, but don't need to own long-term

Sacramento is home to the art museum The Crocker, which is the oldest art museum in the western U.S.

Sea lions have been known to use canals to swim all the way to Sacramento.

The simple act of planting shade trees on the west side of homes in areas with hot summer climates(eg. Sacramento) was found to reduce the energy bill by around $25 a year per house.