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  1. Billy Joel never sells front row seats in order to see the real fans right in front of him. He gives them away to random people in the cheap seats so that front row isn't always just wealthy people.

  2. When Robin Williams auditioned for the role of Mork on 'Mork and Mindy', he was asked to take a seat. Williams responded by sitting on his head, upside down in the chair. He was hired on the spot because, 'He was the only alien to audition' for the part.

  3. Keanu Reeves was initially offered Val Kilmer's role in the 1995 film Heat. He turned it down to play Hamlet in a 789 seat theatre in Manitoba.

  4. 50 Cent once bought 200 front row seats to a Ja Rule concert just to leave them empty

  5. At the premiere of the Good Omens TV series, a front row seat was left empty in tribute to Terry Pratchett. His trademark scarf and hat were placed on it, and there was a bag of popcorn- Neil Gaiman said that Terry wanted to sit next to him and eat popcorn if an Omens movie ever happened.

  6. About Claudette Colvin, a 15 year old African American girl from Montgomery, AL who was arrested in 1955 after she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white woman, telling the bus driver, "It's my constitutional right to sit here." She did this 9 months prior to Rosa Parks' famous protest.

  7. Ed Sheeran never sells front row seats in order to see the real fans right in front of him. He gives them away to random fans outside so the front row isn't always just wealthy people.

  8. At age 29, before he was famous, Mark Cuban bought a lifetime pass on American Airlines for $125K to fly anywhere, anytime, even if the flight was full. Magic Johnson once had to give up his seat to him

  9. India's richest man lives in a 27-story 400,000 sq ft tower with 4 family members and 600 staff. The 550ft tall building contains a 168-car garage spanning 6 floors, 9 elevators, 4 stories of hanging gardens, a 50-seat theater, an artificial snow room, and 3 helipads, valued at $2bn USD.

  10. In 1795, as Composer Joseph Haydn conducted the premiere of his 102nd symphony, the audience pressed forward out of their seats to get a closer look. Moments later, a chandelier crashed to the floor where the seats had emptied, killing no one and giving this piece the name “The Miracle”.

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Comparison between projected seats won and seats if it was a popular vote for federal Canada 2019 election as of August 26

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Number of seats won compared with percentage of votes

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For restaurants to get on a highway exit sign, they must operate continuously for 12 hours a day and six days per week. In addition, restaurants on the service signs must be within six miles of the highway, and offer 24 seats for patrons, a public bathroom, and a public telephone.

A group of embittered singles in Shanghai purchased all odd-numbered cinema seats forcing couples to sit apart on Valentine's Day

"On Broadway" versus "Off Broadway" refers not to location but theater capacity. A play/musical is considered "on Broadway" if the theater seats 500+ while an "off Broadway" theater seats between 100-499. "Off off Broadway" refers to venues that seat less than 100.

When Steve-o was 13, his dad was a top executive at Nabisco and challenged Steve-o to do better than his corporate box seats at a Motley Crue concert. Steve-o managed to track down the band in Toronto and get backstage passes.

Republicans are called the right, and Democrats are called the left, because of seating arrangements of various legislative parties in France in the late 1700’s. Supporters of the king sat on the right of the Speaker, and supporters of the revolution on the left.

Rosa Parks didn't actually refuse to sit in the back of the bus. She was sitting in the back of the bus but refused to give up her seat in the "colored section" to a white passenger, after the whites-only section was filled.

Colleen Lachowicz who during her run for state Senate in Maine came under political attack for having played World of Warcraft and therefore being out-of-touch with reality and living in a "fantasy world." Colleen ending up winning the Senate seat.

During screenings of the 1959 film The Tingler, - a film about a creature a creature that gets inside a person’s spine, causing them to feel a tingling which can only be stopped by screaming - buzzers were placed in random seats that caused the audience to feel tingling during the film.

If you're seated in the rear of a modern jumbo jet, the walk to your seat is longer than the Wright Brothers' 120 ft first flight.

In 2004, a movie theater was found in the Paris Catacombs, with a fully stocked bar, a number of seats, and movies dating back to the 1950s.

At a 1984 Queen gig, Freddie Mercury took a nasty fall and hurt his leg midway through the show. After convening with his bandmates, he decided it wouldn't be fair to fans to end it. In substantial pain, he performed Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You & We Are the Champions seated at his piano.

In 2015, a tiny Tokyo restaurant with only 9 seats became the first ramen restaurant in the world to obtain a Michelin star.

The only Mexican to die on the Titanic was Manuel Uruchurtu Ramírez. A politician who gave up his seat on a rescue boat to woman who wanted to see her child and husband. She had lied to him about her family and survived.

Maria Von Trapp, whose memoir inspired “The Sound of Music” and who made a cameo appearance in the film, was not invited to the premiere. Von Trapp later inquired why and producers told her, “There were no seats left,” without apology.

The seats and curtains in theatres are red because red is the first colour that is lost to our sight in low-light conditions, which thus makes the surroundings seem black and unobtrusive when watching a movie or performance

Paper toilet seat covers are permeable and offer no protection against germs and bacteria

A group of embittered singles reserved all the odd-numbered seats at a cinema's primetime screening on Valentine's Day so that couples would be forced to sit apart

The paper toilet seat covers, found in public restrooms, pretty much do nothing and do not actually have any health benefits.

In 1937, a man tried to find seats for himself and his wife on the Hindenburg, but there were none available next to each other. They took a plane home instead. Two years later, the man, Martin Goodman, went on to create Marvel Comics.

Despite owning the patent, Volvo made the three-point seat belt design free for other manufacturers to use in order to increase its adoption and save lives

Rosa Parks was sitting in the colored section of the bus during the infamous incident in Montgomery; she was asked to vacate her seat, in the front row of the colored section, because the white portion of the bus was filled.

For Queen's "Bicycle Race" music video, the band rented several bikes which naked models raced at Wimbledon Stadium. When the renting company found out how the bikes were used, it forced the band to purchase all the seats.

David Bowie could barely perform his broadway show in NY, The Elephant Man, the day after John Lennon was shot because there were three empty seats in the front row. Two belonged to John and Yoko. The third was Mark David Chapman's, Lennon's killer. Bowie was suppose to be next on his list.

Charlie Sheen once spent over $6,500 for 2,615 seats in left field of Anaheim Stadium, determined to catch a home run with 3 of his friends. No home runs were hit that day.

Tim Horton died at the age of 44 while attempting to drive from Toronto to Buffalo at 4AM with twice the legal Blood Alcohol Level, multiple drugs in his system, no seat-belt, and the police chasing him.

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Average seat difference in UK parliament compared with PR (across last 15 years)

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Number of seats won by each party in parliament of Serbia since 2000