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  1. In Spain, a thief found child pornography on some tapes he had stolen from a 64-year-old football coach, among other electrical goods. He left the incriminating tapes in an envelope for the police to find, notifying them of where he had burgled them from, leading to the coach being arrested.

  2. The body of an astronaut killed in the Columbia disaster was found to have been looted and her wedding ring stolen. Plans by Texas Rangers and her widower to find the thief by informing the public were allegedly suppressed because " would not be good publicity for NASA."

  3. The US Government will honor all money produced by the US since 1861, with the only exception being a series of 1900 $10,000 bills which were literally thrown out of a window during a fire. They are currently considered to be stolen goods.

  4. Pirates were not anarchists and had a "Pirate Code' that provided rules for discipline, division of stolen goods, and compensation for injured pirates

  5. About Chris Thomas Knight, who lived alone in the Maine wilderness for 27 years, surviving off stolen goods from local camps, having no fire for heat or cooking, and only speaking once to a passing hiker, he said "Hi."

  6. The geneva freeport is one of the biggest art storages in the world. It is not accessible to the public and has been used for storing stolen artwork and cultural goods numerous times.

  7. Shortly before the release of the iconic Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations", the master recording tapes were stolen from the studio, only to mysteriously reappear in Brian Wilson's home two days later.

  8. Picasso's famous "Good artists copy. Great artists steal" quote is itself a stolen of a quote.

  9. “The North Pond Hermit” Christopher Thomas Knight, a man who disappeared in the wilderness of Maine at the age of 20. He then proceeded to live the next 27 years in isolation surviving off of stolen goods from campsites before eventually being caught.

  10. Relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia are not good because of the "Blue Diamond affair" a set of crown jewels stolen by a Thai employee back in 1989. Even saudis can face problems today if they travel to Thailand.

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Under Austrian law, people buying art "in good faith" can keep the art even if it has been proven to have been stolen during the Holocaust

About "market overt", a common law concept that allows a purchaser to obtain good title to stolen goods if the goods are sold in an open market during daytime hours

Parmesan cheese accounted for 10% of all goods stolen from shops in Italy according to a survey on shrinkage

In 2009 a 12yr old boy was arrested for 'receiving stolen goods' after eating a stolen Freddo

In the 1980's there was an ice cream war in Glasgow, Scotland. It was a turf war fought between rival criminal organisations selling drugs and stolen goods out of ice cream vans.