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  1. In the event of a quarantine situation in New York City, The U.S. Government has a contingency plan of placing snipers in strategic locations to prevent people from escaping the Island of Manhatten on inflatable mattresses.

  2. Ride was assigned to NASA headquarters where she led NASA's strategic planning team and founded NASA's Office of Exploration.

  3. The Pentagon's Office of Strategic Influence, which planned to manipulate the public through false news reports, was disbanded in 2002... according to news reports.

  4. A 2013 study at Max Planck Institute found that video gaming can stimulate growth of new neurons and increase connectivity in the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation and strategic planning; the brain connectivity in turn is linked to higher intelligence

  5. Project Excalibur, where the Strategic Defense Initiative planned to pack x-ray lasers around a nuclear device. The beams emitted from the lasers would aim at Soviet missiles, heating its surface, causing it to vaporize explosively. It ended in 1992 due to the end of the Cold War.

  6. US Strategic Command developed a "Counter-Zombie Dominance Operations" plan AKA CONPLAN-8888 resulting from a training exercise that turned out to be quite useful in developing training tools. Among threats identified: "Magic Evil Zombies," "Space Zombies," and "Chicken Zombies"

  7. In the mid 1920s, the United States had a contingency plan to fight against the British Empire in North America. The plan was amended in 1934 to authorize the use of poison gas against the Canadians and to strategically bomb Halifax in the event that it could not be captured.

  8. ISIS's seemingly indiscriminate terrorist attacks are well planned, strategic events that help them solidify religious control over the Sunni population in Iraq and Syria

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The Tanaka Memorial is an alleged Japanese strategic planning document from 1927, in which Prime Minister Baron Tanaka Giichi laid out for the Emperor Hirohito a strategy to take over the world. Today it is generally considered by scholars to be a forgery

Market Research Recruitment Agency - Pollen recruitment in market research recruitment including quantitative and qualitative research, consumer insight, project management, statistics and analysis as well as brand and strategic planning roles.

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The "Institute for Zionist Strategies" have made a strategic plan for diving the middle east called the "Yinon Plan" that America is partaking in.

About Polish colonel Ryszard Kukliński - A Cold War spy for NATO. He passed 35,000 pages of Soviet secret documents to the CIA. The documents described Moscow's strategic plans regarding the use of nuclear weapons, technical data about the T-72 tank and 9K31 Strela-1 missiles.

There is a rainforest charity that uses geographical features and strategic plan protection to block rainforest from logging use without paying for it

The US DoD Strategic Command has a military plan for the Zombie Apocalypse (CONPLAN-8888 "Counter-Zombie Dominance") and the CDC has a 36-page comic about how to prepare for it. Both created to educate people on military planning and disaster preparedness based on a fictional attack (OR IS IT??)

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Business ecosystem Starting in the early 1990s, James F. Moore originated the strategic planning

In 1956 the US Strategic Air Command planned 'Systematic Destruction' of Moscow, Beijing and Warsaw and other major cities

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