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  1. A cow named Cincinnati Freedom evaded police officers for 11 days after jumping a six-foot fence to escape a slaughterhouse; after finally being caught, and she was given the "key to the city" by Cincinnati's mayor and allowed to live out her days in a NY sanctuary

  2. Morgan Freeman converted his 124 Acre Ranch into a bee sanctuary in an effort to help bee populations

  3. An elephant learnt from its mates about a sanctuary, and when poachers injured him, he used this second-hand knowledge to seek help from humans in the sanctuary

  4. Bubbles the Chimp (who once was famously Michael Jackson's pet) is alive and well, living in a Florida sanctuary for retired apes - and that he HATES cameras these days

  5. Indonesia created manta ray sanctuaries upon realising each manta ray brings lifetime tourism income of $1 million.

  6. Indonesia realized dead Manta Rays are worth $500 whereas Manta Ray tourism brought in $1,000,000 over the life of a single Ray. Indonesia is now the largest Manta sanctuary.

  7. Steve Sipek, who played Tarzan in "Tarzan And The Brown Prince", was once saved by a fire on the movie set by a lion who dragged him to safety. Sipek then adopted the lion out of gratitude, and started an animal sanctuary in Florida.

  8. The 20,000 landmines used during the Britain/Argentina conflict over the Falklands have led to a booming population of penguins. Cows and humans avoid the fenced-off fields, but penguins are too light to set off the mines. The deadly fields have turned into penguin sanctuaries.

  9. In 2001, a lion cub, bear cub and tiger cub were found neglected in a drug dealer's basement. They have lived together ever since they were adopted by a sanctuary and are considered inseparable because of strong friendship.

  10. An unintended consequence of the DMZ in Korea is that it has become a wildlife sanctuary due to the lack of human interference.

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The Election Commission of India sets up a polling station for just one person, 40 Kms inside a lion sanctuary. A team of two policemen and five officials travel along with the voting equipment to register the vote of Guru Bharatdas Darshandas, who is the priest of a local temple.

Jon Stewart and his wife founded an animal sanctuary in New Jersey to rescue abused factory farm animals

Landmines planted on the coasts during the Falklands War accidentally created penguin sanctuaries. The penguins are too light to detonate the mines, so they live and breed safely. The sanctuaries are so popular and profitable that there are efforts to prevent removal of the mines.

In Rome, the ancient temple where Julius Caesar was murdered is now a sanctuary for hundreds of cats

The spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated is now a cat sanctuary for 250 cats.

A man named Ratanlal Maloo, created an artificial sanctuary for the migratory Demoiselle Cranes in Rajasthan, India by feeding them every year over a span of 40 years. Their numbers increased from 80, 40 years ago, to 15000 in 2011.

Palau announced it would create the world's first shark sanctuary banning commercial shark fishing. The sanctuary protects about 230,000 square miles of ocean. Palau received the Future Policy Award from World Future Council, because "Palau is a global leader in protecting marine ecosystems.”

In the town of Aleppo, a man named Mohammad Alaa Jaleel has been maintaining a cat sanctuary, taking in over 100 cats displaced or abandoned during the Syrian Civil War.

The place were Julius Caeser is believed to have been killed is today a cat sanctuary

Manatees live to be 60 years old and can demonstrate task learning abilities similar to Dolphins, yet, being herbivores, are nearly impossible to motivate. The English in the 1700s declared Florida to be a manatee sanctuary. Today, they're endangered species and sold on the Asian black market.

An elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand that is doing its best to stop the elephant riding tourist trade.

Operation Nifty Package, a US mission in which American soldiers repeatedly blared rock music such as "I Fought the Law" and "Welcome to the Jungle" as a form of psychological warfare to force dictator Manuel Noriega to come out of his Vatican sanctuary. He surrendered after 10 days.

There is an Asian Elephant sanctuary in Thailand for elephants that have been subject to cruelty by bad owners. Some are driven to exhaustion when used for logging, others are tortured to subdue them to become tame for tourist rides.

The Roman ruins where Caesar was murdered are now a large cat sanctuary

Aged 12, Margaret Thatcher saved pocket money to help pay for a Jewish girl escaping Nazi Germany, whom her family provided sanctuary during WWII

In 2001, a lion, tiger, and bear cub were found in a drug dealer's basement. They were moved to Noah's Ark sanctuary and have lived together as inseparable best friends ever since.

There is a perfectly preserved WWI trench in Belgium that you can go into and walk around. It is in an area called the Sanctuary Wood.

About Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting old puppers in need of senior care by providing 100% vet care, food, and fostering. AND it's free if you want to adopt.

Will Ferrell has a 7.8 Million dollar bird sanctuary

Tucked in the middle of Los Angeles, is a small bird sanctuary called Serenity Park. It's a place where abused birds and combat vets bond and heal. The theory is that, through their shared trauma, they connect on an emotional, almost spiritual, level. They've had much success in treating PTSD.

There is a cat sanctuary in Amsterdam which floats, and you can pet the cats there.

There are "garden gnome liberationists" who steal garden gnomes from people's yards and send them to sanctuaries, wooded areas or on trips around the world.

Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights had a hidden floor, with the entrance through a door behind the organ, where minister Henry Ward Beecher would provide a sanctuary for escaping slaves. He had provided sanctuary to so many that it became known in hushed voices as the Grand Central Depot.

The 'Tamworth Two', a pair of pigs that escaped from a truck headed for a slaughterhouse in England. They were on the run for a week before they were eventually caught. The Daily Mail newspaper bought the pigs, which were then sent to an animal sanctuary to live out their lives

In December 2014, Argentina became the first country to recognize a non-human primate as having legal rights when it ruled that an orangutan named Sandra at the Buenos Aires Zoo must be moved to a sanctuary in Brazil in order to provide her "partial or controlled freedom."