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  1. Thanos (the purple villain at the end of Avengers) has a brother, Starfox, who is sex crazed and has a very rapey anaphrodisiac-like superpower.

  2. It's impossible to do a barrel roll in Starfox 64. The move you actually do is an "Aileron Roll."

  3. The characters in the Starfox videogame series all have to have their legs amputated and replaced with metal legs.

  4. Nintendo had developed a sequel to Starfox named Starfox 2. Though Starfox 2 was completed, it didn't release because Nintendo's desire of wanting to move it to their new console, the Nintendo 64.

  5. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and Starfox was asked about the popularity of the Halo series in the United States and claimed: "I could make Halo. It’s not that I couldn’t design that game. It’s just that I choose not to."

  6. The Starfox developers almost leaked the details of the Nintendo64 after a drunken bicycle mishap

  7. Starfox is a marvel character and an avenger.

  8. Marvel created and wrote a less popular hero named Starfox (brother of Thanos) who had the power to telekinetically make women have sex with him and was charged with sexual assault.

  9. Starfox's "Do a barrel roll" was actually a aileron roll

  10. You can make google "do a barrel roll" a la Starfox 64.

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