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  1. Elmer Edward Solly, a convicted child murderer, escaped custody in 1974 and assumed the identity of the lead singer of Sha Na Na (whom had died of a heroin overdose). He continued to assume the musician's identity, including having a webpage, until finally being captured in 2001.

  2. Escaped child killer Elmer Edward Solly assumed Sha Na Na frontman Vinnie Taylor's identity and performed as him as a solo act under a new stage name, "Danny C."

  3. Elmer Edward Solly, who assumed rock and roll group Sha Na Na's lead guitarist Vinnie Taylor's identity after Taylor died of a drug overdose. Solly was an escaped child killer, and by performing as Taylor, eventually led to Solly's discovery and capture

  4. Escaped child killer Elmer Edward Solly assumed the identity of a member of the band Sha Na Na and performed as him, which eventually led to his and capture