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  1. Russian Spetsnaz forces used an aerosolized fentanyl derivative to incapacitate Chechen separatists in the Moscow Theatre Hostage Crisis of 2002. About 130 of the 850 total hostages died partly due to the Russian government refusing to tell doctors what the chemical agent was.

  2. John Joe Gray, who has been wanted by Texas police since January 2000, but they're not willing to fight his religious separatist group in order to arrest him

  3. The quote "To learn who rules over you, you must ask yourself who it is that you can't criticize" isn't from Voltaire. It's from Kevin Alfred Strom, a white separatist, neo-Nazi and holocaust denier who was convicted of possession of child pornography.

  4. In 2002, Chechen separatists brought down a Russian Mi-26 helicopter, which subsequently crashed into a minefield killing 127 soldiers on board. It was the most deadly aviation disaster ever suffered by the Russian armed forces, as well as their worst loss of life in a single day since 1999.

  5. Plymouth Colony was established by Puritans, a group of English separatists. This colony did not become one of the original 13 colonies, and later was de-established.

  6. In the 1880s, the Fenian Brotherhood, Irish separatists living in the US, commissioned John Holland to build a submarine to attack British ships. Due to a legal dispute, they refused to pay for the submarine, stole it, couldn't pilot it, and Holland refused to teach them.

  7. Early in his political career George flirted with Welsh nationalist and separatist parties.

  8. When a Canadian separatist movement kidnapped an important politician in 1970, the Prime Minister suspended all civil liberties, including habeas corpus. Hundreds were arrested without charge.

  9. He eventually split from the Black Panthers over doctrinal and personal differences. Carmichael believed that the Panthers should have taken a more racial separatist stance, while other Panthers, most notably Huey Newton, began saying that Carmichael was a government agent.

  10. In March 2014, the Indian government used an 'internet kill switch' to shut down all access in the state of Kashmir to prevent separatists from addressing a UN Human Rights Commission via videolink.

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According to Europol, less than 1/4 of terrorism attacks are perpetuated by Islamists, while separatists account for over half of terrorism attacks. In spite of this, Islamists account for 55% of those charged with crimes, while separatists are closer to 1/3

There are over 80 active separatist movements throughout Europe.

Basque separatist group ETA killed Spanish prime minister Carrero Blanco with a tunnel bomb that sent his car 20 meters into the air and over a 5-story building.

In 1950, the US government ordered airstrikes and artillery attacks upon cities in Puerto Rico in response to attacks against local police and National Guard by militant Puerto Rican separatists.

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami actually caused ceased firing and eventually even peace talks between the Indonesian military and Acehnese separatists.

In 2013, a hacker group called CyberHunta leaked emails belonging to a Russian politician, Vladislav Surkov, that outlined plans to destabilize Ukrainian gov't all while enabling and encouraging the separatist right in Kiev.

About white separatists in the South African town of Orania, a sort of “doomsday” cult living in the “spirit” of Apartheid believe that the day when black Africans come to take over will undoubtedly happen, and they spend their whole lives preparing for it.

The Balochistan conflict, fought since 1948 by Baloch separatists in Pakistan and Iran, responsible for the deaths of over 600 people in 2015.

There is a separatist group in the Philippines called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front a.k.a MILF

George Takei not only played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, but also voiced General Lok Durd of the Separatist Alliance in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

In Canada, there are other separatist movements besides the one in Quebec.

There is a militant Islamic separatist group in the Philippines that goes by the name MILF

The First Chechen War ended when the separatists seized a hospital in Southern Russia, taking it's patients hostage and killing 129 civilians in the process. After 5 days Russia was forced to sign a ceasefire.

About Operation Tupac which is an ongoing "military intelligence" contingency program run by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. The program has a three-part action plan to provide covert support to separatists in Kashmir

China has threatened to arm Hawaiian separatists who want to bring back the monarchy.

In 2002 "National Alliance", a white separatist organization released a video game called "Ethnic Cleansing".

China is thinking about arming separatists in Hawaii

There are more Black Separatist hate groups than White Nationalist groups

The forged documents to portray a radical separatist group in Quebec(FLQ) as a CIA false flag operation. The Canadian Prime minister believed it.

There is a militant Islamic separatist group in the Phillipines that goes by the name MILF

The Battle of Yangi Hissar was fought between Muslim Chinese soldiers and Muslim Turkic separatists. The Turkic leader, Nur Ahmad Jan, was beheaded after the Turkic troops were defeated. His decapitated head was subsequently used in a game of soccer.

In 2014 a Kickstarter team for Rubber Band Machine Guns had to relocate due to rising tensions in Ukraine. Their workshop was taken over and used as an repository by separatists to house real weapons.

In 2005 There was an assassination attempt against George W. Bush during his visit to Tbilisi, Georgia. A pro-Russian separatist threw a grenade at the President, but it landed in the crowd and failed to detonate.

The Republic of New Afrika, a proposed black separatist nation which supporters seek to establish within some portion of the United States. The idea came about during the 1960s and has been endorsed by various black nationalist/extremist organizations. The group apparently holds elections.

When Muhammad Ali was in his prime he was no expounder of brotherhood and racial broad-mindedness. On the contrary, he was an unabashed bigot and racial separatist and wasn’t shy about saying so.