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  1. A 39 story building in Seoul was evacuated after tremors were felt on the top floors. Instead of an earthquake, it was found that an exercise class on the 12th floor was playing Snap!'s "The Power", which happened to match the building's resonant frequency and caused it to violently shake.

  2. The largest stadium in the world is in North Korea and has a capacity of 150,000. It was build purely to outdo South Korea's Seoul Olympic stadium which has a 70,000 capacity

  3. Doves were traditionally released during the opening ceremony of the Olympics games, until Seoul 1988. Several of the birds, instead of flying away, settled on the cauldron housing the Olympic flame and were subsequently incinerated in front of the crowd when it was lit.

  4. On June 29, 1995, a department store in Seoul, Korea collapsed, killing 500 people. During construction, the owner insisted on adding an unauthorized 6th floor with a swimming pool. When his engineers protested, they were fired.

  5. 'Gangnam style' was intended to poke fun at people who put on airs and pretended to be fashionable or classy, like people from the Gangnam district of Seoul

  6. There is a Statue Outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul Dedicated to the Victims of the Japanese Sex Slave Trade During WWII

  7. Chung Ju-yung, the founder of Hyundai, originally wanted to become a school teacher, but his family's dire financial situation made him unable to get higher education. Instead, he ran away from his family to Seoul, where he started a construction company, Hyundai, in 1947.

  8. In 2000 a Korean couple spent their life savings to bring a Pan Am 747 to Seoul and set it up as a restaurant. The restaurant failed, leaving the couple living in a hut below the airplane. The 747 was torn down for scrap metal in 2010.

  9. A Korean Canadian rapper based in Seoul recieved death threats and harassment from a group of over 100,000 netizens who refused to believe he completed an undergrad and masters at stanford in 4 years despite proof. This resulted in the groups American-based leader being criminally charged.

  10. Han's full name in the Fast and Furious series was "Han Seoul-Oh"

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In the 1960s South Korea secretly trained misfits plucked from prison or off the streets to sneak into North Korea and slit the throat of its leader, Kim Il-sung. When the mission was aborted, the men mutinied, killed their trainers and fought their way into Seoul before blowing themselves up.

Because so many people jumped off the Mapo Bridge in Seoul, Samsung paid to put up signs which would light up and greet people, hoping to deter suicide. Unfortunately, the suicide rate off the Mapo Bridge was six times higher the following year.

The city of Seoul, South Korea has the world's most encompassing fibre network, resulting in internet speeds of 1Gbps. It is also in the process of providing free wi-fi in all outdoor areas.

South Koreans have been protesting in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul every Wednesday since January 8, 1992, demanding justice for comfort women in WW2 called Wednesday Demonstration

In the 1988 Seoul Olympics a boxing match was declared "No Contest" after a boxer heard the bell ending a round from a nearby second ring, stopped fighting, and was knocked down and counted out.

A flock of peace doves got incinerated at the 1988 Olympics opening ceremony in Seoul

Hidden camera porn is so pervasive in South Korea that the authorities in Seoul have established a squad of investigators tasked with inspecting public bathrooms for hidden cameras.

At the Opening Ceremonies for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, a large group of doves were released to symbolize peace. The world watched in horror a few minutes later when those doves were cooked alive when the Opening Ceremony cauldron was ignited.

South Koreans have discovered 4 different North Korean tunnels dug across the DMZ into South Korea to be used to invade Seoul. It is speculated that there are many more undiscovered "invasion tunnels."

The Baby Box, which is a box set up by Pastor Lee in Seoul that's connected to his home where women can abandon their babies in instead of leaving them on the streets in the cold to die. Sometimes he adopts the children that are put into the box.

An elephant at a zoo outside of Seoul uses his trunk to modulate pitch and tone in order to emulate Korean speech, similar to the way humans whistle

Han from Fast and Furious full name is ..... Han Seoul Oh -_-

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is a colloquial term refers to the hip, trendy and classy lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea. However, according to Psy, the song pokes fun at (or satirizes) people who are trying very hard to be something that they're not.

First successfully cloned dog was Afghan Hound. Its name was 'snuppy", shorter version of 'seoul National University Puppy".

The United Nation forces were able to push the North Korean forces back across the border into North Korea, but China got involved and helped the North Korean's once again capture Seoul.

In the 1988 summer Olympics opening ceremony in Seoul, thousands of doves were released and some of them were in the cauldron when it was lit, being burned alive in front of the world.

In 2010, a man in Seoul, Korea stole over 1500 pairs of shoes after they were taken off (per custom) in restaurants and funeral homes. Police struggled greatly to return the shoes to their respective owners, as the vast majority of the shoes were not only the same make, but the same model.

South Korean protesters have protested outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul almost every Wednesday since 1992

MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) was identified in 2012 and by 2013 there were 124 cases identified in Saudi Arabia, resulting in 52 deaths. Another outbreak of MERS occurred in 2015 when an infected man traveled to four different hospitals in Seoul for treatment of symptoms.

About Kim Hyon-hui a former North Korean agent responsible for blowing up a South Korean plane, killing 115 people. She was raised to hate the west, but confessed after being shown the affluence of Seoul, realising it was all lies. Initially sentenced to death, she was pardoned and released.

One of Korea's 10 tallest men ever is Choi Hong Man. Japanese call him the "Korean Monster." He stands 7'2", weighs 331 pounds, was 2005 K-1 World Grand Prix Seoul Champion and had a rap group with a Korean supermodel called "Beauty and the Beast"

There is a bar in a tourist-oriented area of Seoul that refuses to serve non-Koreans. The bartender maintains that this is legal because Korea doesn't have anti-discrimination laws.

The 1988 Seoul Olympics directly contributed to South Korea's transition from authoritarianism to Democracy. As the June Democratic Uprisings of 1987 emerged, the desire not to taint the Olympic Games with military dictatorship and riots served as an impetus for Korea’s transition to democracy.

In 2002, Seoul restaurants barred US diners after two American soldiers who killed two schoolgirls were acquitted in a U.S. military court

In 1987, North Korea brought down a South Korean jet on its way to Seoul from Baghdad. NK's agent was posing as a Japanese national, having been taught Japanese language and customs for 3 years by a Japanese woman who was abducted from her home in Northern Japan