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  1. Yellow Journalism" was a 1890's term for journalism that presented little or no legitimately researched news and instead used eye-catching headlines, sensationalism, and scandal-mongering.

  2. Prince was a sensational ten pin bowler who could pretty much get a strike at will and wore furry knee high boots when bowling.

  3. One person in four is a 'supertaster', who experience the sensation of tasting more intensely. Supertasters have a high density of taste cells on their tongue, but are likely to have a distaste for beer.

  4. If you're bilingual you experience the "tip-of-the-tongue" sensation more often, basically because your brain has more words in it to keep track of

  5. The feeling of euphoric chills some people can get while listening to music is called 'frisson' (pronounced "free-sawn"), and researches have described the sensation as a skin orgasm.

  6. In 1903, two men and a pit bull made the first documented journey by automobile from San Francisco to New York using only a connection of dirt roads, cow paths, and railroad beds. The journey took 63 days, became a national sensation, and called for a system of long distance roads.

  7. Yasuke, a 16th century African who traveled to Japan as a slave, caused such a sensation that a powerful warlord wished to see him. He thought his black skin was paint and ordered it to be scrubbed. However, they became friends and Yasuke was later given the prestigious rank of Samurai.

  8. Doritos were scientifically designed to be addictive by hitting every sensation as perfectly as possible

  9. The fizzy sensation on your tongue from carbonated drinks is not caused by the tiny bubbles popping; the fizz is our actual taste of carbon dioxide.

  10. An Australian man in London, desperate not to miss his daughter's birthday back home, posted himself to Australia in a crate which he helped design and build. He amazingly survived the three days journey and became a news sensation in 1964.

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Rubbing alcohol burns when applied to wounds because it increases the sensativity of VR1 nerves (the nerves that tell your brain if something is hot) and your own body heat becomes the burning sensation.

1/3 women feel a cramping sensation when they're releasing an egg during ovulation

Firefighters responding to the Chernobyl nuclear accident described their experiences of the radiation as "tasting like metal", and feeling a sensation similar to that of pins and needles all over their faces.

The 'falling sensation' and jerk reflex felt before sleep may go back to our ancestors having to re-adjust themselves when sleeping in trees, so they didn't fall out.

Listening to soft voices can cause "brain orgasms" (aka autonomous sensory meridian response). A video of a woman explaining how to fold towels has over 900,000 views because her voice can trigger the sensation.

The Shepard tone, an auditory illusion that gives the sensation of a continuously rising pitch. It helped create the overwhelming suspense in the film "Dunkirk"

Classic Western one-on-one quick-draw duels were inspired by one particular shootout between Wild Bill Hickok and David Tutt. Wild Bill won and became a sensation in the media, but was also charged with murder. He later got off by pleading self-defense.

The techniques employed by clickbait authors are derivative of the "yellow journalism" rampant in US newspapers in the late 19th century, which attempted to increase circulation by relying on eye-catching headlines that included exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism

A bug researcher named Schmidt volunteered to be stung by insects, no matter the pain, and created the "Schmidt Sting Pain Index" even describing the sensations much like a wine taster

On 1 April 1976, a radio prank convinced listeners that a rare astronomical event that day would cause a temporary decrease in Earth's gravity, such that listeners would feel a floating sensation at that exact moment. Soon after 9:47 that morning, phone calls poured in confirming the phenomenon.

Press sensationalism influenced the 1982 conviction of an Australian woman for murdering her baby, and after 6 years in prison she was totally exonerated, yet her plaintive "a dingo ate my baby" became joke fodder among American comedians.

Szechuan peppers cause numbness when eaten because they contain hydroxy-alpha-sanshool, a molecule that binds to cells' tactile receptors to chemically simulate the same sensation as being vibrated at 50 hertz.

Szechuan peppers make your lips/tongue numb, not hot. Its not the capsaicin (found in pepper that interacts with heat receptors so we perceive spicy). Instead, its hydroxy-alpha-sanshool interacting with tactile receptors (thus your brain perceives vibrating / electrocution style sensation).

Basketball sensation Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike each year than all the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.

Zeus created humans as balls with 2 heads, 4 arms & legs. He cut them in half because they were rolling around displaying too much power. After mutilating them, he felt bad. So he let the 2 halves embrace each other through sex, giving them a short sensation of their prior powers through orgasm.

The russian scientist Anatoli Bugorski got struck in the face by a proton beam in a particle accelerator, and survived. He described the sensation as seeing a light "brighter than a thousand suns"

Figging' is the practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger into the anus or vagina to produce an acute burning sensation. It was historically used as punishment but is now adopted as a BDSM practice.

The term Limerence: which is the feeling of infatuated love -usually the warm tingling sensation when you think of the one you are attracted to.

Brain zaps are sensations that people sometimes feel when they stop taking certain medications, especially antidepressants. They’re often described as feeling like brief electric jolts to the head that sometimes radiate to other body parts. Others describe it as like the brain briefly shivers

Boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather, who has a net worth in excess of $400 million, is functionally illiterate.

The "heath pea", an abundant Scottish plant that, when eaten, effectively stops the sensations of both hunger and thirst for days

There is a spider that hunts black widow but its venom only would cause mild burning sensation to human.

The refreshing and minty taste of toothpaste was originally constructed as a marketing technique, in which our subconscious minds learned to anticipate the tingling sensations of citric acid, mint oil, and other chemicals as a sign that our mouths were 'clean', thus creating a habit loop.

The reason rubbing alcohol burns when you put it on cuts is because exposed nerve cells in the cut that normally detect hot temperatures have their pain threshold lowered by alcohol - which causes our body temperature to cause a burning sensation.

Women's nipples are erogenous zones because the sensation travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix.