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  1. A 1930s Welsh medium who claimed to be able to levitate during seances performed in complete darkness with help from spirits. People began to demand their money back from him after learning he was simply jumping up in the air.

  2. Daniel David Palmer, the father of chiropractic maintained the notion and basic principles of chiropractic treatment were passed along to him during a seance by a long dead doctor. Before learning of spinal adjustment from a supernatural entity, he was also a magnetic healer.

  3. The father of chiropractic treatment claimed he learnt about the treatment from a seance with a ghost and attributed 95% of all diseased to subluxations - i.e., misaligned vertebrae

  4. There was a 90s pastor who wrote a booklet called "Barney the Purple Messiah" accusing Barney the Purple Dinosaur of being a new age demon who taught the liberal left agenda and had seances on the show

  5. The Winchester Mystery House, a house with over 160 rooms built to ward off spirits. It contains many unsettling aspects such as stairs and doors leading to nothing, or a seance room with one entrance but four exits.

  6. The Philip Experiment was conducted to test if ghosts are a product of the human mind. A group was tasked with creating a fictional character which later seemed to communicate during controlled recorded seances.

  7. Sherlock Holmes author, Arthur Conan Doyle was obsessed with seances so much that he requested a seance to be done of him after he passes. Here is the audio recording of that seance.

  8. For every Halloween Houdini fans conduct a seance to contact him and this has become a tradition even after his wife discontinued it.

  9. Mackenzie King (Canada's longest serving PM) regularly conducted Seances to talk with his dead mother, former Prime Minister's, and his dead dogs

  10. The Seybert Commission was a group commissioned by the UPenn in the 1880s to investigate the reality behind seances and spiritualist mediums.

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There are annual seances to contact Harry Houdini every Oct 31st.