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  1. Vladimir Komarov. When the Soyouz Spacecraft catastrophically failed in orbit, he impossibly managed to manually pilot the craft to re-enter Earth's orbit, only to perish because both the main AND backup parachutes failed. He died "cursing those who had put him inside a botched spaceship".

  2. The creator of Cowboy Bebop was told to make a show to sell spaceship toys, with the instructions, "So long as there's a spaceship in it, you can do whatever you want."

  3. With the cost of $367 Billion, a nuclear pulse powered interstellar spaceship can be built with 1968 technology to reach Alpha Centauri in 133 years; Achieving a top speed of 3.3% speed of light.

  4. Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, was so keen on getting every detail right, he wrote programs to calculate the orbital paths of spaceships that appear in the book.

  5. "Greeble" is the name given to the texture applied to Sci-Fi spaceship models for the purpose of making them appear more complex

  6. A spaceship accelerating at 1g will reach close to the speed of light in about a year

  7. The geometric texture on scifi spaceships is called Greeble

  8. "Spaceship Earth." The 175 ton, $1 million statue whose artist said it would stand for 1,000 years. It collapsed 3 months later.

  9. In 2006 the Space Integration Branch of the U.S. Marine Corps in Arlington, VA began developing sub-orbital spaceships to move troops anywhere on the planet in under two hours. Marine Colonel Jack Wassink expects the first prototype to be ready in 2021.

  10. NASA is performing experiments on a technology that they hope will lead to a real "warp drive" that will allow a spaceship to arrive at another star system in far less time than it would take to get there at the speed of light.

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Vladimir Komarov who was a Russian cosmonaut.He was burned to death during re-entering the Earth's atmosphere,crying in rage and cursing the people who had put him inside a botched spaceship.

Because of similarities to 9/11, the ending to the 2002 animated movie Lilo and Stitch was edited from Stitch hijacking a 747 for a joyride and swerving around buildings, to Stitch taking a spaceship on a joyride and swerving around mountains.

Due to time dilation, a spaceship traveling at a constant acceleration of 1g (Earth gravity) would reach the edge of the observable Universe in almost a single human lifetime (100 years).

Vladimir Komarov, the first Soviet cosmonaut to reach outer space more than once, was heard "cursing the people who put him inside a botched spaceship" as he fell to Earth

Gilligan's Planet, an animated sequel to Gilligan's Island, featuring the majority of the original cast, in which the Professor builds a wooden spaceship that gets the crew stranded on an alien world.

A project called 'Breakthrough Starshot' develops concepts for a tiny spaceship that should speed up to about 25% the speed of light and should be capable to reach our closest neighbour star Alpha Centauri in 20 years

Pilot Pete Siebold survived the breakup of SpaceShip Two when it broke up around him at 50,000 feet, leaving him in freefall, still strapped into his seat. He released his seat straps and passed out, but his parachute automatically deployed at 20,000 feet.

Space objects, when they reach end of life, are steered towards a spaceship graveyard in the South Pacific Ocean

At least 98 people are needed to operate an interstellar spaceship over many generations, and create a healthy human population on another world, according to astrophysicist Frédéric Marin.

Apollo 11, the spaceship that took us to the moon ran on a computer with 64 Kbyte of memory and operated at 0.043MHz.

If a spaceship were able to travel at the speed of light, it could travel anywhere instantaneously from the perspective of those on the ship. However, the ship would still appear to travel at the speed of light relative to those on Earth. This is due to a concept called length contraction.

(coincidentally) just as humanity's space technology was emerging, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were all aligning, something that only occurs every 175 years enabling the humble Voyager spaceships to visit all but Pluto.

The artist commissioned to create the 175 ton (158,757 kg) sculpture called "Spaceship Earth" at Kennesaw State University claimed it would stand for 1,000 years. It collapsed 3 months later.

Arthur C. Clarke believed in space travel, and wrote a book titled Interplanetary Flight in 1950. It contained space flight basics for the average person. He also went on to write several more books on space travel including The Exploration of Space (1951), The Challenge of the Spaceship (1959), and Voices from the Sky in 1965, among several others.

The hypotethical "Super Orion" spaceship. It would have been propelled by over 1000 nukes detonating behind in succession, it had a diameter of 400m and a weight of 8 million tons. It was described as an "interstellar ark". The project started in 1958 and was funded by the US for 7 years.

It is possible to connect 6 spaceships to the ISS at one time.

Due to special relativity, if we could make a spaceship that could travel indefinitely at earth-like acceleration (1g), we could travel to Andromeda galaxy in 28.6 years.

In 1961, on the way back from the first space flight, Yuri Gagarin's spaceship malfunctioned and he had to eject from an altitude of 7 km, enduring 12Gs, and landed 330 km short of target, alone.

There is no washer or dryer on the International Space Station. Once the astronauts have worn out their clothes, they pack them all into an old spaceship and shoot it into the Earth's atmosphere where it burns up.

Spaceships flying by a planet mysteriously increase in speed slightly, more than they should even accounting for gravity, and there's no physical explanation for why this happens

Tommy Nichols, brother of Star Trek's Lt. Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, was a member of heaven's Gate, the cult strongly influenced by Star Trek, who took their own lives in 1997 convinced they would join a spaceship supposedly riding on the tail of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

While astronauts feel weightless, Earth's gravitational force is only 10% less in a spaceship orbiting Earth.

Anne Heche once drove out to the desert, hiked to a stranger's house, took a shower, and announced to the local sherrifs that she was God and she was going to take everyone back to heaven in a spaceship

Spaceships can literally skip across Earth's atmosphere like a stone skipping on water in order to slow down for final reentry and to dissipate a lot of heat

Theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti claims at 13 he got a call from a robotic voice that read out a string of numbers, then claimed to be a conscious computer on a spaceship. It said he was 1 of 400 young, receptive minds chosen to be part of a special project, among other things