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  1. The second officer of the Titanic stayed onboard till the end and was trapped underwater until a boiler explosion set him free. Later, he volunteered in WW2 and helped evacuate over 120 men from Dunkirk

  2. When Michael Jackson granted Weird Al Yankovic permission to do "Fat" (a parody of "Bad"), Jackson allowed him to use the same set built for his own "Badder" video from the Moonwalker film. Yankovic said that Jackson's support helped to gain approval from other artists he wanted to parody.

  3. When Queen Elizabeth visited the set of "Game of Thrones" she refused to sit on the Iron Throne because there is a law disallowing her from sitting on a foreign throne.

  4. George Washington allegedly said before his death that he "would never set foot on English soil again," so when they erected a statue of him in London, they put US soil under the statue to honor that claim

  5. On the set of The Princess Bride, André the Giant once "let out a 16 second fart and brought production to a standstill." Nobody said anything except director Rob Reiner, who said "Are you OK, André?" to which André replied, "I am now boss."

  6. Billy Ray Harris, a beggar who was accidentally given a $4,000 engagement ring by a passing woman when she dropped it into his cup. He never sold it. Two days later the woman came back for her ring and he gave it to her. In thanks, she set up a fund that raised over $185,000 for him

  7. A Comcast customer who was constantly dissatisfied with his internet speeds set up a Raspberry Pi to automatically send an hourly tweet to @Comcast when his bandwidth was lower than advertised.

  8. A British bomb detection dog named Theo died from stress a few hours after seeing his handler get shot. The pair had set a record for bomb detection, and the dog was posthumously awarded an honour equivalent to the Victoria Cross.

  9. Prohibition agent Izzy Einstein bragged that he could find liquor in any city in under 30 minutes. In Chicago it took him 21 min. In Atlanta 17, and Pittsburgh just 11. But New Orleans set the record: 35 seconds. Einstein asked his taxi driver where to get a drink, and the driver handed him one.

  10. Michael Jackson was a huge fan of Weird Al Yankovich. The pop star eagerly let Al do parodies of 'Beat It' and 'Bad,' and actually let him use the subway set of 'Bad' to film a music video for 'Fat.' Michael Jackson also did his best to convince other artist to let Al parody them.

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Frequency of extra pieces in my recent Lego sets

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Sampling of Lego Sets: Cost Per Brick Comparison Between Disney Branded and Non-Branded Lego Sets

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A devout Mormon set out in 1955 on an archaeological expedition to prove the Book of Mormon's claims. After 15 years instead he found nearly every claim in the BOM was wrong and the papyrus J. Smith claimed written by Abraham was actually just a page ripped out of the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Chris Pratt stole his Peter Quill/Star-Lord costumes, including the jacket, from the set of “Guardians of the Galaxy” so that he could wear them to visit sick children at the hospital if the film was a hit.

In the 1928 Olympics, Australian sculler Bobby Pearce stopped rowing to let a family of ducks pass. His opponent ended up with a 5 length lead. In the final 1,000 meters Pearce pulled ahead by 30 seconds, not only winning the gold but setting a Games record.

The actor who played Luca Brasi in the Godfather was actually a member of the Colombo crime family sent to monitor the set. Coppola cast him, but due to his nerves, he kept making mistakes and repeating his lines to himself. This was then incorporated into the film as a character trait.

There is a group of wolves in British Columbia known as "sea wolves" and 90% of their food comes from the sea. They have distinct DNA that sets them apart from interior wolves and they're entirely dedicated to the sea, swimming several miles everyday in search of seafood.

Viggo Mortensen purchased the horse he rode in "Lord of The Rings." The horse had a hard time adjusting to the lights and sounds on set and it took a while for them to get in sync. "We got through it together and became friends. I wanted to stay in touch with him," said Viggo.

While filming Predator, Jesse Ventura was delighted to find out from the wardrobe department that his arms were 1” bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. He suggested to Arnold they measure arms, winner gets a bottle of champagne. Ventura lost, as Arnold set this up with the wardrobe department

Daniel Radcliffe is a recovering alcoholic and would sometimes go to set for Harry Potter still drunk from the night before.

In 2007, "Big Bang Theory" set designers toured the apartments being used by current graduate students to see how young scientists really live. They did a faithful re-creation of the apartments, but after CBS tested the show, the sets were scrapped because they were too depressing.

When Steve Jobs accused Microsoft of stealing idea for Windows from Mac, Bill Gates replied: "Well, Steve, .... I think it's more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it."

Whilst Filming the Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland was shunned by the Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion due to jealousy. Her only friend on the set was Margaret Hamilton who played the Wicked Witch of the West - fact check

When the SR-71 was retired in 1990, it went ahead and set four new world speed records on its way to the museum.

The only instance of a kid dying from poisoned Halloween candy was when it was given to him by his own father. The father took out a $40,000 life insurance policy on his son beforehand. He gave the tainted candy to four other kids to set up the story that a local madman had poisoned the kids.

The Guinness Book of World Records has vehemently refused to validate any attempt at the world record for the longest time spent awake, believing that it's dangerous to human health. The current record is 264 hours or around 11 days, which was set by a high school student as a science project

In 1982, the comic strip The Far Side jokingly referred to the set of spikes on a Stegosaurus's tail as a "thagomizer". A paleontologist who read the comic realized there wasn't any official name for the spikes and began using the new word; Thagomizer is now the generally accepted term.

Ben Stiller came up with the idea for "Tropic Thunder" while working on the set of Steven Spielberg's WW2 drama "Empire of the Sun" and seeing actors come back from "fake" Army boot camp and treating it like a real war experience.

In South Korea, only visually impaired people can be licensed masseurs, dating back over 100 years to a Japanese colonial rule set up to guarantee the blind a livelihood.

Eminem set the Guiness World Record with "Rap God" for most words in a hit single. The song has a record breaking 1560 words in 6 minutes 4 seconds and averaging 4.28 words per second. One section of the song features 97 words in 15 seconds at 6.5 words per second.

The line in Thor: Ragnarok ("We know each other! He's a friend from work!") was actually suggested by a young Make-a-Wish visitor to the movie’s set.

Karen Silkwood, a nuclear plant worker and whistleblower. On November 13, 1974, she set out to meet a reporter to go public with evidence of extensive safety violations. She was later found dead; her car appeared to have been run off the road and the documents she had with her were missing.

The US goverment set a bunch of beer next to an atomic bomb blast to determine if it was still drinkable. In the event of a nuclear war, beer is safe to drink - fact check

Real dead bodies were used on the set of “Apocalypse Now.” The man who supplied them turned out to be a grave robber and was arrested.

Sir Ian McKellen broke down on the set of the Hobbit, announcing “This is not why I became an actor.”, due to filming the entire movie alone with the dwarves edited in afterwards.

During the filming of Jackass 3D, Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, and the rest of the crew banned beer from the set to help Steve-O maintain his sobriety.

Viggo Mortensen purchased the horse he rode in "Lord of The Rings." The horse had a hard time adjusting to the lights and sounds on set and it took a while for them to get in sync. "We got through it together and became friends. I wanted to stay in touch with him," said Viggo.

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