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  1. The town of Rjukan, Norway receives no natural sunlight from September to March due to the steep mountains that surround it. They've installed 3 large mirrors to reflect light into the town's square. The mirrors track the sun's path and move every 10 secs to create a 600m squared pool of light.

  2. September 16 is the most common birthday, and the month of September has 10 of the most common birthdays of the entire year.

  3. On September 10, 2001, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had wasted or misplaced up to $2.3 trillion, or $8,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country, and promised to go after the unchecked Pentagon bureaucracy

  4. The September 11th massacre of 9 AD in the Teutoburg Forest was literally an inside job. The Romans lost over 10,000 to an insider who betrayed them.

  5. On 21st September 1941 a man called Denis Vibert became the only person to escape from German occupied Jersey. He spent 3 days at sea rowing an 8ft boat he had hid from the Germans, upon making it to Britain received a 10 shilling charge from customs for importing a rowing boat.

  6. Gray catbird migrates to the south at the beginning of September or October. Gray catbirds usually travel in flocks of 10 to 15 birds during the night.

  7. George Carlin's 17th album was originally known as "I Kinda Like It When A Lot of People Die" and was performed on September 10, 2001. It was later renamed to "Complaints and Grievances" and the video of the special has been scrapped, though it is still accessible through audio.

  8. At 10:28am the World Trade Center north tower collapsed, similar to the way the first tower had dropped.

  9. Fruit of cucumbertree is aggregate of knobby, reddish follicles filled with 10 to 60 seed. Fruit ripens during August and September.

  10. On September 10, 2001, a filmmaker living in the World Trade Center filmed 7 hours of continuous footage of NYC from the window; the short film is called "Uno Nunca Muere La Vispera"

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september 10 fact data chart about Personal bankruptcy rate in the US during the 12-month perio
Personal bankruptcy rate in the US during the 12-month period as of September 2019, per 10,000 people

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The first Labor Day parade in the United States was held on September 5th, 1882, with approximately 10,000 NY workers participating. The participants were on unpaid leave.

Tom and Jerry were originally called Jasper and Jinx. The cartoon series has a total of 163 episodes and was first released on February 10, 1940. It continued until September 27, 2005.

During WW2, Time Magazine was the first to use the term "World War 2" in an issue released on September 11, 1939, 10 days after the war started. It had also used the term previously in a June 1939 issue in response to the events in Europe.

On the night of September 10, 2001 Michael Jackson performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The next morning he was scheduled to attend a meeting at the World Trade Center but overslept, missing the meeting and avoiding the attack on the towers.

A Law & Order miniseries combining all three Law & Orders was planned in 2001. It was to be called "Terror" and was cancelled soon after this piece was published in Variety on September 10, 2001.

On September 10, 1960 during the Summer Olympics in Rome, Ethiopian runner Abele Bikila became the first Sub-Saharan African to win a gold medal, and ran barefoot

Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong wrote "Wake Me Up When September Ends" about his father, who died of cancer in September 1982 when Billy Joe was just 10 years old.

The song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" is about Billy Armstrong's father, who died of cancer when he was 10 years old.

Flight 93 crashed to the ground at 10:03am near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It's destination was believed to be Washington, D.C. but the passengers attempted to stop the hijackers, and the plane hit the ground killing everyone on board.

The climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season happens around September 10.

"The Armed Man", a Mass for choir and orchestra about the menace and horrors of war, hoping for a better future in the new millennium, which first CD was released September 10, 2001, one day before 9/11.

The 130 tonne "fatburg" clogging London's sewers back in September 2017 was processed into 10,000 Litres of biodiesel by Argent Energy.

George Carlin filmed a comedy special on September 9 and 10, 2001 titled "I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die", which was eventually unaired and the footage destroyed after the September 11th Attacks

On September 10, 1897, a London cabdriver named George Smith slams his taxi into a building and is the first person to be arrested for drunk driving. He pled guilty and was fined 25 shillings.

A chicken lived for 18 months after his head was cut off on September 10, 1945

On September 10, 2001, Patrick Critton was arrested for an airplane hijacking he carried out 30 years earlier -- he was found using a Google search.

In September 2014 the 6,000-plus citizens of the Austrian town of Kapfenberg spent 10 hours filming joyous a lip dub of the Opus song "Live is Life", which was shot over a distance of 2.2 km in one single take.

As of September 10, 2016 John Hinckley Jr, who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan and wounded 3 others, is no longer restricted to a prison or mental health facility and can travel freely within 50 miles of his home in Virginia.

On September 10, 2001 the Pentagon announced that $2.3 trillion had simply gone missing.

On 20th September 1970, Bill Murray was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare Airport for trying to smuggle 10 lb of cannabis. The drugs were discovered after Murray joked to the passenger next to him that he had packed a bomb in his luggage

Timothy Stackpole, a 20-year veteran of the NYFD, fought some of the toughest fires in NYC. On September 10 he proudly served his first day as captain. Sadly the next day, 9/11, he lost his life when the towers collapsed. On 9/11/18, never forget him and the others who gave their all.

In October 1582, 10 calendar days were skipped in order to move the equinox to the 21st of March and September, as it had slowly slipped backwards to the 10th due to a flaw in the Julian calendar.

The first person to successfully hijack an airplane in Canada, Patrick Critton, was arrested in a New York City suburb on September 10, 2001 -- thirty years after his hijacking took place.

In 2006 Russia gave the US a 10-story sculpture as an official gift from the Russian government as a memorial to the victims of the September 11 attacks and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The game "Advance Wars" was released in the USA on September 10, 2001, and had its JP/EUR releases delayed due to 9/11