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  1. Human kidneys can only make urine that is less salty than salt water. Therefore, to get rid of all the excess salt taken in by drinking seawater, you have to urinate more water than you drank. Eventually, you die of dehydration even as you become thirstier.

  2. The phrase "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" came from the practice of saloons offering a free lunch to patrons purchasing at least one drink. Lunch consisted of salty finger-foods, encouraging the drinking of more beer.

  3. The real reason the ocean is salty is because the entire volume of the ocean is going inside the earth into magma chambers and out, every 6-8 million years, where it exchanges minerals it got from rivers, and we did not know this until 1979.

  4. Salty and Roselle, two separate guide dogs who were in the World Trade Centre during 9/11. They were on the 71st and 78th floor of Tower 1 respectively. They each led their owners safely out of the burning tower amidst the chaos, and both owners and dogs survived.

  5. The pressurization of an airplane cabin alters the function of taste buds, causing a decrease of up to 30% in the ability to taste saltiness or sweetness. This is one of the reasons so many people dislike airline food.

  6. In 2002 when scientists studied a 100-year-old original recipe for veal stock, they identified a fifth taste category that was not sweet, bitter, sour, or salty. Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda identified the savory taste as glutamic acid, which he called "umami," or Japanese for "yummy".

  7. Infamous Ugandan dictator idi Amin,among other atrocities was accused of cannibalism. When he was asked about the rumours he replied ''I don't like human flesh. It's too salty for me.''

  8. Chef from South Park had a #1 hit in the U.K with "Chocolate Salty Balls" in 1999

  9. Human kidneys can only make urine that is less salty than salt water. Therefore, to get rid of all the excess salt taken in by drinking seawater, you have to urinate more water than you drank. Eventually, you die of dehydration even as you become thirstier.

  10. The Jolly Roger Telephone Company. You pay them to obnoxiously respond to robocalls. "Subscribers can choose robot personalities, such as Whiskey Jack, who is frequently distracted by a game he is watching on television, or Salty Sally, a frazzled mother."

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Scientists have discovered a 'lake' in the Gulf of Mexico with water five times as salty that is highly toxic. For animals (and people) who swim into it, these toxic concentrations can be deadly. Only bacterial life, tube worms, and shrimp can survive

Fresh olives are practically inedible and take several weeks of bringing/fermenting to get rid of the bitter compounds. That's why olives taste salty.

About Salina Turda, a massive Roman salt mine in Transylvania which contains an underground theme park and other tourist attractions including a lake, mini golf course, and bowling alley. The salty air down there is apparently very good for asthma.

Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, harbors an extremely salty ocean

Between 5 and 6 million years ago, the Strait of Gibraltar closed, and the entire Mediterranean Sea evaporated within 1000 years, leaving behind a salty desert.

In under 20 years the Aral Sea has shrunk to ten percent of its original size and is so salty that barely any life form remains. The Russians were taught to believe that the sea was an "error of nature" and therefore pointless

In 1830, the annual per capita consumption of alcohol by Americans had climbed to more than five gallons. At the time Americans believed liquor was nutritious and stimulated digestion. It was also consumed to help wash down poorly cooked, greasy, salty, and sometimes rancid food.

Chef's "Chocolate Salty Balls" (from South Park) reached #1 on the UK singles chart on New Years 1999.

In 1999 the South Park Song, Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You), reached No.1 in the UK and Irish single charts.

Cinnamon can be used in preparation of numerous sweet and salty dishes and drinks (such as coffee and tea).

Carrots are mostly used as food. They can be consumed raw or in the form of juices and various sweet and salty dishes.

Hazelnuts can be consumed as snack, or as an ingredient of numerous sweet and salty dishes and industrial candies. Nutella is popular industrial cream made of hazelnuts.

Garlic can be used raw, pickled or as an ingredient of various salty dishes, salads, sauces, and marinades.

Many olives are packaged in salty brine or even saltwater. This results in high sodium content in most olives.

The Salton Sea, California's largest lake, was created by an engineering blunder. The entire volume of The Colorado River rushed into it for two years. Wildlife and vacationers flocked to it until it became salty and polluted.

It is estimated that approximately 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. This isn"t necessarily because they don"t drink enough liquids, but because of the amount of caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and salty foods people consume which offsets the body's ability to remain hydrated.

Chickpea can be consumed as snack (roasted chickpeas), dip (mashed chickpeas) or as an ingredient of numerous salty and sweet dishes. Flour made of chickpea is popular in India.

In the 1960s a controversial Soviet decision caused the fourth-largest inland sea -the Aral Sea- to evaporate and recede, leaving behind a salty poisoned wasteland dotted with rusty fishing boats.

Common glasswort (European species) is used in human diet. This species of glasswort is also known as 'sea beans" or 'samphire greens". Young shoots have salty taste. They can be consumed raw or boiled, steamed or stir-fried. Common glasswort has texture similar to asparagus and it is often used for the preparation of dishes made of fish and seafood. Common glasswort can be also pickled.

Pineapple is rich source of fibers, manganese, vitamin C and vitamins of the B group. It can be consumed raw, in the form of juices, or as a part of various sweet and salty dishes. Pina colada is popular drink that is made of pineapples.

War, salty milk tea is common in Mongolia.

Squeezed lemon juice is used for the preparation of lemonade, cocktails and as a meat marinade (especially for fish). Lemon zest is used as ingredient of various salty and sweet dishes. Lemon pickles are integral part of Indian cuisine. Leaves of lemon tree can be consumed in the form of tea.

In some countries watermelon is eaten with feta cheese. The combination of sweet and salty is a favorite in some cultures.

About Salty and Roselle, 2 guide dogs who sucessfully led their owners out of the burning WTC on 9/11.

There is a spice blend called Chinese Five Spice, which contains ingredients that match the five flavors, including sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and pungent.