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  1. On September 11-12, 1683 during the battle of Vienna, Polish horsemen lead history's greatest ever cavallary charge against the Ottoman army. 18 thousand riders were involved.

  2. After Gettysburg, Longstreet was transferred to the Western Theater of operations, where he helped lead the Confederate forces to victory at Chickamauga from September 18-20, 1863.

  3. After fighting in the battles of Perryville, and Stones River, Sheridan played a major role in the Battle of Chickamauga from September 18-20, 1863.

  4. Beakman's World aired on September 18, 1992 on TLC, one year before Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  5. At the Battle of Chickamauga in northwest Georgia (September 18-20, 1863), several of Bragg's subordinate officers refused his orders.

  6. The legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, recorded a song in September 1965 called "The Ballad of Jimi". The song contained the lyrics "Five years, this he said. He's not gone, he's just dead." Jimi Hendrix died almost exactly five years later on September 18, 1970.

  7. Starting in September 2016, the Italian government is giving every 18-year old citizen a cultural allowance of $500 euros ($563 dollars). This money is to be spent on culture, from concert tickets, books and museum admission to other qualifying events.

  8. There had already been skirmishes between the Union and Confederates on September 18 when the Confederate cavalry and infantry fought the Union mounted infantry.

  9. After Cantor Fitzgerald was nearly wiped out in the September 11th attacks Cisco Systems shipped them a dozen 18-wheelers full of hardware to rebuild their infrastructure. This was done entirely without being asked.

  10. A chicken lived for 18 months after his head was cut off on September 10, 1945

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Guiding Light is an American TV soap opera, listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running drama in American history. Broadcasted on CBS from June 30, 1952, until September 18, 2009, overlapping a 19-year broadcast on radio from 1937 to 1956 for a total of 18,262 episodes in 72 years.

Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" released on the same day Jimi Hendrix died (September 18, 1970)