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  1. In 1970, a pilot engaging in mock combat in an F-106 lost control in a dive, ejected, and then the plane righted itself, continued to fly, landed softly in a snowy field, then was later recovered with minimal damage and returned to service.

  2. After an 81yo Colorado man died on a snowy hiking trail, a helicopter crashed trying to reach him. Once rescue workers finally got to his body, they found his loyal Golden Retriever at his side protecting his body from coyotes and other scavangers

  3. A 6ft 7in man named Peter Freuchen escaped from almost certain blizzardly death by fashioning a shiv out of his own feces and digging his way out of his snowy grave. He also amputated his own toes, wrote 12 books, and won the 64,000 dollar show (that's much more now with inflation).

  4. If Earth's entire atmosphere froze solid and fell to earth, it would form a snowy layer of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon 330 feet (100 m) thick.

  5. In 1973 the artist Salvador Dali did a painting depicting Adolf Hitler masturbating on a snowy hillside

  6. Not only do snowy owls nest on the ground, but that in good hunting conditions will construct a nest out of dead lemmings.

  7. Some cities use Beet Juice or Cheese brine on roads during snowy weather. The Beet juice increases rock salt’s ice melting capacity. The brine is a waste product and the state gets it for free from dairy farms

  8. Sean Bean is terrified of flying. So during Lord of the Rings when the cast had to fly to remote shoot locations by helicopter, like the snowy mountains, he travelled part of the way via ski-lift and then spend two hours walking the remainder of the journey, in full Boromir costume.

  9. Just to the south of Mexico City is the Sierra Nevada (Snowy Mountains), also known as the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. It is a chain of volcanic mountains that traverses Mexico coast to coast for over 600 miles. Periodic eruptions are a major cause of smog and air pollution in Mexico City.

  10. Because of her love of Christmas, Debbie Macomber has written a Christmas-themed book almost every year since 1986. Some of these include Christmas Treasures "86, Christmas Treasures "91, Christmas Treasures "92, Christmas Angels: 3 Heavenly Romances, On a Snowy Night, and Small Town Christmas.

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Number of snowy days in 2017 in the capital of the country compared to the number of total medals in the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic

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Name "American Eskimo" was chosen because of the snowy white coat of this breed.

In good years, snowy owls build nests out of dead lemmings

Bird species that can be found in the Laptev Sea region include the purple sandpiper, the snowy owl, the Brent goose, the snowy bunting, the little auk, the black-legged kittiwake, the ivory gull, the loon, and several others.

Natural enemies of little stints are skuas and snowy owls.

Dense coat, tufted ears and furry paws of Norwegian Forest cat represent adaptation to the cold, snowy winters in the areas close to Arctic.

Dalmatian gives birth to 6 to 9 puppies (up to 13) which are snowy white at birth. Dark spots start to appear at the age of 10 to 14 days.

Natural enemies of rock ptarmigans are arctic foxes, ermines, arctic skuas, glaucous gulls, golden eagles and snowy owls.

There are positive effects of a snowy climate on Solar Panels. The snowy surface basically acts as a mirror and you can get higher output.

Bullmastiff has short, dense fur that is suitable for cold, snowy and rainy weather. Most Bullmastiff have black facial mask and dark brindle, red or fawn-colored coat.

Color of the fur depends on the season. Ermine has reddish brown fur on the backs and white fur on the belly during the spring and summer. Completely white coat provides camouflage in the snowy areas during the winter.

Birds that can be found along the shores of Baffin Bay, most of which migrate south each winter include guillemots, Arctic redpoll, gyrfalcon, willow and rock ptarmigan, snowy owls, and little auk.

The Yule Cat is a monster from Icelandic folklore, a huge and vicious cat said to lurk about the snowy countryside during Christmastime and eat people who have not received any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve.

Volcanoes in the park that have not erupted in recent years include Mount Kejulik, Mount Douglas, Mount Griggs, Snowy Mountain, Mount Cerberus, Falling Mountain, and Devils Desk.

Given the opportunity, Snowy Owls will build their nests with heaped up piles of lemming corpses

The Snowy Tree Cricket's rate of chirping is so closely correlated with climate that you can estimate the temperature in Fahrenheit by counting the number of chirps it makes in 13 seconds and adding 40.

Western Europe was hit with a particularly cold and snowy winter that season, which made the fighting that much more difficult.

Nevada is Spanish for "snowy." It is named after the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which translates to "snowy mountains."

Natural enemies of parasitic jaegers are Arctic foxes and snowy owls.

About Snowy Owl Irruption. When food sources in the Arctic collapse, snowy owls migrate by the thousands to Canada and the Lower 48. I also learned the word "irruption."

Natural enemies of Arctic hares are snowy owl, ermine. Arctic fox, wolf and polar bear.

If you count the number of chirps made by a snowy tree cricket in 14 seconds and add 40, you'll get the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Edward Avery McIlhenny son of the inventor of Tobasco Sauce founded Louisiana's first bird sanctuary after witnessing the depredation of Snowy Egrets for ladies hat feathers. He started with eight birds he caught and raised himself.

In 2006 the Kim family became lost in the snowy Oregon wilderness for 9 days when they took a wrong turn down a logging road and their car became stuck. The father died searching for help and the mother and 2 small children suffered from frost-bite and starvation.

65 years ago Australia embarked on Its largest ever engineering project. The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme.

Iceland's Yule Cat, also known as Christmas Cat, who is said to lurk about the snowy countryside and eat people who have not received any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve.