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What is Species?
  1. Saturns’ rings are, cosmically speaking, a very brief event. We are about halfway through their 200 million year lifespan and are very lucky as a species to be alive to witness them. “Some velociraptor with a telescope looking at Saturn would not have seen rings.”

  2. In 2001, a baby bear, lion, and tiger were rescued from a drug dealers house in Atlanta. They had bonded as a trio and remained friends for over 15 years. Usually as animals grow older, they grow apart from other species, but these three remained close and even lived in the same habitat.

  3. The World Record for the fastest growing plant belongs to a certain species of bamboo. They have been found to grow up to 35 inches per day at a rate of 0.00002 mph. That’s nearly 1.5 inches an hour. You could literally watch bamboo grow before your eyes.

  4. Of the 5000 or so species of mammals on the planet only female humans have permanent breasts.

  5. A 40,000-year-old bracelet was found in Siberia. It was made by an extinct human species called Denisovans. Homosapians did not produce bracelets of this technical sophistication until 10,000 years ago. It is one of the oldest pieces of jewellery ever discovered.

  6. Crows hold ‘funerals’ and will avoid an area or thing that is deemed dangerous to their own species. In other words, they know what death is and know to fear it.

  7. Extinction was only accepted as a fact in late 18th century after Georges Cuvier, the father of paleontology, disproved the old theory that it was impossible for species to go extinct because God wouldn't wipe out a species he spent time creating for his Divine Plan.

  8. Patrick Stewart hated having pet fish in Picard's ready room on TNG, considering it an affront to a show that valued the dignity of different species

  9. The red panda is so unique, it has no close relatives. It's the only living species in its genus AND family.

  10. A San Francisco man saved a threatened butterfly species by replanting rare flora in his backyard, transporting caterpillars to his local botanical garden, where they began to make a comeback

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species fact data chart about r/AnimalsBeingJerks vs. r/AnimalsBeingBros by species
r/AnimalsBeingJerks vs. r/AnimalsBeingBros by species

species fact data chart about Number of bird species throughout North and South America
Number of bird species throughout North and South America

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It's been 125,000 generations since the emergence of human species, 7,500 generations since human physiology reached what is essentially its modern state, 500 generations since the agricultural revolution, and ONLY 20 generations since the scientific revolution!

Between 63rd and 76th streets in New York City, scientists discovered an ant species found nowhere else on earth. It has been nicknamed the “ManhattAnt.”

An ox is just a steer (or bull) that has been trained to pull a plow, not a separate species from cattle (cows).

Elephants are a keystone species. They carve pathways through impenetrable under brush shaping entire ecosystems as they create pools in dried river beds and spread seeds as they travel.

Bats are one of just a few species, besides humans, that communicates directly to individual bats, instead of just making broad communication sounds.

The canonical reason for most of the alien races to be humanoid in Star Trek is an ancient humanoid species seeding the oceans of many worlds with DNA codes 4.5 billion years before the start of the series, directing the evolution of life towards a physical pattern similar to their own.

About 20% of all classified mammal species can fly, because there’s over 1,200 species of bats.

1749 out of 1750 species of cacti are native to only The Americas

The maned wolf is the largest canid of South America. It looks more like a long-legged fox than a wolf. Genetic studies show that it is neither fox nor true wolf, but a distinct species. It is the only member of its genus, Chrysocyon.

28 fossils of the largest extinct species of snake were discovered in a coal mine of Columbia. The "Titanoboa" lived about 65 million years ago. The species clocked out at about 48 feet long and weighed roughly 2,500 lb.

About the Florida fairy shrimp, which was discovered in 1952 to be a unique species of fairy shrimp specific to a single pond in Gainesville, Florida. When researchers returned to that pond in 2011, they realized it had been filled in for development, thereby causing the species to go extinct. - fact check

Earthworms have even been ranked the number one most influential species in the history of the planet – above dinosaurs and humans.

About a species of human that grew no larger than a modern 3-year-old child and lived on a remote island in Indonesia 18,000 years ago. These humans lived alongside Homo sapiens. They manufactured sophisticated stone tools, hunted elephants, and more, all with a brain only 1/3 the size of ours.

Cats are thought to be primarily responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds.

There's a species of salamander that is entirely female, and reproduce by stealing genetic material from males of other species and cherrypicking what genes they pass on to their daughters.

Elephants are highly empathetic and generous even towards other species. Once an elephant found a rancher with a broken leg and dragged him under the shade of a tree, guarding him and gently touching him with her trunk

In 1962 a strange spring was found in northern Texas. Despite being 500 miles from any coast, it was home to marine species such as crabs, barnacles and seaweed, all isolated thousands of years prior when the sea levels rose and fell. Sadly, all this was wiped out after a dike was built.

Cats are known as both Invasive Species AND Superpredators due to their ability to rapidly wipe out entire species of small fauna, only surpassed by humans

The creator of Attack on Titan was inspired to create the Titans after seeing a drunk customer at a cafe. He was inspired by the lack of the ability to communicate even though the person was of the same species. He decided the most familiar and scary animal in the world is actually the human.

During the construction of the Metro Red Line subway in Los Angeles, 2,000 fossils were discovered, some as old as 16.5 million years old. These included 39 species of extinct marine fish that had never before been discovered.

All vanilla beans must be hand pollinated because the only species of bee capable of pollinating a vanilla bean orchid is likely extinct. - fact check

Among starfish that can regenerate their entire body from a single arm, some can do so from just 1cm (0.4in) long and in some species of starfish, a large female can split in half, each half becoming male which changes back into female once they grow big enough.

A Curaçao woman rescued a flamingo that crashed into a window, nursing it back to health, and after realizing she couldn't release it back to the wild, made it an ambassador for his species, visiting schools with her to teach children about island wildlife and the importance of conservation.

Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy. His remains are the type specimen for Homo Sapiens. If any human evolves to such a point as to where they can no longer be described as being the same species as Carl's remains, they will no longer count as Homo Sapiens and will be a new species.

A European fungus, accidentally spread to North America in 2006, has caused Bat populations across the US and Canada to plummet by over 90%. Formerly very common bat species now face extinction, having already almost entirely disappeared over the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada

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Species Designated as Mangrove: Global Species Richness, (x-post from /r/mapporn).

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USDA Recalls from 2005 - 2018 by pounds, species, & class